De la Rosa on Corrections appointment: ‘Who am I to refuse the President?’


PHILIPPINE National Police (PNP) Chief Supt. Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa said on Wednesday that he could not refuse President Rodrigo Duterte’s offer to him to be the new chief of the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor).

“Who am I to refuse the President? He is my boss ever since and he will be my boss forever,” de la Rosa said in an interview with reporters.

De la Rosa said Duterte assigned him to be the new BuCor chief because of the “resurgence” of issues inside. He said that as PNP chief, he could only fight the problem there from the “outside”.

However, de la Rosa seemed uncertain about closing the doors on his possible Senate bid in 2019.

“It depends on what direction I’d be led to. Come what may,” de la Rosa said.

De la Rosa emphasized that being the chief of BuCor was a very difficult task. He had called it “Mission Impossible” because the crime suspects he would be dealing with have been imprisoned and convicted.

“How can you arrest someone who has already been arrested? How can you convict someone who’s already been convicted?” de la Rosa said.

De la Rosa called on the public to just “pray over” the inmates so that they would “change” for the better. He said it would depend on the situation if his handling of BuCor would be as “bloody” as the “war on drugs”. RJ CARBONELL



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