Davao transport group opposes fare hike


DAVAO CITY: A transport group here will not press for an increase in the current minimum fare rate of P8, saying any adjustment in the current fare will tremendously impact commuters.

Edil Gonzaga, secretary general of the transport group Transmision-Piston, said on Tuesday that although adjustments in the minimum fare has been made in the National Capital Region, Regions 3 and 4, they are not planning to petition the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) to adjust the minimum fare.

“Our passengers are not the sons and daughters of the Floirendos or the Aboitizes. They are also like us, who are working hard to make both ends meet,” Gonzaga said.

Although prices of gasoline have been increasing the past months, Gonzaga pointed that it is not the fault of the public – so the public must not be made to suffer.

The LTFRB approved a P.50 fare increase for all PUJs in the National Capital Region, Regions 3 and 4.

Gonzaga said increasing the fare will not solve the problem brought by unabated hike in oil prices.

“The commuters should not be burdened by the consecutive fuel increases,” he said. “It is the government that should be the one to find a solution to this problem.”

Gonzaga called on the government to scrap the Oil Deregulation Law which, he said, is the reason why government has lost control over the prices of oil.

“The Oil Deregulation Law should be dumped or if the government can’t do it, it should remove the e-vat on fuel products,” he said.


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