• Dayan no longer wants to become state witness


    URBIZTONDO, Pangasinan: Ronnie Palisoc-Dayan, the former bodyguard, driver and lover of Senator Leila de Lima, is no longer interested to be put under the Witness Protection Program (WPP) of the Department of Justice.

    Dayan’s sister Elmita Torreta said her brother no longer wants to be enrolled in the WPP because his family believes that he is no longer in danger since he has already testified in Congress.

    It was Torreta who faced members of the media when Dayan was escorted by security forces to his house in

    Barangay Galarin here. Dayan was allowed to go home after testifying at the Senate Monday.

    Torreta said Dayan has not stayed at their house since September.

    Dayan refused to talk to newsmen who waited for him.

    Urbiztondo town police chief Joshua T. Maximo said Dayan also refused to talk to policemen sent to verify his safety.

    “It is up to him if he does not want to talk to us about his security. At least we tried our best to contact him today,” Maximo said.

    Maximo believes that Dayan’s life is still in danger considering his testimonies before the Congress and Senate hearings on illegal drugs where he exposed the involvement of some former and incumbent government officials.

    There were earlier reports that Dayan will be detained at the Senate after Senators Panfilo Lacson, Manny Pacquiao and Vicente Sotto 3rd moved to cite him for contempt. However, after the hearing, the Senate body allowed Dayan to be released to his family in Pangasinan.

    Dayan and his escorts arrived at about 2:30 a.m. at their house.


    Dayan was cited for contempt by the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs chaired by Lacson for being evasive in answering questions of the senators.

    Pacquiao found Dayan’s claim that he only received money from drug lord Ronaldo “Kerwin” Espinosa Jr. and nobody else unbelievable.

    “Perhaps we were asking the wrong questions. Perhaps we could have formulated it in another way that he would be able to answer,” Sotto.

    Sotto, Lacson, Pacquiao and Sen. Gregorio Honasan talked to Dayan after the Senate hearing and decided to lift the contempt order and allowed him to be released.

    “After listening to him, for purely humanitarian reason and a commitment to be just a call away, and he will appear in the hearing, we let him go,” Lacson said.

    He said they also took into consideration the situation of Dayan’s wife and children.

    “So we deemed it wise to give him some more space, some more time, to really compose himself so that he can remember,” Lacson added.


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    1. …i dont know how in the world a driver can reccommend the chief warden of national bilibid prison…

    2. There is no strong case in linking De Lima on drug trade. FULL STOP. The questioning was more of humiliating the relationship of the two than linking De Lima to the drug trade. Dayan acted on his owned (similar to Gigi Reyes) and De Lima is wise enough not to accept drug money.

    3. Jose makabayan on

      Or maybe there is really nothing to say about the drug trade in the bilibid prison because he was not involved in it. They just want to on something where he knows nothing of in order to pin down De5?????
      So many telenovelas unfolding, the Ejk, the killing of the husband n wife who just arrived from manila als to disclaim their involment in illegal drugs,the killing of albuera mayorand the continuing saga of De5 ,s involve Kent in the prison drug trade???? W at can I say, abangan and susunod na kabanata……

      • what a yellow response. You’re probably one of the very few who still believe he has little or nothing to do with the illegaal menace. Your yelloe demented mind has already blinded you. Pathetic, moronic.

    4. Omg do u really think Dayan will be safe after exposing his ex lover d scandalous de Lima and d drug lords.If d Senate will not take him into custody ,in a matter of time someone will just finish him.off.look at d late Mayor even in d jail supposedly should be safe ,yet his killers has found a way to put him to sleep.permanently

    5. This is where Dayan is wrong. Everyone knows he did not tell the truth. Therefore, some elements who are benefiting the circumstances of not being exposed yet will definitely would like to silence him forever before he can make further damage to them.