DBM cover-up in COA ‘s pork barrel report


It seems corruption goes deeper than what we are led to believe. If indeed the COA reports on corruption by Pork is focused on the enemies of Mr. Aquino, but does not include the usual Kaibigan, Kabarilan, Kaklase, than COA is remiss in its duties and has a lot to answer for. Do not forget a famous old saying, Mayroon bang humawak sa palayok na hindi na-ulingan? When you cook using a clay pot over fire fed by charcoal or fire, it is covered in soot. So roughly translated, Can anyone hold a clay pot with bare hands and not get black? This Administration has a lot to answer for.
Helen Ramos, hbaldwinramos@yahoo.com

Based on your article, either DBM is doing lots of calculations and moving/removing of the commas and periods in their report before they release it! It is so much fun to see that finally they are doing their work, working their brains out how to get to the desired amount. That is were taxpayer’s money goes, to our government employees who only get busy twice in their lifetime, once—breaking their brains on how to steal the money and second—breaking their brains to make their mathematics work. Hallelujah!!
Merlie Hammer, mehe@dslextreme.com

I think this so-called audit report, so selective as it is, in fact this whole pork barrel brouhaha, is but a ploy of this vindictive and paranoid administration in its continuing effort to demonize its perceived enemies, particularly the personalities of the past regime and those preparing to contest the presidency in 2016. Else why limit the audit to the period 2007-2009? What about from 2010 to the present? And are all the yellow politicians, but specially those who conveniently deserted the past administration to join the incumbent one, all spotlessly clean saints with not a smudge of lard coming out of this sordid pork barrel mess?
Lino Cabingan, linocabingan@yahoo.com


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