Dayan bought houses with de Lima’s help – group


URBIZTONDO, Pangasinan: Officers and members of the Citizens Movement Against Corruption, Crime, Illegal Drugs and Gambling, Inc. led by Salvador Singson-de Guzman urged President Rodrigo Duterte to order the National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police to search for the houses and other properties allegedly purchased and built by Ronnie Dayan when he was with former Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.

These properties can be used as additional evidence against de Lima in the investigations being conducted by the Office of the Ombudsman and Congress, de Guzman said.

He claimed that Dayan built a house worth millions in Quezon City and another house in Bacolod City. The construction of both houses were allegedly funded by de Lima.

Dayan also bought several hectares of residential and farm lands in Urbiztondo, Mangatarem and Basista in Pangasinan and registered these under the names of his siblings, de Guzman said.

He said Dayan could not have built the houses based on his salary as driver and bodyguard of the former Justice chief, adding that Dayan’s wife Norilyn was not employed.

Dayan had said that his affair with the senator lasted seven years.

Relatives of Dayan confirmed de Guzman’s claim, saying Dayan became rich and powerful because of de Lima. They added that they were surprised when Dayan started buying farms and residential lands in their village and other villages from 2008 to 2015.

Percilita Palisoc, Dayan’s aunt, said her nephew is the real owner of the white house where Dayan and de Lima stayed on weekends when they were still together.

Elmita Dayan-Torreta, Dayan’s older sister, had claimed that she was the real owner of the property.

De Guzman also said Dayan could not have sent his children to private schools without the help of de Lima. His daughter Nihdnihd “Dhinz” who is now working in Kuwait finished her elementary and high school studies at La Consolacion College in Bacolod City. She finished an education course at San Carlos University in Bacolod City.

Dayan’s son Paul Eduard, who did not finish his college studies, is allegedly staying at the house his father built in Quezon City. Hanna Mae, who testified at the House of Representatives last week, is an accounting graduate of a prestigious college in Quezon City and is now working in a commercial bank.

Dayan’s youngest son, Ronnie Jr., is studying at the Urbiztondo Catholic School in Pangasinan.




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  1. it is not a crime to have a benefactor with a good intention of helping others. ronnie dayan filed yearly income taxes since he was a former government employee. he erred maybe morally and he can just ask forgiviness jike most christian does to secured his place in heaven.

    • Lenia Hetherington on

      Yes, if it is a hard earned money. But if the money was from drugs, in which too many people died, it is a crime because that money came from at the expense of of those who died because of drugs.