De Lima got drug money


The testimonies of the witnesses may be contradictory but one thing is certain: Senator Leila de Lima received drug money, leaders of the House of Representatives said on Monday.

The contradicting testimonies of drug lord Kerwin Espinosa, Ronnie Dayan and inmates at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) do not absolve de Lima of her links to the illegal drug trade, Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas said.

The two lawmakers insisted that the House investigation into the illegal drug operations at the NBP showed that the former Justice secretary accepted drug money because the witnesses all testified to it.

Dayan admitted to collecting a total of P8 million from Espinosa from August to November 2014. Espinosa, on the other hand, told the Senate inquiry that he gave P8 million to de Lima between February and October 2015.

The inmates — retired police official Rodolfo Magleo, Engelberto Durano, Jeffrey Diaz aka Jaguar and Herbert Colanggo — also accused Dayan of collecting drug money for de Lima. This however was denied by Dayan, who claimed that he never met the inmates.

Dayan testified that he only knew acting Director Rafael Ragos of the Bureau of Corrections because he gave de Lima a brown envelope and a plastic bag which contained money.

“Not everything that the witnesses say is the truth because of self preservation. All witnesses tell partial truths because they also have fears that they could be charged. But we were able to establish the fact everyone of them was giving money to de Lima,” Alvarez said in a television interview.

He added that de Lima could not have raised enough money to pay for her television advertisements during the campaign period if not for drug money.

“How could she have paid for the campaign ads on ABS-CBN? GMA and TV5? Dami niyang sinagasaan [noong Justice Secretary](She offended a lot of people),” Alvarez said.

Fariñas said he also believed that Espinosa was telling the truth.

“What Espinosa was saying is the truth. He got the date wrong, but that’s not important anymore. What is important is that he was the one collecting the money for Senator de Lima. Let’s look at the forest, rather than the trees. The testimonies still match,” he told reporters.

“The problem with critics is that they would rather look at the leaves rather than the tree,” Fariñas added.
De Lima had strongly denied asking for or receiving drug money. She said Espinosa’s testimony may have been made under duress.

Supplemental complaint

On Monday, the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) and former National Bureau of Investigation Deputy Directors Ruel Lasala and Rey Esmeralda filed a supplemental complaint against de Lima at the Supreme Court.

The group submitted documents on de Lima’s illicit relationship with Ronnie Dayan to boost the disbarment complaint filed against her earlier. The complainants also cited De Lima’s advice to Dayan that he should remain in hiding and ignore the summons of the House of Representatives to attend its inquiry into the illegal drug trade at the NBP.

“The admission of Senator De Lima about her illicit and scandalous relationship in public is definitely not a frailty of a woman who is a member of the Bar,” the complainants said. “Her public admission warrants her immediate suspension from the legal profession until this disbarment case is resolved.”

“Senator De Lima’s act of blatantly urging Dayan to snub the committee hearings, and instead hide in the meantime suggests her disregard of the rule of law. What she initiated was obstruction of justice not to mention that it was a disrespect of a co-equal institution,” VACC chairman Dante Jimenez said.

“She was making a mockery of our justice system which is ironic considering her previous post as justice secretary.”

The Committee on Justice at the House of Representatives had approved a resolution seeking to cite de Lima in contempt for obstruction of justice.

No intervention

The Senate is not likely to defend De Lima if the House cites her in contempt, Senate Majority leader Vicente Sotto 3rd said.

Sotto explained that the case involves a member of the Senate, not the entire institution.

“The Senate will not circle its wagons for a member because the issue is about a senator and not the Senate,” Sotto said in an interview.

De Lima had said she will not honor the show cause order because there is no justice in the house proceedings.

“They’ve been disrespecting me since the start of that so-called House inquiry and I am not recognizing that inquiry. That is plain and simple kangaroo court. So I’m just being consistent,” she added.

A supplemental complaint was also filed before the Senate ethics committee by Abelardo De Jesus.

The lawyer claimed that the senator violated Article 150 of the Revised Penal Code when she stopped Dayan from attending the House inquiry.


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  1. I don’t like D5 from adam, she was the henchwoman of Pnoy when she was SDOJ to run after GMA and CJ Corona ( that resulted to CJ’s death ). D5 taught the power of her boss was unli ” palagi silang nasa ibabaw ng mundo “. Now her karma came, government of PDU is also using all the force under his power to pin her down not only for her immorality, which she is, but also dealing with drug lords at NBP which I don’t believed.The trouble with the criminal witnesses of DOJ Aguirre is they, Kerwin & Dayan, will say anything even to the extend of pinning down their own mothers to save their neck.
    Look what happened to the Sgt who hired killer of Dr. Ortega. He was placed by D5 under WPP and he could no longer be charged of the previous crimes he committed including MURDERS.

  2. It is such an embarrassment that an intelligent woman like De Lima – uses her gift to her might in another way – for someone who is is honestly not so pleasing to the eyes – uses ‘frailty’ of a woman as an excuse to succumb to her lustful needs. Hindi naman kasi masyadong maganda not that one can say that she is pangit – wala bang sense of attraction. De Lima knows everything that she is doing -that is why she does the POWER play – having a relationship with someone not to your level is probably a good thing for her.

    You would have thought that there would have been other men — lawyers or not at a higher level who would be attracted to that intelligence – let us say someone could have been in love with her mind – excuse the face then the Dayan and security lovers should have not existed. But she cave in to her lustful needs and did not really mind who she is sharing her bed – imagine – 7 years is a long time to spend with someone else – day and night – and she must have done all the craziest things with Dayan – in their sex life.

    Bottomline – De Lima knows what she is doing and she has been able to get away with every corrupt thing she has done. She should answer for it – kung kakasohan ang ordinaryong Juan o Juana sa bigamy bakit hindi ang tulad ni De Lima – when it is probably a requirement of being a registered lawyer – simple as that.

    Dayan’s wife who seems to ignore everything because De Lima is rich – we’ll we all know that some will sell their souls for economic reasons kumbaga survival lang – she is probably even proud that her husband is a kabit of the ex Department of Justice and a Senate member.

  3. jose b taganahan on

    It is almost certain that the sex maniac Senator Leila de Lila received drug money from Kerwin Espinosa although there is also a slim chance that she did not if we entertain the question as to how de Lima was able to know Kerwin Espinosa when the later was based in Leyte and Cebu while the former is based in Manila.

  4. If there is contradiction, there is doubt in conviction.

    If it doesn’t match it cannot fit.

    Reference to Google:
    “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

  5. I am very much impressed by the INTELLIGENCE and ELOQUENCE of Sen. Leila De Lima when she speaks … with her inborn talent coupled with her amazon-like attack against her enemies , she could have been an effective Lady President in comparison to the previous mother and son Presidents … it is just so sad that she yielded to her ILLEGAL and ILLICIT earthly desires !!!

    Had I been HER BOYFRIEND , I would NEVER BETRAY HER … come hell or high waters !


  6. Very strange and sad.. This is an instance where a bunch of mangoes are not throwing out a rotten mango . Does democracy extend parliamentary courtesy to a pain in the ass? .

  7. De Lima plays the gender card whenever it suits her predicament, and at the same time, she hid behind the feudal concept of “frailties of a woman” to explain her dalliance with Dayan. This is a betrayal of the feminist cause and feminists should denounce her as an opportunist woman.

  8. Our country is bleeding corruption It permeates every level of government, especially our courts. De Lima is simply being made a scapegoat by those with power who don’t want a light of truth cast upon them. Corruption in our courts is paramount. For example, you can pay any policeman $200 and scribble out an Estofa charge and have anyone arrested. Better yet, make up a phony address so the defendant never receives the charges and get them arrested at their work or home.

    Hey, the police will travel anywhere bypassing any local city or province police just to arrest you. Don’t forget you got to pay for their gas and meals on the way back to jail. Look at our RTC courts, filled with corrupt lackeys that take your money and tell you how to fool the judges they work for. Get thrown in jail and then forced to pay up to P10K a day to your jailers and their chief to stay out of the general population, or from getting raped or killed. Nothing really changes.

    • mabait ako talaga on

      Rosie my dear, you are out of tune and what you are saying do not make sense. The issue that is being discussed is the involvement of De Lima in drug trade, that she received monies from drug personalities, and she used the collected monies to fund her campaign. The Committee on Justice at the House of Representatives that investigated De Lima’s involvement, concluded that she received drug money from drug lords, and that is plain and simple. Do you understand now Rosie my dear?

    • FOI is needed and National ID is needed. It is about high time these simple documents must be on hand to safeguard us from criminals and power hungry Politicians.

    • that’s exactly prez digong wants to get rid of, and another very serious than that. more than 10k police personnel and officials, local and national gov. offcials are invlove in narco trade, judges and prosecutors, and 4m drug users and pushers. how would you solve this. napabayaan masyado ito ng mga nakaraan admin, and nobody seems aware how grieve the situation is. it appears that d5 saga is just a tip of the iceberge…..

  9. Why are inconsistencies in the dates of witness Matobato in his Davao Death Squad testimony material but when it came to the Drug Lords, the House of Representatives says that the inconsistencies of the Kerwin and Dayan are not material.

    From what I understand What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander

    • mabait ako talaga on

      Nida my dear, you need to work more on your analytical skills because what you are saying is that, apple and orange are the same. Matobato was trying to link Duterte to the Davao death squad, and it is extremely difficult to link someone if you do not have all the facts, because what the prosecution want is for them to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt. Matobato have given statements with lots of inconsistencies. De Lima on the other hand, denied receiving drug monies from drug lords but all her associations, pointing their fingers at her, and her expenditures during the campaign justified that she received drug money. Can you tell the difference now, Nida my dear?

  10. The testimonies of the witnesses may be contradictory but one thing is certain: Senator Leila de Lima received drug money, leaders of the House of Representatives said.

    The only thing certain is the current idiots in the house of rep’s don’t know what constitutes clear evidence. Getting a bunch of criminals and ex boyfriends to say you are a bad person is easy, just offer them something like a reduced sentence for their crimes or promise not to murder them and they will say whatever you want.

    My guess is the justice dept is too incompetence to put together a case with real evidence, it’s easier to convict De Lima with accusations.

    The dim-wits who make up the majority of the voters in the Philippines might not know the difference but the rest of the world is watching this circus and laughing.

    • The Great Defiant on

      at least this is not the same scenario when De5 is DOJ who takes only Benhur to jail Napoles, Bong Enrile and Jinggoy…not to mention GMA. Here she is given all the chance to defend herself.
      but mind you, she refused to confront the witnesses and simply denies everything as lies…

      if the dim-wits voters were given the hand to decide, DE5 et al. congress and senate will vanish to the moon in split seconds.

      so don’t be too harsh about the people at least they still believe in this inutile law of the land.

    • It’s refreshing, as someone in “the rest of the world”, to finally read a comment from someone who understands what is happening and is not duped by all the propaganda around this case. I am as sadden by what I see happening in the Philippines, and to the Filipino people, as I am frightened by what is happening in the US, which deserves fear rather than sadness given its global powers.

      “VACC chairman Dante Jimenez said. “She was making a mockery of our justice system …”

      There is no such thing as a justice system, at least not that I have seen anywhere in the world. There are only legal systems, most of which are corrupt, and the Philippine legal system is no different.

      What I find ironic about VACC chairman Dante Jimenez’s complaint that De Lima has disregarded the rule of law is that disregard for the rule of law is most blatant at the very top of the Philippine political system. What does he say about that corruption?

  11. Poor, poor de Lima, she simply don’t get it.
    She simply cannot ignore the accusations against her and seek to higher moral ground or cry persecution..
    Firstly, she denied she was cohabiting with married man Dayan, then later there was snippet of truth therein and finally she has sexual relationship courtesy to frailties of a woman. Holy cow!
    And the resource person’s at the Congress hearing were consistent that she got hold of drug money for her senatorial campaign. There were variations indeed. People saw the tree with slight variations of the leaves and branches so to speak.
    At the peak of her power as PNoy henchgirl ex cathedra at DOJ, she thumped SC orders, magnified the sins of both GMA and CJ Corona. Both suffered bigly (to quote Trump’s adjective).


    • Both gma & corona suffered bigly you say. A very simple question, corona had almost P180,000,000 in a dollar account. He couldnt show proof of where it came from. Explain that.
      I will help you a little. If he won it in a betting shop, or on the lottery there is a paper trail to show it. If he saved it from earnings there is a paper trail to show it. He produced zero evidence to show where that money legally came from.
      Now there is 100% proof of corruption, yet still people like you say he was hard done by. This isnt people making statements against him, its money in his bank account that he knew was there & that it was illegal money. The only reason for bank secrecy for dollar accounts is for the rich & famous to conceal ill gotten money. There is a paper trail to show where that money came from as all money leaves a paper trail but he wont tell us what it is, well he cant now but he wouldnt when he was alive. Stop defending 100% proven criminals.

  12. Inconsistencies about the loose ends were understandable. These drug lords doesn’t employ accountants to records what was given and on what dates. What was important is the main flow of the traffic, that
    points to De5’s guilt….