• Davao police warned on using drugs


    DAVAO CITY: Mayor Rodrigo Duterte went ballistic over reports that some members of the police in Davao City were involved in the illegal drugs trade.

    He made the warning on Sunday, a day before he led the burning of 61 cocaine bricks discovered inside a container van in a port here. Two more bricks of cocaine were missing.

    Duterte minced no words in warning police officers who are either using or pushing illegal drugs , saying it will cost them their future or lives.

    “I have warned you before and I am warning you again,” an incensed Duterte said. “The equivalent of drugs is your life. If you get involved in illegal drugs, you are putting your future and life on the line.”

    Unmindful of human rights advocates, Duterte said he could never tolerate people who are involved in illegal drugs—more so members of the police force.

    “If you are into drugs, I am sorry, and you have to forgive me,” he said.

    “It would be better for police officials who are using or peddling illegal drugs to leave the city while they still have time. It would be your life or mine but if I were you, better leave now,” he said.

    In February, seven suspected drug pushers, including a minor, were killed when police raided a shabu market here.


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