Dayan’s legal wife still ‘shocked,’ raring to talk


URBIZTONDO, Pangasinan: The “legal wife” of Ronnie Palisoc-Dayan is reportedly still shocked at the details of his seven-year romance with Sen. Leila de Lima, and is willing to tell her side of the story.

Dayan’s wife Norilyn and daughter Hanna Mae returned to their home in Barangay Galarin at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, with Dayan sent to a safe house in Pangasinan after testifying against de Lima at the House inquiry on the illegal drug trade on November 24.

Norilyn and Hanna Mae, who showed a mobile phone text message, allegedly from de Lima, appealing to Dayan not to testify during the inquiry, declined to talk to the media without clearance from their lawyer.

According to a female cousin of Dayan, who asked not to be named, Norilyn was still shocked at the revelations of her husband at the House probe. Dayan admitted to receiving money for de Lima from Eastern Visayas kingpin Rolando “Kerwin” Espinosa Jr.

Another woman entertained this writer at the gate of the house of Ronnie Dayan, but did not give her name. She said: “There will be a time when Norilyn will invite media for a press conference in order to give her comments about the seven-year relationship between her husband and Senator de Lima which was admitted by Ronnie, but this is not the time, so please just wait for our invitation.”

But Norilyn and daughter Hanna Mae are interested to talk to the media, the woman said.

Chief Insp. Josua Maximo, chief of police of Urbiztondo town, told The Manila Times Norilyn and Hanna Mae were preparing to tell their side of the story but won’t face the media immediately.

Earlier, Galarin Barangay Kagawad Elmita Dayan-Torreta, elder sister of Dayan, told newsmen all their relatives were aware of the love affair said to have lasted seven years, from 2007 until 2014.

Torreta claimed Dayan and de Lima frequently visited their relatives and were always present in weddings, baptisms and children’s parties. In the barangay fiesta of Galarin, the senator even paid for the band, and was seen dancing with Dayan, said Torreta.

Dayan and de Lima always arrived on a Friday night and stayed in the “white house” allegedly owned by Torreta. According to Torreta, de Lima partly financed the renovation of the house.

The two bought vegetables, meat and fish in the public market of Urbiztondo.

Torreta also admitted that de Lima had contributed financially to the family of Dayan, such as expenses for the college studies of his four children including Hanna Mae.

When Norilyn discovered the relationship, she was allegedly advised by Dayan and his siblings to keep quiet and move to her hometown in Negros Occidental. She brought along two of their children.

Norilyn was said to have decided to return to their house in Urbiztondo when the relationship was exposed to the public by no less than President Rodrigo Duterte.


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  1. Macqueline Palalay on

    Oh, come on! Dayan’s wife still “shocked” about the details of her philandering husband’s seven-year affair with De Lima?! I find that so hard to believe, especially with what I’m sure is the very public knowledge of those two luxurious houses–that there’s no way a mere driver could have built on his own meager salary. In addition, their children’s education, and all the perks that came with the high-positioned paramour.

  2. Ms Norilyn, the wife, a mother, a woman, and a silent victim of d5 frailty as a woman. why is it women’s group, or anybody from it is silent about her, but too loud about d5? did we miss something here?

  3. Nakinabang na silang lahat. Ganun naman talaga yun. Binayaran sila. Dapat tumahimik na lang sila, maliban na lamang kung ang isiwalat nila ay may kaugnayan sa druga sa bilibid. Kung wala naman, itikom na lang ni Mrs. Dayan ang kanyang bibig, at bilisan na malipat sa pangalan niya ang lahat ng titulo ng lupa, kotse, at bahay nila. Kung hindi pumayag si Ronie dahil sa kanyang pagmamahal kay Leila, e di takutin siya ni Mrs. Dayan na ibunyag ang lahat sa publiko. Yun lang po.