De Lima accused of connivance with Bilibid drug lords back in 2012



Senator Leila de Lima claims that the accusations against her – that she protected the drug-lords in Bilibid National Prison and their criminal activities there, in exchange for tens of millions of pesos when she was justice secretary in the past Administration – are merely part of her political persecution. She alleges that her persecution is President Duterte’s retaliation for her opposition to the many extrajudicial killings that she associates with his war against illegal drugs.

She even played the victimized woman card when her intimate relationship with her security aide-cum-driver — who, however, has been accused of being her bagman, or one of them — was brought up: “Babae ako, hindi ako nahihiya sa aking pagkababae,” she said.

These are totally rubbish, de Lima’s shameful attempts at concealing her crime.

Why do I say so?

Because as early as more than three years ago, such accusations were already swirling around her, when nobody in his wildest dream (or nightmare) thought that the “Dirty Harry” Davao City mayor would run for President, win and then launch a bloody war against the illegal-drug criminals. It was also at this time when portions of the alleged video of her having sex with her security-turned-lover surfaced.

How could she claim Duterte hatched a conspiracy to hurl these accusations against her?

Proof of such accusations against de Lima that started three years ago is the column I wrote back on Dec. 21, 2014, accessible through this link:

The article referred to statements that she has known about the corruption in Bilibid since 2012. That she didn’t do anything about it could only be an indication that she was already conniving with the drug lords inside the prison at that time. Neither de Lima nor any other government official contested the article.

President Aquino 3rd did not order, covertly or otherwise, an investigation into the accusations. What does that tell us? I suspect he knew about it and that his inner circle may have told him that the drug lords’ humongous earnings at Bilibid could even help fund the Liberal Party’s campaign kitty for the 2016 elections.

The column was entitled “P10 million per month ‘rental’?” which I republish en toto as follows:

December 21, 2014. Justice Secretary Leila de Lima was informed a year ago by Philippine National Police officers that organized-crime lords were living luxury lifestyles inside Bilibid Prison, with the drug kingpins even continuing their drug operations from there.

Yet de Lima had dragged her foot for months and refused – until last week – to raid the prison so as to stop those scandalous operations at Bilibid. Why?

“We were very angry why de Lima was not doing anything,” a police officer said. “We risk our lives in operations, police officers were killed by these criminals, we refuse millions of pesos in bribes, only to find out that the criminals we sent to jail are living in luxury in Bilibid and are even allowed to get out for entertainment,” he said.

In a radio interview, jueteng whistle-blower Sandra Cam also disclosed that her group had brought an ex-jail guard Kabungsuan Makilala to de Lima, who told her under oath all the corruption at Bilibid back in 2012. De Lima, though, refused to take him into the department’s witness protection program and refused to believe his testimony.

P10M monthly

“One informant told us about two-dozen gang leaders there, especially the drug lords,” the police officer said, “contribute to pay P10 million monthly, their ‘rent’ to officials in charge of Bilibid—from the guards to officials at the Justice Department level—so they would be allowed to do as they please inside Bilibid.”

What has recently been exposed in the media, the officer claimed, is only the tip of the iceberg, as the convicts were tipped a week before that there would be such a raid. “So only those who were so hard-headed that they didn’t believe in the warning are in trouble now,” the officer claimed.

De Lima’s raiding party contained not a single PNP personnel. She had not informed even the top leadership of the PNP, even Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, about the raid.

The officer claimed that President Aquino seemed to have totally trusted de Lima that his group’s efforts to push her to act through media exposés accomplished nothing. Throughout this year, there have, indeed, been occasional reports in newspapers and television about Bilibid being run by drug lords.

Chief Inspector Roque Merdegia Jr, of the PNP’s Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Force, was bold enough in June 2014 —six months ago —to publicly ask the justice department to investigate the VIP treatment of the drug lords who had been arrested by the task force.

Merdegia reported at that time that his task force had conducted an operation inside Bilibid and discovered that some high-profile convicts were staying in air-conditioned rooms with their own flat screen television and hot and cold shower. Merdegia also claimed that top drug lords were even allowed to go to top-of-the-line hospitals for “check-ups” and whenever they feel they have to consult with their doctors.

The Justice Department ordered a probe, which, however, investigated solely why certain convicts were allowed to leave prison to go to their chosen hospitals, and even to visit their homes.

It is astonishing how in the face of this national embarrassment, this total failure of government (how could drug lords continue their criminal operations in a jail, and even have high-powered assault rifles?), those accountable for it aren’t immediately suspended.

These are Justice Secretary de Lima, who supervises the Bureau of Corrections, its director Franklin Bucayu, his deputy in charge of prisons, Celso Bravo, and the New Bilibid warden Roberto Rabo.

They should be immediately suspended, all their files and computers confiscated as these may contain evidence of their collusion with the convicts. Their bank accounts must be investigated by the Anti Money Laundering Council to determine if they received suspicious funds.

If there is a topic the Senate should be investigating in aid of legislation, it is the penal system. On one level, it has become the center of drug syndicates and a luxury resort, and on another it is hell for most of its occupants.

I’m astonished why President Aquino seems nonchalant about the scandal that is the “Bilibid Resort,” telling de Lima that it’s only the “high powered guns that worry him.”

Our penal system under Aquino has given an entirely new meaning to South African legend Nelson Mandela’s famous quote: “It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails.”


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  1. Alam ng Aquino administration yan especially Mar Roxas.
    bakit nasa top 5 worst airport ang NAIA, di ba the Aquinos maalaga sa pangalan nila…. bakit hindi tinutukan ni President Noy yan when he was the president? ang dami pang incident like sira sira yun mga gamit plus the Tanim Bala incident….
    Sobrang corrupt niyan mga yan, they don’t need money, mayayaman na yan! they want more and they want Power!
    karma lang sa kanila yan and if I were d30, i will shot them dead!!!

  2. If not connivance or collusion (although there are many testimonies to that effect), then certainly De Lima’s case must be that of INCOMPETENCE / INEPTITUDE / gross neglect of duty as a public servant…for how can she NOT be accountable for illegal drug proliferation (and continued lavish lifestyles of drug lords) — inside the national penitentiary! — during her full-term as former DOJ secretary??

  3. No wonder, the whole country is contaminated with illegal drugs! If de5 is the mother of all drug lords, then BS is the KING OF DRUG LORDS at the same time the KING OF PORK!

  4. The bitch is going around the schools and campuses to defend herself and attack Duterte. Most if not all the schools she goes are Catholic schools. Since Duterte hates the Catholic Church and vice versa, are we seeing the Catholic Church’s hand again working for the ouster of Duterte in conspiracy with other anti-Duterte groups? Marcos and Eraps also fell victims to then Cardinal Sin led Catholic Church

  5. Stupid Duterte on

    What else is new about things made in China. Anything made in China is of the lowest quality. Pet foods made in China are no longer in demand for it showed that these foods produced by China has poisons. Duterte wants to buy arms from China and will distance the Philippines from the West because it was China and the NPAs that financed Duterte’s presidential candidacy.
    When Duterte will be tried in an international court, his children will suffer the most for the court will take all the wealth that the Dutertes corruptly obtained through drugs and smuggling. The Duterte children will soon be like the children of Sadam Hussein and Khadafy. Let us all pray for this.

  6. National Bilibid Prison is under your jurisdiction as Justice Secretary. Proof or no proof defends upon who side you are on. One thing that cannot be denied is Command Responsibility. There are crimes in your area but you did not do anything about it. It is Crime of Omission. Maybe you committed or not committed the crime but you are responsible . That is the bottom line. You are guilty of Crime of Omission .

  7. Gunther Espino on

    Thank you, Mr. Bobi Tiglao for bringing up again the disclosure made by Whistleblower Sandra Cam and Prison Guard Kabungsuan Makilala way back 2012 regarding the corruption eversince in Bilibid. At that time, nobody paid attention to the expose of Ms. Cam and PG Makilala. It fell on deaf ears. But now that the senate hearing regarding alleged EJKs had wrapped up and the congressional hearings clearly tells us that indeed, Sen. de Lima was involved in the drug trade in Bilibid, she still has the nerve to speak in schools talking about morality, this article of yours would surely enlighten the public.

  8. Sana naman magising na sa katotohanan ang sambayanang Pilipino…Matagal-tagal na tayong pinagloloko lalo na ng grupong kinakaaniban ng babaeng ‘to…

  9. Simply because Pnoy and Roxas are part of the scheme. It would be stupid to think that they don’t know and have no intelligence on these illegal activities, but the are so stupid for doing nothing to stop the illegal acts.

  10. Delima has resorted to pleading her case to innocent school children at exclusive Catholic schools, do the nuns want her to be emulated by impressionable students to encourage a future career as professional criminals or immoral corrupt politicians?

    The nuns and Delima may also additional charges of “corruption of minors.”

    • Oo nga. Why do the Catholic church and catholic schools protect people like Jun Lozada, Matobato, DeLima and the like, but they don’t have AWA And MALASAKIT sa mga dukha.

      Because they are serving only the elitists and oligarchs.

  11. Bobbi Tiglao maraming salamat at mabuhay po kayo! Dapat pala noon pa! Bakit kulang ang civic duty sa mga Pinoy?

  12. Leodegardo Pruna on

    P-Noy was only thinking of himself. What a pity, imagine afraid of high powered guns but not shabu? God bless the Philippines.

  13. Nice unbias article …at the end ..God is watching De lima ..she went to church wearing 3 rosary on neck and 1 in her right wrisk last Sunday….hoping she can fool the Filipino people.

  14. Nice write up. can you publish more of this information so that the public may really know everything.

  15. Maribel Calanda on

    What can you expect from Team Yellow but all pretenses and hypocrisy? Has Noynoy ever been sympathtic to the plight of the poor? You can start with the Comelec and you would ask yourself what amazing things can happen with these bunch of unscrupulous people at the helm. De lima and Robredo are the products of Pcos machines. Both Bicolana are great hypocrites and both are linked to married men. Nakakahiya kayo de Lima and Robredo. Pahinhin at pa good girl pa ang dating ni fake VP. If something bad happens to PDu30, the country will be in chaos becoz the fake VP is not the true voice of the people.

  16. John Chameleon on

    The existence of the luxury Kubols of different high-profile inmates is enough to jail De Lima. if the Department of Justice wants so. Those high-end kubols are proof of corruption that De Lima should be made to answer. These kubols were patterned after the Mexican drug lord Quintero’s kubol. De Lima has no escape to this corruption. Sadly, it seems the DOJ is not interested on this.

  17. Please forward this article to all the schools who invited Sen. De Lima as their resource speaker.


  19. How come the priest and the nuns allowed De Lima to speak during mass or after the mass and protraying herself to be the victim it’s political harassment. I just don’t understand this priest and nuns. Everybody believes that De Lima is guilty of this crime except nuns and priests.

  20. With your news column exposing the anomalous condition in the Las Vegas Munti. Since way back 2012, we can very well see that the govt dont need witness to convict delima. History of the ABNOY admin is very obvious that they are all either ABNOY or soo corrupt like D5. And manyakis.

  21. D5 forgot that you don’t get bread in return when you throw stone at someone.

    Anyone who believes she did not know anything about NBP’s businesses is a fool.

    Nobody cares about her sex life but when you do it with a married man. That’s adultery. I’m still waiting for the bishops to say something about this. Oh i forgot they like D5, they even did a mass for the adulterer.

  22. Hearing this feels like a dagger on a chest. This is too much. This is betrayal of trust in the highest form. Our “honorable” Senator deserves nothing less than lifetime jail sentence.

  23. PERFECT..! De Lima need to pay all this.

    For more evidence & investigation I guess if De Lima wants to save her back-side there are may be few more elite leaders in the goverment who are involve.

    Sooner if De Lima is close to be convicted, she will be ready to sing & spread all the linked.

  24. Very informative column detailing that everyone knew about Bilibid years ago and yet Delima did nothing.

  25. You always come up with a full of sense and worthy-to-read articles.. Its nice to start my day reading your column.. BRAVO, SECRETARY RIGOBERTO D. TIGLAO.

  26. Then, the senadora used to get away with it all under Aquino. Now she wants to get her way at the Senate. Isn’t she grandstanding all the time? But great, seasoned, august Gordon just won’t allow her, not a bit. Walking-out, butting in, sulking, pouting – such childish, childlike psyche. Isn’t she a pity? No sibling, none of her kids, no personal friend showing up to cushion her humiliation. Isn’t she taken for granted by family and friends? But she isn’t left with no saving grace. They are her partymates. They quietly crawl to the wily, willing, waiting media, nonetheless, and get flashed and quoted, such favorable mileage, at least. At this point, Senadora, may you be reminded of a saying which goes, Don’t dig your foe a pit, you will fall into it.