• Daydreaming with ‘The Daykeeper’

    Carla Bianca V. Ravanes

    Carla Bianca V. Ravanes

    IT’S that time of the year when the weather is a bit cooler, when Michael Buble is played endlessly on the loop, and when strangers next to you in line at your favorite coffee shop asks, “Are you going to use that sticker?”

    Ah yes, you know that the Christmas season has begun when you see people from all walks of life carrying around their sticker cards with a look that can only be described as “extremely caffeinated” in jam packed coffee shops. And the craze is quite understandable especially for coffee lovers like myself, I mean hello, you get a nice, shiny notebook to tote around while enjoying coffee? Sign me up please.

    The traditional coffee planners were more than enough to jot down meeting notes, endless to-dos, and maybe a quick quote or two but the old soul in me longed for the diary I’ve kept in my younger years. And while some people would be quick to say that this is an outdated tradition, there’s still something different about holding a pen in your hand and seeing your thoughts transform into paper.

    This is the reason why I’m grateful to have stumbled upon The Daykeeper. If you’re wondering what it is, The Daykeeper is yes, a datebook where you can stuff your to-dos and appointments but what sets it apart are the photos and blank pages inside that inspire you to see life beyond your checklist.

    The Daykeeper is the brainchild of 24-year-old Katrina San Juan, a simple country girl from the south who is quickly making a name for herself not just for her one-of-a kind datebook but also because of her photography skills. Katrina’s love for life and passion for Jesus comes to life in The Daykeeper.

    She says, “It’s designed to make you see your life for the grand adventure that it really is, to remind us to make our individual and unique stories count for the good. We lose a lot of things in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but the little things that make up most of our days, the magical moments that are disguised as mundane, are the moments that shape our lives.

    “The Daykeeper is a journal that hopes to make us more aware of these moments and more intentional about being grateful,” she adds.

    Its photographs are meant to inspire people to look beyond the busyness of everyday and to simply enjoy the beautiful world God has created for all of us to enjoy.

    It is this kind of optimism that makes The Daykeeper different among the rest. I don’t know about you, but welcoming a new year can be quite nerve wracking, but Kat, through the photographs of her travels and verses tucked away in the datebook or journal reminds you that 2015 could truly be your best year ever.

    In a world that is uncertain, we need to constantly be reminded of the good that is in the world and that is what Kat hopes The Daykeeper will be for those who purchase it.

    “It really is intended to foster a spirit of love and gratitude for the lives we live. We are sometimes overwhelmed by our daily troubles and momentarily concerns, but if you actually sit down and take time to count your blessings, you’ll see there is so much beauty, adventure, love in our day to day lives- all we need is a thankful heart, grace and a fresh perspective,” she ends.

    * * *

    For more about The Daykeeper, visit www.facebook.com/thedaykeepernotebook. www.carlabiancaravanes.blogspot.com.


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    1. Your article reminds me of the Louis Armstrong song, “What A Wonderful World”. Of course, it is way, way before your time. What the song underscores is that indeed the world is full of beauty and grace despite sometimes getting overwhelmed by what appears to be the contrary. Listening to it from the context of fifties and sixties America and being sung by an African-American would seem incongruous. The Blacks were lynched, segregated, and murdered, not to mention many of them were extremely poor. It was not a good time for Black America. To hear Louis Armstrong sing this song with gusto and passion reminds me to accentuate my life with beauty and grace. Spending it with griping and grumbling is just a waste of time. As you well know, happiness is a choice because this seems to be the overarching theme of your articles which you continue to echo. I am always drawn to this kind of musings simply because it takes so much energy to think and live in desperation. In fact just writing the word “despair”, I could feel blah inside me insidiously creeping. Words do have consequences and I am glad that you choose themes that are simple yet hopeful. Often, I intentionally frog leap away from reading some of the commentaries written about the state of affairs of our nation because it depresses me. Our country and our people need a huge dose of these positive reflective thoughts. Also, you need to know that you are not alone in keeping a journal. It does not only keep track of what happened during the day but it documents your upswing and downswing. The ability to pause by chronicling your emotions helps significantly in not being reactive to every provocation one encounters. We pause, reflect, and then act. I know this is what you and your friend derive from writing a journal. Further, you surround yourself with people who are imaginative and creative. It makes a whole of difference in one’s approach to life. Thank you for introducing us to another friend of yours.