De Lima: Go sought police official’s reinstatement


SENATOR Leila de Lima on Thursday claimed it was Christopher “Bong” Go, the special assistant to President Rodrigo Duterte, who ordered Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa to reinstate Supt. Marvin Marcos despite accusations of involvement in illegal drugs against the police official.

Go immediately denied the accusation, calling de Lima’s statements “pure hearsay and unsubstantiated.”

“I did not ask General Bato to reinstate him (Marcos). I also do not interfere with the affairs and functions of the PNP,” he said in a statement released to Palace reporters.

De Lima told reporters she received the information from a reliable source inside the PNP.

“I have my own sources, I’m just quoting a source. But I will not reveal my source because he might get in trouble. It was Bong Go,” de Lima said.

On Tuesday, de la Rosa said he had relieved Marcos as head of the PNP Criminal Investigation and Protection Group in Eastern Visayas after Marcos was named by self-confessed drug kingpin Rolando “Kerwin” Espinosa Jr. as one of his protectors.

However, he said a “higher official” called him to reinstate Marcos. The PNP chief did not disclose the name of the official.

Marcos was with the CIDG team that carried out the raid that led to the death of Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr., Kerwin’s father, inside the Baybay City sub-provincial jail last November 5.

In a hearing of the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs, Kerwin alleged that Marcos asked P3 million for the campaign of his wife who was running for vice mayor. Marcos denied the allegation.

De Lima claimed Go’s intervention to reinstate Marcos was an “open secret” among PNP officials and many were not happy with the move.

Go however said he does not know Marcos.

“I don’t know him personally,” he said in his statement.


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  1. RubbingherRubbish on

    Rubbing out some rubbish to cover her own faults. General De la Rosa is not going to take her cr*p – she has to prove it.

    De Lima is like a short sighted narcissist who forgot she just opened her Pandora’s box filled with cans of worms of her own dirt by having a live-in partner who is a married man – getting into Narco Politics. She knows he is married – served as the head of the Department of Justice beside her misdemeanor – and now sits as a Senator. It only goes to show that everything Duterte revealed about her is true. I did not believe anything of it until it came out of her admission through Winnie Monsod and currently also with what Dayan and Espinosa said about her.

    As you listen to her on her press briefings lying through her teeth with her ugly face denying everything. It makes you sick to your stomach that some of the Senate members tolerate this kind of behavior. De Lima knows that the only way she could be taken out of the Senate is through senate members vote which makes her so arrogant. She should be simply disbarred as a lawyer.

  2. He said, she said, if people secretly taped their conversations we would know the truth but so many in the philippines lie at the drop of a hat. When it comes to reinstating someone it should also be in writing so its there for all to see, its called transparency. You dont just receive a phone call telling you to reinstate someone you have it in a clearly written order. Then there is a clear line of accountability, oh maybe thats why it isnt done that way in the philippines as no one wants to be held accountable for anything..

  3. jeff jaramillo on

    It will be best for Bong Go to ask Dela Rosa to kick the ass of this Marcos. Doing so is one way of protecting Duterte.

    Keeping Marcos is extremely bad bad bad bad.

    this is sad

  4. Gen. Bato credibility and integrity is beyond repair. He CANNOT now morally and ethically run the PNP. It is best for him to resign and disappear.

    All his crying and vowing at the Senate hearing to clean up the PNP is worthy of a best actor award. And that was all of it, he was only “ACTING”. All of the PNP, PMA, and PNPA had been put to bad light because of him.

  5. Funny how some people still believe De Lima, after all the misdirection, lies and double speak some people actually think she is the fountain of honesty. Unbelievable.

  6. Policemen were placed by Gen;. Bato in the freezer, now after validations one is being defrosted , this cop can be frozen again if in case solid evidence shows he is guilty…. what else is new?

  7. Most of the Government Employee say they want to serve the government and filipino people.
    PNP Chief R. de la Rosa gave-in from the request of close ally of the President. This is a typical attitude of a Government employee “serve first your relatives/friends/ally to stay in Power. “It’s the same old dog with a different collar”.

    I support Sen. L. De Lima on this issue, this type of investigation/reporting to the filipinos should have been her work and not getting after President Duterte for publicity.

  8. We all know the computer term: Garbage in – Garbage out. For Delima the term for her: Garbage out – always.

  9. Does this mean, that Marcos and his group, got away with murder? The impression here is, his group is under the Malacanang protection, and can assassinate anybody in a short notice. This is a system, that we never be proud of, no wonder why this administration hate the Human Right Advocates.

  10. Now I am sure that our nation is in trouble. People we elected are the ones committing crimes in the disguise of implementing law and order. This is not double cross but triple cross.