DBM data confirm P100M ‘bribe’ to 16 senators each



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On February 12 last year when the impeachment trial of Renato Corona was well on its way, one of his defense lawyers, Jose Roy 3rd, alleged that a P100 million bribe was offered to the senator-judges to convict the chief justice, in the form of pork barrel funds for “soft projects”, or that non-infrastructure kind easily siphoned to lawmakers’ pocket.

The senators pounced on Roy, who sheepishly apologized, although he insisted that the information came from two reliable sources.

Senator Alan Cayetano scolded the lawyer: “It’s an insult to us to even deny that we are susceptible to bribes. ” His sister, who then appeared to be one of the more intelligent and credible senator-judges, said Roy’s allegation demeaned the entire justice system in the country.

Budget Secretary Florencio Abad texted reporters: “The P100 million is a complete fabrication concocted by the desperate Corona defense lawyers. It’s an insult to the senators and to the Senate as an institution.” Even as last week, Abad claimed: “We were careful not to make releases (of the Priority Development Assistance Fund, PDAF or the pork-barrel money) before, during or after the trial.” (My emphasis.)

How can these people lie through their teeth? How could we have been so gullible that we didn’t ask them proof that no pork barrel money were given to the senator-judges during the trial?

Data from the budget department incontrovertibly show that P1.1 billion in pork barrel funds were given to 16 senators, the minimum number needed to convict Corona, during the trial from January to May 29 or the day of the Senate vote. Another P915 million were given mostly to administration senators two and three months after the trial.

The DBM data in fact show that Roy’s allegations were on the dot, right down to the P100 million amount given to each senator, give or take a few millions.

Senator Pia Cayetano in just three dates of March 2012, at the height of the trial, got P104 million in pork barrel funds. She would get another P64 million just a few weeks before the Senate vote in May.

Her brother Alan, the minority floor leader who was the most vociferous in lambasting Roy when he made the bribe allegations last year, got P67 million in February. He would get another P57 million in July and August, for a total of P117 million out of Corona’s trial and conviction.

Then Senate Majority leader Senator Vicente Sotto received P97 million in two dates in March.

The presiding judge Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile got P50 million of his pork barrel funds on February 3 and 17. I can just imagine Budget Secretary Abad’s smirk as he watched Enrile on TV at that time appearing to be so belligerent to the prosecutors. Enrile would get another P54 million just weeks before the Senate vote.

The bribes, incentives or whatever you’d prefer to call these funds crossed party lines. Other than Enrile and Sotto, senators Jinggoy Estrada, Ramon “Bong” Revilla, and Gregorio Honasan each got exactly P100 million. The richest senator then, the billionaire Manuel Villar, couldn’t ignore what was loose change for him and got P96 million, while former University of the Philippines President Edgardo Angara took P85 million.

The significant pattern is that P100 million each were released during the trial to the opposition senators, who wouldn’t naturally trust Aquino’s promise. They wanted “money down” before the vote.

On the other hand, Aquino’s comrades in the Liberal Party and his other supporters in the Senate trusted Aquino that they got their money only shortly after Corona’s conviction. In fact, even if they had already hitched their political stars to this president, they still generously partook of Aquino’s “incentives” to take out Corona, getting even more.

Aquino supporter Senator Antonio Trillanes got a measly P10 million during the trial. Right after the trial ended though, on June 26, he got P38 million. Then in just three “gives” in July, he got P145 million, and another P50 million on August 24.

Budget Secretary Abad probably lost track of his releases to Trillanes that he gave the senator a total of P254 million in 2012, P54 million more than the P200 million PDAF allocation for each senator under the budget law.

Similarly, Liberal Party Senator Teofisto Guingona 3rd, ironically now the chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee investigating the pork-barrel scam, got only P37 million during the trial. Right after though, he could have drowned in pork barrel money: P154 million were released to him in just three installments in July and another P34 million in August.

That totaled P225 million in PDAF funds given to Guingona around the trial period, more than the P200 million allocated to him if the budget law was complied with.

Another Liberal Party senator, Ralph Recto, could claim that he didn’t get any centavo from his PDAF during the trial. Two months later though, and in just one day, July 24, he got exactly P100 million of his pork barrel funds.

P100 million for attacking the Supreme Court, and wrecking our republican system of three independent branches of government? Did they think they could hide the truth?

(As followers of this column would notice, the figures above are different from those in my September 30 piece entitled “P559 million released before Senate voted vs. Corona.” Upon rechecking the DBM data, it was worse: P664 million just before the May vote, given to 16 senators who convicted Corona and not just the 11 who got the P559 million reported in the earlier column. I also counted, logically, as part of Aquino’s “incentive” to take out Corona, the funds released during the trial and three months after).

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  1. can i you imagine if they found oil in Mindanao or any part of the country. that oil money could or would be stolen too. hahaha, we need to get rid of our worst part of our culture and that is graft and corruption, no matter what we Pilipinos touch turns into corruption. if we want a better life and environment for our younger or next generation then we need to change our inner self first then go from there and fight corruption. Lets be more disciplined and stop offering bribes to our authorities. and report it. if the authorities will not pay attention then report it to the social media!, social media now is the world’s justice. lol.

  2. One thing I learned about Filipinos is if we really wanted to do something, we will do it. So if they weren’t able to meet their target, it means that the Filipinos are tired of it. Not because it’s office hours.

    This Pork Barrel protest is what we call “Sobra na”. I mean, yeah we get it that the PDAF should be abolished. But when they keep on riding the same horse over and over again, people will get tired of it.

    And the Pork Barrel protests of today is way different than the first one. The first protest was more on Public Sympathy and Anger. No politics, and especially no commies (I heard that they got booed as well). But the following protest are just ways to destabilize and derail the image PNoy’s government. Which is not gonna be successful, because no matter what they say, it’s still not enough to counter the things that PNoy did to our country. Like, continuous economic growth, transparency, and his anti-corruption campaign. He might f*cked this DAP issue up, but compared to GMA’s scandals this is nothing.

    • then who gets the largest pork barrel under a different name and maintained the corrupt ridden pork barrel system?.you try to pretend to be an anti-pork advocate but like other aquino apologists you’re trying to save the president in these whole corruption mess? people like you who sow intrigues against the left which by the way is the most consistent, organized and the sharpest analysis on the issue how to deal with the pork barrel issue. political mercenaries and intellectual cowards like you sir ignoring all the facts that is your idol in malacanang is the biggest benefaciaries of the pork barrel amounting to P450 Billion. aquino is no better or yet far worse corrupt than gloria arroyo.

  3. joebert banderas on

    cgi patuloy kayo sa pagnakaw mga corrupt darating din ang paghuhukom ng Dyos hindi magagamit ang pera ninyo upang makawala sa dagatdagatang apoy sa impyerno

  4. niejann somar on

    pano yun, yung pinaka malaki ang natangap(GUINGONA) sya pa ang nag-iimbestiga??? ayos na ang buto-buto ng pork…

  5. A man died and went to heaven. As he stood in front of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, he saw a huge wall of clocks behind him. He asked, “What are all those clocks”? St. Peter answered, “Those are Lie-Clocks. Everyone on earth has a Lie-Clock. Everytime you lie the hands on your clock will move”. “OH” said the man, “whose clock is that”? “That’s Mother Teresa’s. The hands never moved, indicating that she never told a lie.” “Incredible “, said the man. And how about that?. “That ‘s GMA clock. The hands have moved twice, telling that GMA told only two lies in her entire life.” “Where’s PNoy clock?” “His clock is in Jesus office. He’s using it as a ceiling fan…. Hhhh,,,Joke, joke din pag may time!

  6. Priority Development Assistance Fund, PDAF or PINOY Development Assistance Fund yan??? nagtatanong lang po…..dont u think guys its about time to do CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE??? we are just fooled by them…

  7. thank god i don’t pay my tax in the philippines so this bastard politician can steal it. still
    am sad for our country, this penoy administration is at it’s end, i hope they all go to jail.

  8. Kung masusunod pala talaga ang sinabi ni Pnoy na “kung walang corrupt walang mahirap”ay puwedeng mangyari sa Pilipinas, sa ngayong pagkakataon.Sibakin niya si Butch Abad sampo ng kanyang KKK na pawang nagpapasama sa kanya,huwag ng paraanin pa sa mga buwitreng congressman at senators ang pera ng bayan,napakaraming salapi ang naibubulsa at nawawaldas ng mga ito.Sayang ka Pnoy,sayang ang pangalang Aquino na minana mo sa iyong mararangal na magulang,huwag ng mamulitika,tapusin na ang PDAP at DAP at pagbayarin lahat kapartido man o hindi, parusahan ng batas ang mga nagkasala.Iyangat ang pamumuhay ng mahihirap na Pilipino.

  9. Chief Justice Corona was removed from his throne for just his failure to share his fortunes with the Filipino people through correct payment of income tax. While the President the serving master of the crime together with the Senators who convicted Corona have stolen the money of the Filipino people. In comparison who is/are the true devil among them all?

  10. There is always a second story and we Filipinos are not trick into thinking that all 16 Senators who convicted COJ are stupid not to know the implication of receiving money for the conviction. Likewise, Abad is also not stupid to know the implication of releasing funds. Of course they all know that it will be seen as a bribe. The release of funds by DAP will be done anyway at any point in time. Even after 10 years people who were implicated and probably will be convicted are determine to burn the house of congress or senate. “Para damay damay na” sa tagalog. It is obvious that Jinggoy blab or talk indiscreetly even not knowing he is also involved. Panic time!
    Conviction of COJ was proven so this is history.

  11. This is the most corrupt government in the world. Just imagine almost 100% of senators were involved the cheating including some congressman and the president himself together with his cabinets. How could you trust the president who spoke much about the “Daan Matuwid” but a crook himself and the serving master in the worst government crime against the Filipino people. What a shame! I have the feeling that one of this days another general Perez will say good bye to the world.

  12. joebert banderas on

    go go pinoy susuporta kami sa yo sa pagsugpo ng katiwalian,marami kami pro Pnoy kaysa anti Pinoy jail the corrupt

  13. Now, the main question is – how did they spend these awesome amount? Can they account for it? Or they treated this as personal income? It seems these people are like peranhas. Money disappeared in just a short while.

  14. A saying that goes “better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t ” is well placed with keeping Pnoy on the seat till next election. But, it’s atrocious for those conspirators to play games involving lives, livelihoods, destroying the economy, and displacements!

  15. Although I think Corona would probably be guilty, but his guilt is way much smaller compared to those senators. They should as well be stripped from office… I dont know how they will attack the author this time since figures came from DBM data… Nice job RT

  16. Under the presidency of PNoy, has the Philippines become the “land of the bribe and the home of the fee”? Just wondering.

  17. dahil sa pagbibitiw ni ombudswoman gutierrez, medyo nakahinga ang bulsa ni abnoy kaya talagang binusog ang mga buwayang senatongs.pero walang baho ang hindi mangangamoy kaya ayan, bistado ang mga tinamaang lintek na senatongs.mga makakapal ang mga mukha na dapat ay mabitiw na pero hinihintay pa ang lynch mob na gagawin ng million march para bitayin silang lahat.

  18. The govt should abolish the middle man in pdaf , let the private sector like Sm, Smc, Ayala, meg and many others bid for it.

  19. Pitong Daspalas on

    Is there anyone that we can trust anymore? The whole governmental structure is decayed; it needs for a wrecking ball to clear it up and build anew. But, where can we find people to be slotted to be the President, senators, congressmen, governors, mayors of the country? The deep institutionalized cultural corruption has been an integral part of the Filipino DNA. And, the voters, who I might add, cannot be blamed for selling their votes, is part of this inculcated culture; they’re merely want to feed themselves and their kids, and a couple of grand for one vote facilitate that, not considering the fact that the politician they voted “pays himself” through the eramarked PDAF alloted to him/her. The wicked circle of corruption goes on! So, getting back to the question of where we get people not stained in this cultural corruption? Through the ages, voters have to chose between the “less evil candidate.” A “mestiso” such as a Filipino-American, a Filipino-Australian who haven’t been exposed to the blatant and explicit corruption in the Philippines would be good for starters. I welcome other perspectives.

    • Ninoy didn’t die for the Filipinos!!!
      He died for his family and Hacienda Luisita!!
      Nuff zed!!!

  20. The Philippine government is going to the dogs. It is amazing how PNoy used and is using the office of the DBM c/o Abad to corrupt almost all the Senators before, during and after CJ Corona’s impeachment case. It is a wonder how much more of peoples tax money he bribed and continue to bribe in the Lower House. For sure expect all these thieves to cry foul in relation to this article. The next few days will be days of “denial.” There are so many legislators who are just plain hypocrites, shameless and conscience less. Stealing the peoples money is one of their main agenda in getting elected. No wonder entire families want to be a Congressman and Senator because this are the places they can make money by just talking and signing paper work. These abuses must be stopped by all means.

  21. Saludo po ako sa inyo Ginoong Tiglao,tama po ang isinusulat niyo,pakibalitaan din po sana ang milyonmilyong piso na project ng NIA sa Batanes na wala naman pong pinatutubigang taniman,sana po ay mawala na ang mga magnanakaw sa ating pamahalaan.

  22. Watch this youtube video where DBM Sec. Butch Abad is LYING (@ 3:30) and denies giving additional Ph50M additional pork barrel/ DAP funds to senators after the Corona trial.


    ABAD is a PATHETIC LIAR just like his president BS AQUINO.


    Shameless nincompoops!

    • In their panic to come up with a quick name for their so-called stimulus mechanism, these scoundrels failed to realize the acronym for the Disbursement Allocation Program or DAP also stands for the three main suspects in this horrendous crime namely:


      Sometimes, the evil that men do have a funny way of catching up with them!