• De Lima does it for Bucayu


    Hat’s off to Secretary of Justice Leila de Lima for a great accomplishment in her crackdown of illegal activities inside the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) in Muntinlupa City.

    She’s done so because no man would dare stick his balls out there and do the job.
    Conversely, Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) director Franklin Jesus Bucayu should either resign or be fired from his post for his failure to do the job he swore to perform.

    But, even if he quits, he should be thoroughly investigated by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for complicity with the mafia behind the rampant illegal drugs trafficking, gunrunning and other vice activities inside the prisons.

    Bucayu must know he is liable for the presence of illegal drugs, particularly shabu, powerful firearms, other deadly weapons, and unauthorized cash amounting to more than one million pesos found in the possession of prisoners.

    As of this writing, Malacañang issued a brief statement promising a crackdown.

    Of course, the Justice Secretary is already doing that.

    Still, Palace spokesman Sec. Sonny Coloma made no mention of Bucayu.

    So, thanks but no thanks for the lip-service.

    The BuCor director has not resigned. He has no delicadeza at all.

    Come on, this retired police general must know what goes on inside the prisons, as well as jails and other detention facilities.

    There is no way he could not have known these notorious drug lords had built first-class condominiums that provided them high-living as if they’re in Ayala-Alabang.

    Did he not conduct a single inspection? This inutile could have been a guest of the drug mafia in there.

    The “detention cells” were found to be air-conditioned and fully-furnished with expensive sala sets, beds, home theater flat screen TVs, marble tiled bathrooms and Jacuzzis.

    Strip bars, a music recording studio with drum set, play stations and sex toys were found among the drug paraphernalia.

    Aside from living in cribs only the rich and famous can afford, they were also found to don designer clothes and gears like Rolex watches, Prada and Louis Vuitton.

    It was also confirmed that prostitutes, including class A models and starlets, have frequented the 1,250-acre maximum security prison.

    Worse, the NBP has become the base of the multi-million peso operations of these illegal drugs lords.

    Among them are Chinese nationals convicted for drugs trafficking in the country.

    With the permission of NBP’s medical staff, moneyed inmates have gone out of the facility on “medical furlough.”

    There’ve been reports that inmates have been sent out to commit armed robbery, kidnapping, carnapping and murder.

    Let’s get things straight.

    These convicted felons are supposedly imprisoned to serve their sentences for aggravated crimes like illegal drugs trafficking, robbery with homicide, murder with rape, and other heinous crimes.

    They are supposed to be punished and made to do hard labor to pay their liabilities to society.

    “They are here to serve jail time, but instead they’re living like kings,” said a disgusted De Lima upon discovering a strip bar with collection of expensive liquor.

    The reign of criminality and impunity in what is supposed to be a “correctional facility” is simply atrocious and outrageous.

    The NBP clearly does not go through the Matuwid na Daan.

    This is because rampant bribe and corruption among Bucayu’s staff have gotten worse since his appointment by Aquino.

    Everyone’s on the take.

    De Lima has done her part, leading an assault on the criminals’ haven, beyond the call of duty as Justice Secretary.

    A top-to-bottom “reshuffling” of BuCor’s personnel will not suffice.

    It is Aquino’s turn to fulfill his part –sack Bucayu and his henchmen.



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    1. Dont forget Baraan, he was designated to oversee the NBP right?

      The trend started by the previous high profile prisoners/ ex politicians specifically the “Kubols” is now the standard.

    2. Why bucayu still enjoys due process when he is caught pants down? only in the pilipins… nakakadismaya and sytema sa pinas.

    3. Good management dictates responsibility. The BOC Director must know everything in the prison. The Justice Secretary must confirm that the BOC is operating correctly and following the rules and the law. The President must insure that everything is being operated correctly and following the law. The guards, the supervisors, the Director, the Justice Secretary, and the President have let this flourish for 4 years. They all abetted everything. The motive may change for each person, but they are all guilty of bribery, extortion, and/or incompetence.

    4. De Lima should be fired at the same time as Bucayu. She is the head of the Bureau of Corrections and Bucayu works under her. She should be as much responsible as Bucayu in allowing drug lords to enjoy their stay in prison.