• DDoS attacks up 25% in Q4 2015


    Trojan attacks on business websites have increased by 25 percent, a recent study by IP Converge Data Services Inc. (IPC) revealed.

    IPC noted that “Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks” or multiple Trojan infections continued to rise, threatening websites and businesses globally.

    A DDoS attack is a costly form of cybercrime where a large volume of malicious traffic is directed to flood and crash a particular website. Such planned and coordinated attacks disrupt the normal function of a website.

    The study revealed that there was a 25.3 percent increase in frequency of network attacks during the fourth quarter of 2015 compared to the third quarter.

    “DDoS is a serious online crime that cannot be ignored. It warrants a definitive course of action from highly-skilled professionals trained in this type of cyber war,” said IPC President Rene Huergas.

    The report is a clear indication of how DDoS poses a formidable threat to businesses in any industry worldwide, including the Philippines, he added.

    “Business leaders and entrepreneurs must be vigilant against these attacks, which can cause damage to their companies’ coffers. As what the report stated, the perpetrators are finding new ways to infiltrate websites and crash these on purpose,” Huergas pointed out.

    Cybercrimes on a larger scale can cause damage to a country where companies have a growing need to go online for a bigger market reach.

    The study suggests that there is a need for effective online safeguards and security measures to prevent DDoS attacks.

    The solution is a sound DDoS mitigation strategy, IPC said.


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