De Lima broke protocol


There were irregularities in the way Justice Secretary Leila de Lima handled the review of the kidnapping and serious illegal detention case involving leaders of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ), according to sources of The Manila Times–including two former secretaries of Justice and ranking prosecutors.

The alleged mishandling of the case filed by expelled church minister Isaias Samson Jr. against members of the INC Sanggunian (Council) was widely believed as the reason why thousands of church members spilled into Padre Faura Street (Manila) and later to the Epifanio delos Santos Avenue-Shaw Boulevard intersection in Mandaluyong City (Metro Manila) and cried religious persecution against the government.

Prosecutor-General Claro Arellano on Monday said the Department of Justice (DOJ) has not acted on the complaint filed against the church officials.

He added that no prosecutor has been assigned to take on the case almost a week after expelled Samson, his wife and son filed a complaint against the Sanggunian members.

The Samsons named Glicerio Santos Jr., Radel Cortez, Bienvenido Santiago Sr., Mathusalem Pareja, Rolando Esguerra, Eraño Codera, Rodelio Cabrerra and Maximo Bularan in their complaint for harassment, illegal detention, threats and coercion.

Another complaint for harassment was filed by former church member Lito Fruto against INC leaders last week.

A prosecutor disclosed to The Manila Times that de Lima has a penchant for summoning prosecutors to her office in connection with certain cases under their review.

“Nakikialam si de Lima sa kaso eh preliminary investigation level pa lang. Minsan nga kahit fact-finding investigation ng NBI pinapapelan na niya. Bakit hindi niya hintayin na umakyat sa kanya ang kaso kapag petition for review stage na [She is meddling in cases even though they are still at the preliminary investigation level. There are times when she would also dip her fingers into fact-finding investigations being conducted by the National Bureau if Investigation. Why can’t she wait for the cases to get elevated to her]?” the prosecutor remarked.

A former DOJ secretary said when a case is in the preliminary investigation stage, only prosecutors up to the Prosecutor-General are the ones in charge.

Section 2, Rule 112 of the Revised Rules on Criminal Procedure, states that officials authorized to conduct preliminary investigations are: “(a) Provincial of City Prosecutors and their assistants; (b) Judges of the Municipal Trial Courts and Municipal Circuit Trial Courts; National and Regional State Prosecutors; and Other officers as may be authorized by law.”

It was pointed out that there is no mention of the Secretary of Justice being authorized to interfere in the case during the preliminary investigation and there is no law giving the Justice secretary the power to conduct a preliminary investigation.

The former official said that during his watch, the DOJ chief cannot interfere in a case during preliminary investigation since the process will reach the Office of the Secretary of Justice when a petition for review of the case is filed.

“During my time as Secretary of Justice, I do not interfere in cases at the preliminary investigation level because the appeal will be with the [SOJ] via petition for review,” he told The Manila Times.

Another former Justice secretary said de Lima’s alleged interference in the INC case is a clear example of “unethical meddling” with the powers of the prosecutor to conduct a preliminary investigation.

“If upon petition by a proper party under such rules as the [DOJ] may prescribe or motu propio, the Secretary of Justice reverses or modifies the resolution of the provincial or city prosecutor or chief state prosecutor, he shall direct the prosecutor concerned either to file the corresponding information without conducting another preliminary investigation, or to dismiss or move for dismissal of the complaint or information with notice to the parties.

The same rule shall apply in preliminary investigations conducted by the officers of the Office of the Ombudsman,” Section 4, Rule 112 states.

Another rule that was cited was the 2000 National Prosecution Service Rules on Appeal to which preliminary investigation is within the province only of the prosecutors.

“Section 1. Scope. – This Rule shall apply to appeals from resolutions of the Chief State Prosecutor, Regional State Prosecutors and Provincial/City Prosecutors in cases subject of preliminary investigation/reinvestigation. Section 4. How appeal is taken. An aggrieved party may appeal by filing a verified petition for review with the Office of the Secretary, Department of Justice, and by furnishing copies thereof to the adverse party and the Prosecution Office issuing the appealed resolution,” it states.

Duterte defends Leila
The embattled de Lima has found an ally in Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.
“Of course I sympathize with her,” the mayor said on Sunday night.

“Although in the past, we had an exchange of words, those were days of work. She has a duty, I have mine,” Duterte added.

He and de Lima, both graduates of the San Beda College of Law, have been exchanging criticisms over the latter’s links to unsolved killings in his city.

Duterte, a former city prosecutor, however, said de Lima should have allowed the prosecutors in the INC case to do their work.

“[The case] should have been handled by the fiscal,” he added. “But if you give it too much importance, it seems like you are asking for attention. I am not saying that de Lima was asking for one.”

The fiscal, he said, has jurisdiction over the case. “Kapag ganon, naghahanap ka ng gulo [If that’s the case, you are looking for trouble],” Duterte said.

“Give it to the fiscal, whether you file a case or not. After all, the fiscal has the original jurisdiction over the issue.”



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  1. San na dito previous comment ko? Why was it removed? Please take note my comment is not offensive to the INC faith but it only explains the process of criminal procedure.

    Wala po lumabag sa proseso. Search nyo po sa DOJ dahil pwede mag file ng case directly sa DOJ. Isa pa po di po naka investigate ng mabuti ang NBI dahil di sila pinayagan pumasok. Heto po sa daily inquirer sabi ni Eduarde “they tried knocking at the gate which is locked. They were not given entry, so no information was gathered and they were told that there is no such thing as abduction committed inside the premises of INC” they were only told that there was no abduction but they werent given entry to investigate properly: Search for “nbi-on-abduction-of-iglesia-ni-cristo-ministers-case-closed”

    Even sa net25 sinabi na hindi binigyan ng entry ang NBI to investigate. Accordingpo sa mandate ng DOJ from Executive Order No. 292, s. 1987 na pwede silang mag file ng case sa DOJ through the DOJ Action Center.

    You need to file a case before a prelimminary investigation can even take place. De Lima is not handling the case personally, she is assigning the prosecutors to handle the preliminary investigation. Search for “Women’s group disappointed with Poe after INC comment” on youtube and navigate to 3:59 of the video. This may be on social media but the video is an actual recording of ANC news. You will learn that no action was taken upon the complaint yet.

    Section 3. of Rule 112 for the revised rules of criminal procedure
    Procedure. ? The preliminary investigation shall be conducted in the following manner:

    (a) The COMPLAINT shall state the address of the respondent and shall be accompanied by the affidavits of the complainant and his witnesses, as well as other supporting documents to establish probable cause. They shall be in such number of copies as there are respondents, plus two (2) copies for the official file. The affidavits shall be subscribed and sworn to before any prosecutor or government official authorized to administer oath, or, in their absence or unavailability, before a notary public, each of who must certify that he personally examined the affiants and that he is satisfied that they voluntarily executed and understood their affidavits.

    (b) Within ten (10) days after the filing of the complaint, the investigating officer shall either dismiss it if he finds no ground to continue with the investigation, or issue a subpoena to the respondent attaching to it a copy of the complaint and its supporting affidavits and documents.

    The respondent shall have the right to examine the evidence submitted by the complainant which he may not have been furnished and to copy them at his expense. If the evidence is voluminous, the complainant may be required to specify those which he intends to present against the respondent, and these shall be made available for examination or copying by the respondent at his expense.

    Objects as evidence need not be furnished a party but shall be made available for examination, copying, or photographing at the expense of the requesting party.

    So the complaint must be filed first before preliminary investigations. Mr. samson has just filed the case and it was not taken any action until a few days ago, so preliminary investigations will just be starting.

  2. Joselito Masador on

    Ang argument po ng mga kapatid namin sa Iglesia ay wala daw pong nasusulat na batas na nagbibigay pahintulot sa Secretary of Justice na maki-alam sa preliminary investigation. Pero hindi po nangangahulugan na nilabag ni Secretary de Lima ang tamang proseso sapagkat WALA rin pong nasusulat na batas na NAGBABAWAL sa Secretary of Justice na maki-alam sa preliminary investigation.

    Yun naman pong 2000 National Prosecution Service Rule on Appeal na pinagbatayan ay hindi naga-apply.

    SECTION 1. Scope. – This Rule shall apply to appeals from resolutions of the Chief State Prosecutor, Regional State Prosecutors and Provincial/City Prosecutors in cases subject of preliminary investigation/ reinvestigation.

    Malinaw po na nakasulat na “This Rule shall apply to appeals”. Hindi po naga-apply ang pinagbatayan nilang rule na yon sapagkat HINDI PO ITO APPEAL.

    Kung wala pong batas na MALINAW na nasusulat na bawal, ang ibig sabihin po nito ay hindi bawal.

  3. Salamat po sa napakaliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw na paliwanag. Mas marami pang kaso ng bansa ang dapat na pagtuunan ng pansin. Yung iba nga namatay na wala pa ring makuhang hustisya, yan ang dapat pagtuunan ng DOJ esp Ms. De Lima. Usaping pangrelihiyon, wag makisaw2. Yung personal niyong motibo isantabi niyo muna. Mabuti kaming mamayan, at hindi ako mahihiyang sabihing ako ay isang Iglesia ni Cristo. Hubog kami sa aral ng Diyos at ipaglalaban ang alam namin ay tama.At yung mga nagmamarunong na tila ba eh magaling at alam na alam nila ang batas, at hindi naman kayo inapi ng Iglesia, pwede ba, magbasabasa rin kayo. :)

  4. Ang INC Po ay mabubuting mamamayan. Ginawa nila ang pagproprotest dahil ipinaglalaban nila ang kanilang pananampalataya. Ang sabi nga sa Biblia: Fight for your faith.

  5. Sa MALI nga si De lima klang klaro pa sa sikat ng araw ang dami nyong sinasabi puro hearsay naman at kuro kuro lang naman lahat, bakit ayaw nyong intindihin ang mga sinasabi ng ng mga beterano sa batas at hindi basta basta kundi mga eksperto at kilalang tao pa.ano ba ang alam nyo sa batas i compare sa kanila, pweee nag bulag bulagan lang kayo, nagkunwaring matatalino.

  6. hahai..cant you see the truth that is already loud and clear… sabi nga namin”wla kami sa daan” kung hindi kami pinakialaman” .. Nanahimik ang Iglesia.. Ni minsan ata hndi nyo nbasa na may migat na isyu ng kabitan ang INC.. we abide the law, the proceedings, the election process, but nver nin yo ndinig sa amin na nkaialam kami sa anumang usapin ng gobyerno.. sa mamasapano saf44. my dalawa kming kapatid nah nmatay doon. ndinig nyo ba na numbat kami sa pamahalaan.? we just waited kasi , yun ang due process..

    • @lee, simple lang yan paps. baket ung taong bayan ba ung nangialam sa inyo? bat sila pineperwisyo nyo? edi sana dun kayo sa DOJ nag rallyo kung saan man hindi sa EDSA ang kakapal nyo rin eh. Pati ung mga hindi dapat madamay nadadamay. Isa ako sa nastranded sa EDSA oh anong kinalaman ko sa sinasabi mong “hindi kayo pinakialaman” anong kinalaman ko dun?

    • In that case, what the 8 should have done was file the necessary charges against de Lima. These 8 are no ordinary crim, este, people. They wield immense power. Why bring the entire flock to EDSA? In harm’s way? Mukhang nagtatago sa palda! And at what cost? Yung dating nirerespeto at tahimik, nabahiran na at tinawag ng kung anu-ano sa media! Kamusta naman yung 8? Nag-suffer ba? HND.
      Something for the 8 to think about. Shame on them.

    • Jen, What makes you think you know the INC very well? What makes you think and say what is happening? Napanood mo ba sa TV? Nakita mo sa internet? Or member ka ng natiwalag sa INC? They wield Immense power? Yung mga natiwalag lang ata gumagawa nun, kasi, they thought they wield immense power, they though mga Prinsipe sila at mga hari. You should just refrain on saying something you do not really understand.

  7. come on… maliit na tao ba ang nirereklamo ni Mr. Samson? Diba mga top brass yan sa INC at malawak ang connection sa gobyerno. As if naman may mangyayari kung dadalhin yan sa City Prosecutor or sa baranggay. Nasa Pilipinas tayo…

    • Point of information. May mga proseso po tayo in terms of filing a case. Esp. If regular filing. Di pwede na dumiretso sa supreme court anb kaso na di muna dinidinig ng mababang hukuman na kung saan may jurisdiction sila sa kaso. Just saying

    • Ang lagay kapag Iglesia ni Cristo dapat hindi na susundin ang proseso ng pagsasampa ng kaso (ang batas)nang katulad sa mga normal na Pilipino? Ang lagay kapag INC member dapat diretso na agad sa DOJ at di na dadaan sa City Prosecutor? Asan ang hustisya!!!

  8. Clear as crystal De Lima gave special treatment to the case because ahe wants the INC vote. She will say ‘i will drop the case,if your vote for me, else, i will summoned all your leaders’ and will be televised nationwide. Teddy Locsin Jr call it ‘babuyan’ or politcal blackmail. Tingnan mo ang nangyari sa PDAF case, only the opposition senators were imprisoned none from the administration kahit may iba sa kanila nakinabang sa DAP at PDAF. Clearly again, its ‘SELECTIVE JUSTICE’

    • Again you’re diverting the real issue. The cases are to be investigated bakit ayaw ng INC pa imbestigahan? yun lang un eh,, wlang ng about ELECTION2x na yan..PROPAGANDA lang yan eh… lumalayo lang tuloy sa isyu eh. si Delima na nag sabi ok lang sa kanya na kahit hindi xa manalo basta she stands for the truth. Napakatapang sa maling paraan. Handa sila pumatay at mamatay sa kinikilala nilang sugo. Mag-ingat po tayo.


    • Ely, Hindi ayaw mag pa imbistiga ang INC, un ang itatak nyo sa isip nyo.

      Sumusunod kami sa batas basta itama din ng DOJ ang proseso. DOJ pang national issue yan, meaning buong pinas ang may issue, Yung issue sa INC, sa INC problem un and kung tutuusin di naman talaga dapat kayo apektado, sa QC nangyari un so dapat dun din ang takbo ng imbestigasyon. May gusto sumawsaw sa issue kaya ganyan nangyari. mga gusto pumapel para ilapit sa INC dahil nga sa walang kwentang eleksyon na yan.

    • Ely,

      The term legal technicality is a casual or colloquial phrase referring to a technical aspect of law. It implies that strict adherence to the letter of the law has prevented the spirit of the law from being enforced.

      What would be the essence of technicalities in the court, if even the Chief of DOJ does not follow the basic Rule.

      And that is the point of view of INC members to execute the law’s procedure correctly. Think before you click!!!!!!!!

  9. isabella mannel torres on

    should i be surprised that the Justice secretary didn’t know the law??…
    bugok ang government..
    kung ano na lang idikta ng nasa taas,
    yun lang ang dpat msunod or else,
    ippakulong ka nila.

  10. nakakatawa yung comment ng iba… halatang di iniintindi ang binabasa. di pa rin naiintindihan ang sitwasyon….gamitin din ang utak bago magcomment, kung talagang ayaw gumana i-donate na lang sa medical school para mapag-aralan at least nakatulong pa.

    COMMON SENSE lang di na kailangan pumasa sa bar exam…

    di ba pag “alleged” kailangan imbestigahan muna…
    di ba sabi ni angel, nagbibirong bata lang yun
    illegal detention pero pinayagang sumamba nakapag presscon pa
    yung mga ministrong inabduct daw sila na mismo nagsabi na hindi totoo
    hinostage daw pero pinuntahan ng pulis sa bahay ayaw naman papasukin
    sabi ng NBI. walang abduction, walang hostage… CASE CLOSED!

    de lima ayaw pumayag, tutukan daw nya ang kaso ng mga tiniwalag
    nagsampa ng kaso si samson,
    CASE FILED kaagad sa tulong ni de lima kahit walang imbestigasyon naganap
    de lima hands-on sa kaso ni samson, nilagay pa sa witness protection program

    SAF 44 – 44 dead NO CASE FILED
    nawawalang donasyon sa yolanda victims – NO CASE FILED
    PDAF – may bagong listahan daw ng pangalan – ASAN?
    Samson vs Sanggunian ng INC – CASE FILED w/ tlc from de lima na-bypass ang tamang proseso

    pag kasalanan ng Administrasyon deadma lang si de lima – NO CASE FILED
    pag kasalanan ng lumang administrasyon at oposisyon – CASE FILED
    so may selective justice…

    yung sa INC balak nila guluhin para mawala ang bloc voting at hatiin ang boto
    pag nahuli ang sanggunian sila nagyun (gobyerno) ang maglalagay ng bagong sanggunian, dito ngayon papasok sina anghel at samson at ibang itiniwalag. galing magdrama no? pang MMK ang acting, may paiyak-iyak pa… nagyun kontrolado na ng gobyerno ang iglesia..


    • With this argument, isama mo na rin sino pumatay kay Lapu-lapu.

      Isa-isa lang, bruh. If the 8 think, selective injustice natamo nila kay de Lima, eh andaling i-lobby kay Pinoy na i-charge siya sa pakikialam sa proseso ng gobyerno. Di ba? Tahimik pa.

      Pano pumasok buong INC sa picture? Guilt ng spin meisters, bruh. Natakot. Naduwag. Sumuksok sa palda ng INC. Kaso nila to, hnd kaso ng INC. So leave the INC out of it.

    • “illegal detention pero pinayagang sumamba nakapag presscon pa”

      whahahaha oo anoh! hindi ko ito agad napansin… oo nga!

      After getting away that day presscon agad on that same day! abay malupet mga ito… tapos kinabukasan tiniwalag…

  11. It is good the Delima herself is focusing on cases where a person with no power is filing a complaint against a very powerful person. Any low level prosecutor will wilt under the immense political pressure that will bear on him or her. This is just how we are in the Philippines. Look at the pressure the INC is bearing on the government. You think local level fiscals can handle this? Their bosses will be the ones who will ask them to dismiss the complaint.

  12. the inc are the same. following the LAW.
    selective LAW is not a part of it. procedures are procedures. skipping procedures is like working and assembling parts of a machine with no manual to follow. inb4 justice is justice. and there are procedures to follow not procedures to skip.

  13. Wow, finally, another sensible article! It’s time to hear the other TRUE side of the story. The governnent thought they could runaway from their “yellow-media-scheme”, spreading lies & malicious “gossips” on national tv (oops,I don’t mean to offend you ABS-CBN) & social media, to provoke people on having negative opinions about INC. What they don’t know is that there are still a handful of responsible journalist like you who would expose the truth… ‘coz at the end of the day,the truth always prevails. Kudos to you, Mr. Jomar Canlas!

  14. Kaya nga nagkaroong meddling ang gobyerno sa church dahil diyan sa maling pamamaraan ng paghawak sa kaso, at yan ang pinapaunawa ng INC ni manalo ba?… Hope It’s clear to everyone! but if not, they are all idiots, hahaha….. natawa ako sa “hostess siya! hostess siya!” hahaha…

  15. Syndicate is now running the INC,the signs that it is being run by criminal is the kidnapping and the strafing of Tabernas coffee shop.Kayong mga membro ng INC take your church back from the criminals that is running your church and respect the law.

    • halatang di mo naintindihan yung article, puro paratang.sumama kna pumunta dun sa fiscal haters :P

    • whos the criminals? do you know that ka taberna is one of us.:) isa rin syang myembro ng inc fyi. we respect the law. but they dont.

  16. De Lima used her prerogative to personally attend to complaint involving powerful persons and groups. Nothing’s wrong with that. The complainant Samson is against the most powerful religious group in the Philippines. A mere prosecutor might be intimidated or influenced.

    • D5 needs to intimidate the prosecutor into filing a serious case.
      She also needs to intimidate the INC.
      Vote for meeee

    • So according to you INC is guilty of kidnapping? This is an accusation by a disgruntled delisted minister. I guess in your life everyone is guilty before proven innocent am I right?

    • Dapat ang pagentertain niya ay in accordance with the law din. The case must be filed in the court of the place where the “crime was commited”. In that instance, Quezon City. Bakit doon kaagad dinala sa department of justice? Gaano ba kalaki ang kasong ito to merit the attention of no less than the secretary of justice herself? Bakit yong mga ibang kasong nakabinbin like the sex for flight case of the OFW’s in Kuwait, binigyan ba niya ng ganoong klaseng atensyon? The question is not because of entertaining the case against our ministers but the question is, what is her personal motive behind sensationalizing the case? That is violation of the doctrine of the separation of the church and state.

    • We abide by the rule of law.. hindi pwede ma bypass and proseso..kaya nga may tinatawag na due process… Ano nalang ang silbi ng batas at proseso kung pwede ma bypass? Gamit din naman ng common sense! Kahit ang isang tao..lets say may position sa government or lets say powerful, in the eyes of law, pantay pantay..kaya kung anong proseso sa isa, ganoon sa lahat basta nasasang ayon sa batas.. otherwise, discrimination ang tawag dyan or double standard. Simple lang to.. bakit di mo ma gets… bumalik ka sa tiyan ng nanay mo!

  17. whatever, she still has to deal with the problem! unlike bee nay, a glutton for boodle-fights! same-same!

  18. Roldan Guerrero on

    I don`t find anybody competent in this regime. From the president down to his appointees, none could function well on their supposed official functions. All are in sub-standard levels resulting to poor performance in governance. De Lima is one of the accountabilities of this administration. She had never been an asset to the government.

  19. 1 John 2:28-3:10 ESV
    And now, little children, abide in him, so that when he appears we may have confidence and not shrink from him in shame at his coming. If you know that he is righteous, you may be sure that everyone who practices righteousness has been born of him. See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him. Beloved, we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is. And everyone who thus hopes in him purifies himself as he is pure. …

    Matthew 5:9 ESV
    “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

    Romans 12:2 ESV
    Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

    Psalm 119:1-176 ESV
    Blessed are those whose way is blameless, who walk in the law of the Lord! Blessed are those who keep his testimonies, who seek him with their whole heart, who also do no wrong, but walk in his ways! You have commanded your precepts to be kept diligently. Oh that my ways may be steadfast in keeping your statutes! …

    1 John 3:1-24 ESV
    See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are. The reason why the world does not know us is that it did not know him. Beloved, we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is. And everyone who thus hopes in him purifies himself as he is pure. Everyone who makes a practice of sinning also practices lawlessness; sin is lawlessness. You know that he appeared to take away sins, and in him there is no sin. …

    Revelation 14:12 ESV
    Here is a call for the endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and their faith in Jesus.

    My brothers and Sister in Christ take heed to this bible quotes. True children of God are humble, not seeking violence, meek, love… in short the fruit of the Spirit are seen in their lives. If the church does not practicing and teaching this things? Brothers and Sisters in Christ I do pray search the scripture by yourselves not through our pastors because by searching the Bible alone can lead us to the true righteousness of Jesus Christ. Pray earnestly before you study. Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

  20. Anthony Baltazar Damaso on

    Maling Pa-epal move ang ginawa niya, hnd naisip ni De Lima na maLi-ng maLi siya, naging atty n siya hindi nya alam ang rules of procedure ng pagtakbo ng anumang case filed in the court. Hindi na yun pa-BEBE pa-BOBO move na yun

    • Kung legitimate yung claim nung two alleged Secretaries of Justice, bakit di nila pangalanan yung dalawa? Bakit puro allegations na “when I was the Secretary of Justice” di ako nakikialam sa preliminary”. Please bear in mind that the case has just been filed and not yet acted upon by DOJ.

      Ang maliwanag, inunahan lang nila si Sec. de Lima sa pag hear ng complaint ni Mr. Samson para hindi sila mabulgar sa kabahuan na pinaggagawa nila.


    • Boni Garcia – Get your facts straight.
      1. ‘Ang maliwanag, inunahan lang nila si Sec. de Lima sa pag hear ng complaint ni Mr. Samson para hindi sila mabulgar sa kabahuan na pinaggagawa nila. – How well do you know Jun Samson? Read from news? Magazine? Internet? If you do not know him well, then I think you are just whining.
      2. Pasugo is not a propaganda ‘leaflets’ it’s a religious magazine. Geez..
      3. Jun Samson, never thought of filing a complaint. He was encouraged.

  21. I don’t see wrong with what De Lima did. As a matter of fact, she should be lauded for her foresight knowing that a possible serious crime was committed no less than by the influential INC. Malamang kung sa pipitsuging fiscal bumagsak ang complaints ay hindi na ito napansin. The fact that INC thinks they are so influential that they cannot be touched made this whole issue interesting because now someone from their own rank and file exposes what’s really hidden behind close door of INC’s kapatiran. Ano’ng klaseng religious institution ang INC na gumagamit ng intimidation, manipulation, at pati na dahas? Ang ginawa nilang rally sa EDSA ay nagpapatunay na makasarili ang INC at wala silang pakialam sa sentimiyento ng nakararaming Pilipino. Masyadong mataas ang pride ng INC na pati Diyos ay ginagamit nilang katwiran sa mga maling Gawain. INC needs to re-examine their own conscience and better yet, re-learn what true Christian faith is.

    • Try to read the comment of Atty Harry Roque. He is a LAW EXPERT from UP. Mas maniniwala ako sa kanya kesa sayo dahil isa syang ABUGADO. Try also to read the advice of Duterte to De Lima, as well as the advise of ATTY. YAP, the Senate Lawyer.

    • Baka nakakalimutan natin…. kayang baligtarin ng ABOGADO ang isang kaso…. kung may kasalanan ka kaya nya palabasin na wala ka kasalanan lalo na kung MADAMI KANG PERA!!!!!!!!!! at yang ang kayang gawin ng INC.

    • @Ralph, ang kamote mo rin! nagco-comment ka eh di mo naman pala naiindindihan ang binabasa mo! may pa english english ka pa! Ang pinag uusapan dito ay yung tamang proseso ng pag file ng case, ke kaso ng kahit anong relihiyon yan or kahit na sinong tao. Kahit grade 1 siguro maiintindihan ang topic pero ikaw hindi mo maintindihan!

    • Ang INC ay sa Diyos. Lahat ng turo nito ay nasa Bibliya. Pakinggan mo ang turo ng Panginoong Hesukristo na nasa Bibliya sa Pamamagitan ng Iglesia Ni Cristo. Kumuha ka nga ng Bibliya at magbasa ka. Bago mo gawin yan manalangin ka muna sa Panginoon upang mabuksan yang isipan mo. Ang mga Samsons ay may personal motives na gusto makahawak ng mas maselan na posisyon sa Iglesia. Siya ay nagsikap ng pagkakabahagi sa Iglesia at gawain niyang iyan ay sa Diablo.

    • shenggai rahilde on

      eh pagdating sa inc halatang galit itong si ralph…ano ba ginawa sa inyo ng inc???bakit ka galit n galit at affected…rule of law to…process po…di ako abogado pero naiintindihan ko kung ano ang dapat mangyari,…bkit namemersonal kana?????religion is a very difficult issue to touch because everyone believe that they are the true church….kailangan irespeto at igalang….hindi kmi mabubuwag..lalo kaming titibay…ang pagsubok na ikinahaharap ng aming relihiyon ay bahagi n ng aming pananampalataya sa Diyos….hindi yan dahilan para kmi mgkawatak watak..wag ka padala sa galit mo ralph atakihin ka sa puso kaw din….walang personalan…

    • No different than you Ralph. What makes you think you know what is happening? How do you know well the INC? How do you know well Jun Samson? Or you just heard these from news? Internet? Or you’re just assuming and post things because you just want attention? Or you want answers? Jun Samson is not a rank and file guy. He owns a seat in the INC council. He was ejected from the council, first, then the INC Church, because he did terribly wrong, when he was in the council.
      He is sour graping, because he will not have a life after this.
      He has money and power before, now he has what?
      Or maybe he is doing this, because he wants attention and be a celebrity.
      Let me also remind you that not only the INC used the EDSA as a bastion of Democracy and Faith. The last time I heard, also used by the Pope, first time EDSA was used was 1986. I was 18 year old at that time and I was there, fighting for my rights. This is INC rights, and they have every right, like you to express what they feel. It’s just a matter of respect and understanding.

  22. Agree. BS Aquino III’ ambitious cabinet members and officials (Roxas, Tolentino, De Lima, Hontiveros, etc.) are on hectic publicity binge in the aid of election. Naturally, De Lima will grab the opportunity on this INC illegal detention case. She got her dictatorial trait from her boss, Aquino. And now, the administration’s paid trolls are on the loose in the social media singing hossanas for her.

  23. monina atienza on

    And that is how the former Secretaries of Justice did their jobs? Tweedle their thumbs waiting for cases to brew on their underlings tables, only act on it when it is received by his secretary’s secretary, foldered and tagged, and placed on his table underneath the ones that came before? NO WONDER JUSTICE IS SLOW.

    • But isn’t it that officials who are trusted to execute the law are the first people to abide it? Slow or fast is irrelevant, due process needs to be upheld no matter what

  24. De Lima wants to run for a seat in the senate. Are we still surprised that she decides to make pa-epal with this issue?

    • Nagtatanong lamang po, kailan po ba nagsimulang umepal si De Lima tungkol sa usaping ito? Parang umepal lamang po siya nang husto nung magdeclare yung isang NBI chief na the case is closed already when the said NBI chief was not part of the investigating team. At NBI bilang under DoJ, pananagutan nya as DoJ secretary na linawin ito. At dahil sa pangyayari, nafocus nang husto ang attention nya sa kaso.

      Bakit kaya nagdeklara yung NBI chief na hindi iyon na case closed kahit hindi naman po daw siya kasama sa team na nag iimbestiga? Ang balita pa po, myembro daw din po siya ng Iglesia.

      I might be wrong, it’s just how I perceived the turn of events.

    • Well, mr nagtatanong, she already meddled since before she sent the NBI. Like the article said, she break protocol. It is because she has a motive. And this act is self serving…

      For the NBI ‘cased closed thing’ of course, we cannot answer for them. Answer should be coming from them (NBI).