• David Bunevacz: I was a victim like Vhong


    Former athlete David Bunevacz has broken his silence over the controversy swirling around TV host and comedian Vhong Navarro, businessman Cedric Lee and commercial model Deniece Cornejo.

    In a statement sent by his wife Jessica to the TV network ABS-CBN, Bunevacz said that since news of the incident got out, his name has been dragged into the issue since he too was once a victim.

    Navarro has accused Lee and Cornejo of beating him up and trying to extort money from him when he visited the condominium unit at the Bonifacio Global City where Cornejo was staying late last month.

    Cornejo has filed countercharges against the showbiz celebrity, alleging he raped her.

    Bunevacz said that memories of the physical and emotional pain that he went through seven years ago flashed back before him, because it was similar to what Navarro suffered.

    “I have heard of what happened to Vhong and Cedric and it greatly saddens me. It painfully brought back memories of our own tragic experience almost seven years ago,” he said.

    Like Navarro, Bunevacz said, “I was wrongfully accused, held against my will, physically violated, terrorized and death-threatened.”

    He did not go into details but Bunevacz had claimed that Lee beat him up over differences stemming from a business deal.

    “It was in 2007 when we decided to leave the country for fear of our lives and the lives of our children. It was as if the rug was pulled from under our feet in an instant,” Bunevacz said.

    The couple are living in California.

    “Today, the physical pain and emotional burden have since then healed, and by the grace of God, we have found peace away from them all,” he said.

    David said he is praying that Navarro will get the justice he deserved.

    “What happened to Vhong is not the first time such a crime had been committed. It is clear that evil deeds are being exposed. I pray that this will be the last time that it will happen. We continue to pray that one day, the truth about the accusations publicly hurled against us will be known and we will finally get our justice,” Bunevacz said. FRANCIS EARL A. CUETO


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    1. Its final the recipe for big crimes money or otherwise are: a) Courageous but crooked businessman b) Police general and/or army general backer/partner c) Influential Malacanan factotum malakas to any sitting President and d) Corrupt Fixcal/Prosecutor/Judge. Result serial impunity. Cedric Lee has all of the above.

    2. Well David, why don’t you return to Manila and pursue your case against Cedric now that Cedric’s evil ways are now exposed?

    3. I don’t know Cedric Lee but the only times I’ve seen him on TV interviews gives me an idea that he has a thug mentality. The arrogance and brashness is very visible on how he projects himself.

    4. Cedrick Lee is a recidivist. He is so connected to the agencies of the government. So he got scot-free on any misdemeanor he is involve to. I hope at this time, he will be sent to prison.

    5. Cedric acting like a King of notorious underworld, he knows these kind of business, extortion, eliminating or subduing partners, to control. He is goons patron. This man need to teach a lesson and discipline in order not to sow terror and attack people who are doing right and just. We need the full force of the law to apply to these man, how many times he did and escape his evil deeds. If justice let this things just pass by. He will be a monster like Ampatuan in the making. He will be more dangerous as a Kingmaker in the future. Like Al Capone.