• De Lima confirmation from CA up in the air


    MALACAÑANG is just as unfazed as Justice Secretary Leila de Lima whose confir–mation in the powerful Com–mission on Appointments (CA) remains up in the air amid the plunder charges she filed against some CA members in connection with the P10-billion Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam.

    Deputy Presidential spokes–person Abigail Valte made the stance after Sen. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada vowed to block the appointments of de Lima and state auditor Heidi Mendoza—two key figures in the prose–cution team of the P10- billion PDAF mess—by citing Section 20 of the Rulebook of the CA wherein a CA member can oppose a certain appointment even for no reason.

    A single opposition from anybody of the 25-strong CA panel is enough to block the confirmation of a Presidential appointee like de Lima.

    “Secretary de Lima is always ready to answer questions that will be raised on her confirmation hearings. As the Secretary of Justice, she does her job in accordance with the law, believing that this will serve the interest of the public and justice,” Valte told Radyo ng Bayan.

    Estrada is one of the 38 people facing plunder and other graft-related charges before the Office of the Ombudsman in connection with the PDAF     mess that allegedly funneled state funds to bogus organ–izations of owned by business–woman Janet Napoles.

    “When it comes to her work, Secretary de Lima will be always ready to face questions,” Valte added.


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    1. “Aquino filed other reform-oriented, well-thought-out types of bills, among which were for: Philippine National Police reform; an increase in penalties for corporations and work establishments not compliant with minimum wage; the banning of reappointment to the Judicial and Bar Council; the prevention of reappointment and bypassing of the Commission on Appointments; real property valuation based on international standards; and superior responsibility for senior military officers, who are ultimately responsible for their own subordinates. However, none of these bills were passed into law.”

      The above is an extract from wikipedea on noynoy’s house, it says noynoy filed reform-oriented, well-thought-out types of bills but highlighted that, as everybody knows, none of the bills was passed. It should be noted too that one of the bills is on the topic of bypassed cabinet appointees. Now that he is the appointing power, noynoy completely forgot what he preached during the time he is with the opposition! Santo santito?

    2. During the time of GMA, the opposition including Noynoy have loudly and continuously questioned GMA’s re-appointing those who were bypassed by the CA. In fact noynoy even filed a resolution to automatically disqualify any cabinet appointee who has been bypassed for a number of times whether or not there is no merit in their being bypassed.

      It appears that now it is the former opposition which is practicing the same re-appointments of bypassed cabinet appointees, they have forgotten what they have been preaching before. Saan kaya sila kumukuha ng kakapalan ng mga mukha?

      It is a wonder why we still need a CA if the appointing power can actually disregard the CA. It has been over 3 years and yet there are a lot of cabinet appointees who are serving without CA confirmation and just kept being re-appointed by noynoy!

      Saan ba talaga kayo kumukuha ng kapal ng mukha?

      • We should look at the reason why a nominee is being bypassed. The people who don’t want these two nominees are being accused of corruption and have not explained their opposition to these nominees. Paki explika nga kuya jinggoy and manong jojo.