‘De Lima got P5-M payoff’


110710_delima03Former Justice Secretary Leila de Lima received drug money in her Parañaque City home wearing a duster house dress, earning her the moniker “Lola” (grandma), former subordinates at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) alleged.

The allegations that payoffs from drug syndicates went to the former Justice secretary are contained in separate affidavits sworn to by former NBI deputy director Rafael Z. Ragos and NBI agent Jovencio P. Ablen Jr., as well as by convicted drug lord Herbert R. Colangco, copies of which were obtained by The Manila Times.

The NBI men claimed to have delivered “limang manok” (five chickens) or P5 million on November 24, 2012 to de Lima, now a senator.

In a three-page affidavit dated September 5, 2016, Ragos said he went to the house of de Lima at Laguna Bay Drive corner Subic Bay Drive in South Bay Village, Parañaque City in 2012.

Ragos was detailed by de Lima to the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) to investigate criminality inside the New Bilibid Prison, when he was appointed officer in charge in November 2012.

Ragos said he received a call from de Lima’s bodyguard Ronnie Dayan to deliver a black handbag containing P5 million from alleged drug lord Peter Co.

In August, President Rodrigo Duterte ramped up his tirades against de Lima, a leading critic of his war on illegal drugs, claiming the former Justice chief carried out an affair with Dayan.

In his affidavit, Ragos said: “I … received a call asking me to deliver the black handbag to Mr. Ronnie Dayan.
The caller said the black handbag came from Peter Co and it contains ‘Limang Manok’ which means Five Million Pesos (P5,000,000.00) as a ‘manok’ refers to One Million Pesos (P1,000,000.00) in the vernacular inside the New Bilibid Prison.”

Ragos said he was accompanied by Agent Ablen in going to the house of de Lima.

“While we were in the car, I told Mr. Ablen that the important task we will do is to deliver Five Million Pesos (Php 5,000,000.00) ‘Quota’ to Sen. de Lima. I also told him that the money was in the black handbag that was on the floor of the passenger seat (in front of him) and he could check it, to which Mr. Ablen complied,” he stated.

When they arrived at de Lima’s house in Parañaque, Dayan greeted Ragos and opened the gate.

“I then handed the black handbag containing the money to Mr. Dayan,” Ragos said.

“We then proceeded to the main door of the house where Sen. de Lima was waiting for us. At the main door, Mr. Dayan handed the black handbag to Sen. de Lima, who received the same. We then entered the house.”

A separate delivery happened in December 2012 after Ragos received a call “to again deliver a plastic bag containing money from Peter Co to Mr. Ronnie Dayan. This time the money was packed in a plastic bag left on my bedside in my quarters at the BuCor, Muntinlupa City. From outside of the bag, I could easily perceive that it contains money because the bag is translucent.”

P100,000 per drug lord

Ragos’ affidavit was corroborated by Ablen, who also claimed de Lima personally received the 2012 drug payoff.


AFFIDAVITS Scanned images show the first pages of the sworn affidavits of former NBI deputy director Rafael Z. Ragos, NBI agent Jovencio P. Ablen Jr. and convicted drug lord Herbert R. Colangco.

In a 10-page affidavit dated September 3, 2016, Ablen stated that de Lima was referred to as “Lola” for the delivery of the P5-million drug money on November 24, 2012.

“He (Ragos) then told me that we will deliver something to the then Secretary of Justice, Sen. Leila de Lima. He continued and said … confidential ‘to. Tayong dalawa lang ang nakakaalam nito. Dadalhin natin `yung quota kay Lola. 5M `yung nasa bag. Tingnan mo,” Ablen narrated.

Ablen said the bag was handed to Dayan and Dayan handed the bag to de Lima who was wearing a “duster,” a woman’s loose household garment.

Ablen even enumerated the names of drug lords who raised P100,000 each, after being summoned by Ragos to his conference room.

They were Froilan Trestiza (the “commander” of “Batang City Jail” gang), Herbert “Ampang” Colangco, Amin Boratong, Vic Mercado, Arman Agojo, Peter Kho, Sam Li Chua, Noel Martinez (commander of the “Genuine Ilocano Group”), Aaron Chen

Masiao (commander of “Batang Mindanao” gang), Vicente Ang Sy, Raymond Dominguez, Norbert Antiquando, Jaybee Sebastian (commander of “Commando” gang), Ben Marcelo, Jerry Punzalan and Dexter Directo.

5 kilos a week

In a September 13, 2016 affidavit, Colangco said Sebastian talked to him in January 2014 for “teamwork” inside the Bilibid to sell illegal drugs.

Two weeks after, he said a person named Joenel Sanchez talked to him about an alleged plan by de Lima to make money out of illegal drugs. Colangco said his men agreed to sell five kilos per week.

In November 2014, Colangco said Sanchez talked to him again to “centralize the operation” and increase the supply from 30 to 50 kilos, and swindle the other drug lords of their earnings. If they protested, they would be transferred to other jails, Sanchez supposedly said.

“I did not agree to swindle the drug lords because I thought, what happens when Secretary de Lima or the Director of Bilibid are gone? I didn’t think I would be transferred because I was giving P3 million to de Lima and P1.2 million to the director every month,” Colangco said in Filipino.

Colangco claimed that one time when he met de Lima at BuCor, she instructed him to whisper to her if he agreed to her demands, which were allegedly relayed to Sanchez through Dayan.

If he agreed, Colangco claimed, he won’t be transferred to another jail. Colangco said he agreed, to which de Lima replied: “Got it, got it.”

Still, Colangco was transferred to the NBI detention cell in Manila.

30 witnesses vs de Lima
On Monday, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre 2nd urged the public to monitor today’s House inquiry into the drug trade at the Bilibid, saying 30 witnesses were lined up to testify against de Lima.

The witnesses voluntarily gave testimonies, without threats or concessions, he told reporters.

Aguirre said he was able to talk with Sebastian who was allegedly given favors by de Lima after being exempted from the transfer to the NBI detention cell from “Bilibid 19.”

Initially, Sebastian was willing to testify against de Lima. But Sebastian changed his mind, the Cabinet official said.



Aguirre claimed de Lima transacted directly with Sebastian at the latter’s “kubol” or hut in Bilibid.

At the House, allies of President Rodrigo Duterte said Monday hearsay accounts would be banned in the House probe on the proliferation of illegal drugs in the Bilibid under the tenure of de Lima.

Representatives Ace Barbers of Surigao del Norte and Ferdinand Hernandez of South Cotabato made the stance ahead of the congressional probe, which is expected to be attended by at least 30 witnesses including Colangco, Ragos and Ablen.

“We will be fair in conducting the hearing. It will be based on facts, and we won’t deviate from the issue at hand,” Hernandez said.

Barbers noted that in the Senate hearing last week, confessed Davao hitman Edgar Matobato made “unimaginable” claims akin to “science fiction.”

‘Sham Proceedings’
De Lima reiterated she had no intention to attend today’s House inquiry, saying there was no point participating in “sham” proceedings.

“I’m not recognizing that proceedings at all. I know there is nothing in the proceedings that will be helpful to me,” de Lima told reporters.

The senator said the House should observe inter-parliamentary courtesy, and should not allow a sitting senator to be a subject matter of an investigation.

“Second, it’s gonna be really just a sham proceeding because the witnesses who will be presented in the hearing are bogus and false,” she said.

Aguirre retorted that it was de Lima who had conducted a “sham” inquiry, with Matobato as witness, last week.



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  1. The Great Defiant on

    famous bilibid + 700,000 addicts + police + generals + Judges + mayors + senators as drug protectors is not enough proof that De5 et al is guilty? and she refuses to be investigated like binay
    how stew-fid can we get?

  2. you are innocent until proven guilty. sponsored opponents already gave their verdict without due process of law.
    only in Pinas..

    the love affair right be true but she’s not the only government official committed adultery but mostly almost everybody from Estradas concubines to the present government officials.

  3. Ibang klase ka talaga Delima, pag ikaw may witness at nag hearing gusto mo maniwala kame kahit katawatawa ang sinasabi ni Matobato, pero pag ikaw na ang topic at involvement mo sa drugs na may credible witnesses na may 1st hand account, hindi hearsay, na may evidences at corroborated pa. sasabihin mo sham. YARI kna tlaga ngayon. Before the year ends, pupusta ako, hindi ka na senador!

  4. It’s the EJK investigations that are sham proceedings of the narco-yellows and their star witness Nakaobato who is bogus, tutored to be a character assassin with his grade one claims.

    Their is no comparison, the testimony of the NBI directors against D5 is 100% more credible.

    It’s about time PNP Gen. Bato Dela Rosa take this Nakabato to jail and tok-hang D5.

  5. What you sow is what you reap. They payback for all the sufferings endured by your reckless judgment of all those innocent people, specially, former president Arroyo, the late Supreme Court chief justiceCorona and others still languishing in jail. Soon you will be in the same
    predicaments and will join them in jail.I hope that others prosecuting innocent people, the like of the ombudsman, Noynoy ,Abadand others will be charge as well.

    • NaKARMA na rin and ASAWA NI JUDAS!..Meron pang 9 na kasama sa Hyatt 10. Isa isa na din sana makarma yang mga yan. That will be a great satisfaction para dun sa mga taong sinagasaan nila. Karamihan sa mga yun ay mga conspirators na mga yellowtards..

  6. IF I WERE GUILTY, I would not attend as well. It would hurt to come face to face with the very people who helped me to where I am and now would not help me. These are people I partied with and danced with and sang with and gave so much leeway to in the past. I could have easily returned all the millions they gave had our Party won the presidency. This cannot be my fault. I am just a girl, infront of all you men. Pity me.

    • you are right. Especially when it came from the president’s mouth that they are really fabricating evidence.

  7. The Duterte machinery is rolling like a thunder, right or wrong, dead or alive. Duterte himself must be investigated at the fullest extent of the law based on the testimony of Edgar Matobato. To only investigate Leila De Lima and forget about all what Matobato had claimed is a miscarriage of justice and will show that Duterte and his men are into some sinister plot to do everything to achieve their ends by all means.

    • Ano? sinundan ng investigative reporters yon mga sinabi ni Matobato na pati yon Yellow ABS-CBN reporters kasama, resulta, panay butas ang sinabi ni Matobato. Paano mo paiiralin ang imbestigation tungkol dito ang nagsasabi ay masyadong sinungaling. Nakaka awa ka! makahalata ka naman, ikaw na lang ang nabebentahan ni De Lima ng kanyang kwento, baka naman napartehan ka? Pa barangay naman!

    • Matobato admitted under oath that he didn’t execute a sworn affidavit. As per senator Lacson’s warning during the hearing, Matobato’s statement can be used against him and he definitely implicated himself. His testimony alone will not hold water if used in court against Duterte due to its many inconsistencies and Matobato even confirmed that there is no one to corroborate his testimony.
      Furthermore, even if De Lima managed to proved the existence of DDS and EJK’s during Duterte’s term as mayor, the president cannot be sued. They will have to wait until his term is finished. The same evidence if proven, cannot be used for impeachment of a sitting president since they occurred before he became president. Besides, impeachment is a number’s game, and they don’t have the numbers.

  8. If Sen. Leila De Lima is indeed innocent from the charges against her , she should face her accusers and prove that the witnesses are telling lies through CROSS EXAMINATIONS … similar to what Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano did to her witness Edgar Matobato .

    With the gravity of the accusations against the good Senator Leila De Lima , the practice of INTER-PARLIAMENTARY COURTESY should be ignored .. I believe that the people of the Philippines would like to see her demeanor (Body Language) during the investigation if she is telling the truth or not .

    This should be the appropriate time for the good Senator to show her “FEISTINESS” to the people , more than when she is accusing somebody .

    In general , a person who is wrongly accused is FEISTY and uses his FISTS to settle the matter sometimes … Is it not true ?

    • you are 100% right, de lima must face her accussers, defend herself and let the people see his reactions once they face each other. . .this time the people will judge her on her reactions and and body language, . . . people hope to know what really happen and who’s telling the truth ! God bless the Philippines.