De Lima decries House ‘spectacle’


SENATOR Leila de Lima on Thursday bewailed what she described as her “public hanging” at the House of Representatives, vowing to face her detractors “soon.”

In a statement, she said she did not watch the entire television broadcast of the inquiry, but said “The glaring inconsistencies of statements from all ‘witnesses’ in the House inquiry into this Bilibid Prison drug trade conspiracy speak for itself.”

“I refuse to indulge my accusers by addressing their web of lies and desperate attempts to implicate me as a corrupt public servant,” she added.

De Lima said that as a woman, it broke her heart that her “private life and personal relationship have become subject of the public and Congress’ ridicule.”

“No woman, whoever or whatever she may be, whether a sitting senator or a humble secretary, deserves to be betrayed, to be treated with so much disrespect and without dignity, before the public eye, by any man she is with or had a relationship with.”

The former Justice secretary did not directly address Ronnie Dayan, her former driver, bodyguard and lover who testified against her at the House on Thursday.

“It is a shame that those I trusted fell into the trap of power, deceit, fear and intimidation that they found it necessary to lie and twist truths to save themselves,” she said.


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  1. David Michael Meyer on

    Why is De Lima still allowed to sit in the house –Should she not be made to stand down –till her investigation is over >?
    David M Meyer

  2. Rep. Farinas has no moral authority to participate in the hearing questioning Dayan and De Lima’s love and sex affairs. Farinas himself was a known womanizer even had a sexx betamax video with then bold star Vivian Velez. It was a BJ scene that became the talk of the town then.

  3. Is this senate planning on providing evidence of any kind during the circus or are they just going to parade drug dealers and ex boyfriends into these hearings as if their accusations amount to anything more than gossip.

    Either present some real evidence of wrongdoing such as where all the money she is accused of taking went ?
    How about provide a list of unexplained wealth or something beside some drug lord saying he paid her.

    What is their star witness getting in exchange for his accusations ? Not getting murdered in his cell like his father ?

  4. As a woman it pains me to tell you to stop using the term woman for your own benefit. Frailties of a woman does not include sexual appetite or having relationship with your driver. Please for the love of God. Don’t use womanhood as your excuse for your mistakes. Admit it and confess even the CBCP and Grabriela is staying away from you. Repent, there is still time.

  5. Face your accusers now not soon because you don’t know how soon it will be too late. graft and corruption,obstruction of justice, concubinage,disbarment and more cases to filed. Resignation is the best remedy save face and lessen the impact of destroyed reputation and dignity besides, resignation will lessen wasteful use of people’s money. Good riddance?

  6. Excuse me, Sen. Leila de Lima, I think you unequivocably deserve all the bashing you are getting right now. You have betrayed everything that stands for decency and uprightness as woman and a public servant. Shame on you!