Piaget Sunlight Journey Collection
    Piaget follows up its acclaimed collections: “Mediterranean Garden”, “Secrets and Lights” and the “Sunny Side of Life” with another celestial inspired collection, “Sunlight Journey.”

    Embracing the vibrance of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, “Sunlight Journey” narrates the poetic movement of the sun, from dawn to dusk.  Each time of day produces its own light, and Piaget captures the beautiful transformation through the collection, which is further divided into “Secrets of Dawn,” “Midday Festival” and “Nightfall Celebrations.”

    “Secrets of Dawn” captures the “first bursts of sunlight dappling the surface of water, creating a magical sparkle.”  By noon, with the sun high in the sky, the land becomes a canvas of contrasts, creating thrilling visual effects that are reflected in “Midday Festival.”  By nightfall, the heat of the afternoon sun diffuses into a more calming hue.

    This stunning transformation is reflected with the use of exceptional gems such as blue sapphires, yellow diamonds, black opals, red spinel from Tanzania and different shades of gold. The brilliance of the sun’s rays is recreated through the exquisite shimmer of the brilliantly cut jewels and the setting made from 18k red gold, pink gold, yellow gold and white gold.

    The romance of the Amalfi Coast is also incorporated into each piece with stones that capture the mood and evocative colors of fire, volcanoes and the cerulean seas that define the land. Mirroring the majesty of the landscape, Piaget uses emeralds from Columbia and Paraiba tourmalines. Like the land that’s been carved by time, Piaget’s jewels become a refined work of art. “Sunlight Journey” alternates between gentle meanderings, joyful effervescence and dazzling radiance.

    Piaget is exclusively available at The Silver Vault, Rustan’s Makati and City of Dreams Manila.


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