Day of reckoning fast approaching


THE impunity being enjoyed by President BS Aquino The Last and his Yellow minions should end once a new administration and a new Congress are installed in 2016.

Malacañang has been ignoring the Supreme Court decisions against the Disbursement Acceleration Program and the pork barrel because it believes that the President is the supreme authority on what is legal and what is not. Misuse and abuse of government funds have gone unabated because there’s no opposition strong enough to stop these. This problem is exacerbated by Yellow media that echo everything emanating from Pasig.

The electorate has to stop these things – and the next administration and next Congress should see to it that those responsible will be held accountable.

There will be no accountability as long as die-hard Liberals will hold sway again. And among the die-hards, the most prominent in the Senate is reelectionist Sen. Teofisto Guingona 3rd, chairman of the blue ribbon committee that lost its luster under his chairmanship.

Guingona was named head of this panel to serve as rear guard against any charges that might be levelled against the Aquino administration. In my decades-long coverage of the Senate, I had never seen a chairman of the blue ribbon as subservient to Malacañang as Guingona. Early in his chairmanship, he had already declared that charges of anomalies similar to those made against the previous administration would no longer be possible against the Aquino administration with its “tuwid na daan.”

He was fast in making conclusions on charges against alleged misuse of the pork barrel by opposition senators but he has steadfastly refused to invite Budget Secretary Butch Abad for details on the use of “pork” and the DAP during the Aquino administration. To this date, he still has to start an inquiry into the allegedly missing Malampaya funds reportedly worth billions of pesos although Sen. Jinggoy Estrada has been calling for the probe about two years ago.

Perhaps, Guingona will make the motions of conducting an inquiry into the Malampaya fund but with Congress on campaign mode, he could give as excuse the limited time in making a complete inquiry. The only way for the Senate to find the whole truth about this and other questionable use of government funds is to keep Guingona out of the Senate. He has already done enough damage to this institution.

The senatorial slate of the administration has some candidates who are independent-minded, like Sen. Ralph Recto and former Sen. Ping Lacson. I’m sure that should full details on anomalies under the present administration will come to light, Recto and Lacson won’t stand in the way of a legislative inquiry.

Incidentally, I find it disconcerting that Sen. Bongbong Marcos, a candidate for vice president, has declared his opposition to any move to bring charges against the Aquino administration. Erap Estrada was charged with plunder; Aquino is orchestrating the charges against his predecessor, so why shouldn’t Aquino be accountable after his term if warranted?

Oh yes, who believes BS Aquino when he said that the Philippines could be a First World country should his reforms be continued? Under his watch, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and even Burma have overtaken the Philippines in terms of foreign direct investments. Their tourist arrivals are even more numerous than the Philippines’. He should first crow about catching up with these neighboring countries before dreaming of turning the Philippines into a First World country.

If only BS Aquino The Last would find the time to meet rice farmers, he’ll stop bragging about the country’s economy. In Lupao, Nueva Ecija, my hometown, a kilo of palay now costs merely P13. How can our farmers survive at such a low price of their produce? Note that unlike other goods, the seller of palay can’t dictate the price that he wants.

The administration may point the finger at rice traders but the real culprit is the excessive importation of rice by the National Food Authority. In the main crop last year, rice traders were buying palay up to P20 a kilo, much higher than the support price of NFA.

Very few rice farmers qualify for bank loans so they borrow from financiers. There have been calls for government subsidy for fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides but these calls have fallen on deaf ears. The woes of farmers are exacerbated by the lashing of numerous typhoons. Yet, despite acknowledgements of the importance of agriculture, farmers don’t get as much attention from the administration as its billionaire friends and financiers.
Hopefully, the next administration won’t be a clone of Aquino and give higher priority to those who have less in life.


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  1. Corrupt talaga si Teopesta Gagona theTurd! Senate investigations must be
    in AID OF LEGISLATION. How does investigating him aid in legislation?
    On the other hand, my complaint against the DOH that I want the senate
    to investigate aids in legislation but Teopeste Gagona theTurd refused as
    it has no political bearing. Corrupt! Sue Teopeste Gagona theTurd for
    abuse of power! When the news broke out that MILF killed 44 PNP police,
    Teopeste Gagona theTurd insisted on continuing deliberations on
    Bangsamoro until the media made the killing a big deal. EPAL!

  2. i think what BBM was saying, was for the DOJ to initiate investigation and bring charges if warranted on PNOY and ABAD. Not like what Pnoy did when he personally and actively focused his time to see to it that his opponents go to jail. he made it his number i in his agenda. but yes, Pnoy will reap what he sows.

  3. BBM is definitely right and he wants to serve our people and our country. Once the elections is declared finished, stop politicizing.
    Start now to work and serve the people and to solve the problems of our country..
    MDS-BBM tandem.. The best of the best. Ako ay Filipino, Taas Noo kahit kanino….

  4. Salamat Mr. Danao , you hit it right on the nail .
    The Opposition party should Collaborate and Unite to stand strong as 1 against the LP Party.
    So much damage has been done to our Country .The opposition candidates should Unite and set aside their differences for Love of Country and countrymen to make sure that BSAquino’s Roxas is never elected and all their cohorts be accountable for the DAP/PDAF/MRT/BBL/ SAF MASSACRE ….. whose Tentacles are all over the government branches for Control and Power.

    This maybe the Revolutionary Change we are waiting for.
    They can eliminate all those Senators who don’t have any Will power to defend and Respect the Constitution.

  5. that if anyone has enough proof of wrong doing against the administration, he or she can file the case.

    The investigating agencies should be doing the investigating and filing.
    Apparently in the Philippines the agencies only investigate if they are ordered to by the people that are breaking the law.

    Waiting for a whistle blower to gather proof and then turn over the evidence to Aquino’s lapdogs De Lima or the Ombudsman so they can use that information to cover up and delay a actual investigation and justice for years.

  6. Pres. MDS, Veep BBM 2016! With these two, I hope the problems stated above can be addressed.

    On the plight of the farmers, I am not a believer of land reform, unless there is some kind of help or financial support from the government is available for the farmers, i.e., low interest loans, higher or competitive price of products to be paid by the government and technical and educational support from the government agencies. But, most of all, the building and maintenance of dams for irrigating the ricefields. With the word farming, other adjunct activities to farming are included like, poultry raising, fish culture, animal raising like goats, etc., etc.

    With the amount of money ‘squandered’ or pocketed in the Napoles scandal, there’s no reason why the needed help for farmers is not available.

    • The Dept of Justice under Sec De Lima filed plunder and malversation charges against only eight NGOs directly linked to Janet Lim Napoles, but has taken no action against the 74 other Non Government Organizations who account for an even larger sum of public funds.

  7. @19espiloy47:
    I watched the interview with Bongbong Marcos and I think he is not against filing of charges against the Aquino administration after their term ends. I think he said, that if anyone has enough proof of wrong doing against the administration, he or she can file the case. However, he is against making it, the policy of the next administration to go after the previous administration, such as what Pinoy did to GMA. In other words, BBM is advocating for unity and reconciliation after the election. The mudslinging among candidates during the election period should stop once the winning candidates begins their term.