Dayan admits being De Lima’s bagman


SENATOR Leila De Lima’s former driver-bodyguard Ronnie Dayan admitted that he received money from Kerwin Espinosa five times for former Justice secretary Leila de Lima.

Dayan was taken to the House of Representatives Tuesday night following his arrest in La Union.

He maintained that he did not receive money from alleged drug lords but when pressed further, he said, “Kay Kerwin meron… meron akong natatanggap (From Kerwin yes, I received money from him.”

Asked if it was for him, he replied “para kay senador po (it was for senator).”

He also insisted that he never used or sold drugs.

“Never akong nag-take ng drugs, never akong nagbenta ng drugs dahil ayoko ‘yung drugs na ‘yan. ‘Yung pagkakadawit sa’kin sa drugs gawa-gawa lang nila ‘yun. Hindi po totoo yun…kung sino-sino sinasabi nilang tao na hindi ko naman pa nakikita ( I never took drugs, I never sold drugs…I do not like drugs. My alleged links to drugs are all fabricated. It is not true…they mention people I have never seen.”) he told reporters.

Dayan said he started receiving money in 2014 “bago magdecide si ma’am na tatakbo (before ma’am decided to run for office).”

When asked how much was given for de Lima, he answered that he had no idea.

“’Di ko binibilang kung magkano ‘yung binibigay sa’kin kasi basta ‘pag inabot lang, ilalagay ko lang sa sasakyan pagdating sa bahay tsaka ko inaabot ( I never counted the money. I just put it in the car after it is handed to me and I hand it over upon reaching home.”)
Dayan said.

The House justice committee earlier issued a warrant for his arrest after he failed to appear during the inquiry into the alleged proliferation of illegal drugs in the National Bilibid Prison.

He said De Lima never contacted him while he was in hiding.

“Ni isang text wala akong na-receive sa kanya (I never received even a single text from her),” Dayan said.

De Lima had denied receiving money from Espinosa or from anyone involved in the illegal drug trade.


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  1. Adelfa Akapulko on

    This is too funny. What do you expect these caught scalawags to say when they are in the presence of the PNP Chief? You think they will say anything that will displease Bato? Of course they will say everything that Bato would like to hear otherwise they will rot in jail and be liquidated. Bato is not Bato for nothing. He will do anything for his boss even if it is at the expense of any Juan de la Cruz.

  2. If so where did delima spend the money? Gave it to the media?( tv stations) and comelec?

    There must be a paper trail or suspicious transactions.

    Why not include the banks and the comelec menbers, the tv stations and media, in the investigations?look at the flow of moneys for instance, from whom and where, look and verify deeply…

    Remove the bank secrecy law – if senate and congress is really honest about uncovering the truth, but how can these types be honest? possibly they should all be considered part of the crime syndicate, assuming different roles, but teaming to hide the root of evil, which is dirty politics and politicians.

    This cycle is repeated every few years, when comelec and the media collect their commissions – we are really damned as a nation, if don’t do something about this

  3. Hmmmmm.. say yes or Die… Say De Lima received money or die… Can we as the people please see some FACTS… Can we see a money trail? Can we see photos of something occuring, not just testimony leaked to the media making statements that are not cross examined, no proof other than hearsay evidence, nothing… this case so far would not make it into any courtroom in any civilized country. De Lima stood up to du30 and since has be a special target …. Before anybody condemns her, wait until there is hard evidence not just words for a frightened man.