De Lima back, taunts Duterte


SENATOR Leila de Lima on Wednesday belittled President Rodrigo Duterte’s supposed list of narco-politicians, saying it is just a product of a drug-induced imagination.

De Lima, who just returned from an awarding ceremony and a speaking engagement abroad, also expressed amazement on how people continue to believe the President’s claims.

Duterte recently admitted using Fentanyl, a powerful opioid, but only in small doses.

The Chief Executive on Monday said De Lima is on his latest list of government officials protecting the illegal drug trade.

“I’m almost sure that the new list of drug lords/protectors is again laden with errors, or one which did not undergo a thorough process of validation as would negate any doubt as to its veracity,” De Lima said in a statement.

She lamented that she is being recklessly and wrongly accused even if she had never taken a single addictive drug in her life.

The senator lambasted Duterte for having the nerve to make up a list of so-called narco-politicians.

“Duterte should stop taking Fentanyl because obviously it has already driven him to madness and to fits of paranoia where everyone he sees is either a drug addict or a drug lord,” De Lima added.

“It (drug problem) will not be solved by forming a lynch mob to gang up on a scapegoat. It will not be solved by denying facts, including about the source of the drugs that flow into our country and complicity of law enforcers on the ground — the very same law enforcers who are now given a license to kill and plant evidence on those killed,” she noted.

De Lima is facing several complaints before the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Office of the Ombudsman and even the Senate ethics committee in relation with her supposed involvement in illegal drug trade in the country.

The Senate ethics panel chaired by Sen. Vicente Sotto 3rd is expected to tackle the three separate complaints against De Lima when Congress resumes session in January.


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  1. Thanks to Duterte, the outside world is afraid to do business with or go to the Philippines, not only for the danger that is being falsely spread, but that your president is telling the world Filipinos are drug addicts, yes there are drug addicts like any country, but the Philippines has the least amount of drug users of ANY country in the world, you should be proud of that fact, and treat those with problems as humans and get them medical treatment, not a bullet. The US has had a failed war on drugs lasting for decades, its a way to scare people into giving the government more power and giving up their rights, like the US rather than a war on drugs, their should have been a war on poverty.

  2. we will back our President Duterte , because he is staking his honor and life for our country. we are the president before who got guts like him ?

  3. The Senate ethics panel chaired by Sen. Vicente Sotto 3rd

    Napoles named Sotto as a pork barrel thief but he along with all the liberal party senators were never charged.

    Only in the Philippines