Dayan bares details of affair with de Lima


RONNIE Dayan, the former driver and ex-boyfriend of Sen. Leila de Lima, revealed on Thursday it was the lawmaker who broke up with him last year when their romantic relationship turned sour.

Dayan, who is married, made the testimony at the resumption of a probe at the House of Representatives on the illegal drug trade that ended up revealing details of the former Justice secretary’s love affairs.

“In 2015, our relationship was going south. We were not happy anymore, we have been shouting at each other, we were always fighting. When I learned that her new boyfriend was Warren Cristobal … I slapped her, slightly,” Dayan said in Filipino.

Cristobal was an employee of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority that became one of de Lima’s bodyguards.

“Sabi ko sa kanya, uubusin mo ba kaming lahat na security mo [I told her, are you going to get involved romantically with all of your security aides],” he added.

After the slapping incident, Dayan said he went to Pangasinan to blow off steam, and incurred a lot of absences in the process.

Less than a month after the fight, Dayan said de Lima told him to come back to Manila and sign his resignation papers. Dayan, however, argued that he did not receive any salary after January 15, 2015.

“I went back to Manila to sign my resignation (papers). I told her I was just letting my hurt feelings subside, but she said it was for the best [that I resign]because the situation has become embarrassing, and so that we can avoid further conflict,” Dayan said.

Deputy Speaker Frednil Castro of Capiz then quizzed Dayan if he was testifying against de Lima because he was a scorned lover—something that Dayan denied.

Dayan, however, told the House justice committee he was willing to betray de Lima in the name of rule of law.

“My love for her was pure, but she did not give me the same kind of love. I slapped her because I loved her,” Dayan said.

“Alang-alang po sa batas, sir, puede ko siya ipagkanulo [In the name of the law, sir, I can betray her],” Dayan added.


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