DDC Land introduces North Dasma Garden Villas


HIGHLIGHTING the long-term value of a well-built home, developer DDC Land has introduced the North Dasma Garden Villas located in Dasmariñas, Cavite.

An old standard read the lyrics; “the house is not a home without someone living there”, and without a doubt, the house also becomes the source of pride when you yourself invest in it as well. Inheriting is a totally different story with a history of your paternal family embedded with it. So when investing in a house with your family, it is best to strategize towards an aspiration, your dream, your beginning and the history that you will build with your family over the decades.

This is exactly what North Dasma Garden Villas exactly offer. The high technology of DDC Land, which provides long-term durability, a comfortable design that never fades, and most of all an aspiration fulfilled that makes you proud of your investment. Your property, your investment, and your long term goal all rolled into one is all about the community you will need to share and this is what DDC Land has promoted in the past twenty years. The DDC Land experience is what we sell, which speaks about the hard investment for your future.

Interestingly enough when you are young(er), and in a hurry to establish yourself together with your new found family, there are many struggles to buy a house. Often due to impulsiveness and affordability, you tend to agree to the easiest and most affordable terms to award yourselves with your very own home. But is the house, this big investment, usually a once in a lifetime achievement – your aspiration towards your long-term objective?
Can you actually be proud of this investment? Is this living the dream you work so very hard for?

These nagging questions will remain with you all your life especially if you feel you have made a wrong decision. Who can guarantee such an investment to be in the right project or the ideal community for your dream investment? With DDC Land in the North Dasma Garden Villas, you will entertain yourself with your very own Beverly Hills, right here in your country. Why settle for less when you aspire for more. This is what our business is all about! Modern technology adds value on housing developments and compliments your ideal amenities that you will require. What is important is the growth of your family, your children but most of all your personal growth over the decades to establish your successes in line with your investments. These are the nagging issues you need to address.

And to be secure in this one time, big time investment—meet the professionals, the developer that cares with a heart that considers your person first and foremost, meet DDC Land.


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