• De Lima hit with drug trafficking charges


    ‘Face the music,’ Duterte tells senator

    IT’S the end of the road for Sen. Leila de Lima, as far as President Rodrigo Duterte is concerned.

    Duterte made the statement Friday after the Department of Justice (DOJ) filed before the Muntinlupa Regional
    Trial Court three criminal cases against de Lima for allegedly abetting the illegal drug trade inside the national penitentiary when she was Justice secretry.

    FOR LEILA Supporters of Sen. Leila de Lima hold a news conference in Quezon City ahead of the former Justice secretary’s expected arrest over drug trafficking charges. PHOTO BY R RUSSELL PALMA

    Speaking to reporters, Duterte said the charges against de Lima were “strong,” saying that it took months and several witnesses to build the drug trafficking cases.

    “She has to face the music. Actually there are a lot of witnesses. It took months to develop the case,” Duterte said during a chance interview in Davao City.

    “Filipinos know that. Filipinos know her style,” the President added.

    The Justice department proceeded with the case on Friday after the Court of Appeals junked the senator’s plea for a temporary restraining order to halt the DOJ proceedings.

    De Lima was charged for violating Section 5 (sale and trading of illegal drugs) in relation to Section 3 (jj), Section 26 (b) and Section 28 (criminal liability of government officials and employees) of Republic Act (RA) 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act.

    The cases will be raffled off to a judge who can issue an arrest warrant and hold departure order against de Lima, a staunch critic of the government’s war on illegal drugs.

    The court will determine if the evidence of guilt is strong or not, for de Lima to avail herself of the right to bail. If the evidence of guilt is strong, de Lima will not be allowed to post bail and will be arrested.

    ‘First political prisoner’

    De Lima on Friday maintained her innocence and said she was prepared to be the first political prisoner under Duterte administration, noting that the criminal charges were politically motivated and meant to clamp down on any opposition to the government’s bloody drug war.

    “This is travesty of truth and justice. Plain and simple political persecution. I will fight this out for as long as I can. They can never break my spirit,” de Lima said in response to the filing of charges against her.

    “Change has, indeed, come, and it has come to devour our sense of justice and morality – where right is turned to wrong and wrong is made right,” de Lima said in a statement.

    De Lima said that if her freedom was the price for going against the “butchery” of the Duterte regime, she was willing to pay for it.

    “The fight doesn’t end here. It has only begun,” she said.

    Probable cause

    Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre 2nd shows a copy of the charges filed against the lawmaker before a Muntinlupa court. PHOTO BY RUY L. MARTINEZ

    As a matter of practice in the lower courts, de Lima can file a motion for the judicial determination of probable cause. This falls under the discretion of the judge, if there exists prima facie evidence against an accused. If there is probable cause, de Lima will be tried. If there is none, the judge can dismiss the case.

    De Lima’s co-accused are former Bureau of Corrections chief Franklin Bucayu, Bucayu’s alleged bagman
    Wilfredo Elli, high-profile inmate Jaybee Sebastian, National Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director Rafael Ragos, de Lima’s former boyfriend Ronnie Dayan and former aide Joenel Sanchez.

    The DOJ junked the complaints against former Justice undersecretary Francisco Baraan 3rd for lack of probable cause.

    Prosecutors also dismissed the complaints against high-profile prison inmates Herbert Colanggo, Engelberto Durano, Vicente Sy, Jojo Baligad and Wu Tuan Yuan, also known as Peter Co, since “they will be utilized as Prosecution witnesses.”

    The DOJ meanwhile endorsed to the Office of the Ombudsman “for its appropriate action” the criminal complaints for violation of RA 3019, the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act; RA 6713, the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees; Presidential Decree No. 46, known as the Act Punishing the Receiving and Giving of Gifts of Public Officials and Employees; and direct bribery and indirect bribery under the Revised Penal Code.”

    In the same ruling, the DOJ said a further probe would be conducted on the alleged extortion activities of religious pastor Danilo Rico inside the New Bilibid Prison, the alleged kidnapping of Peter Co’s niece Sally by de Lima aide Jose Adrian Dera in March 2016, and the illegal drug activities and related offenses committed by self-confessed drug trader Rolando “Kerwin” Espinosa.

    To recall, Espinosa had admitted giving de Lima P8 million to support her senatorial bid in the May 2016 elections. The transactions allegedly happened in Baguio City and Pasay City.

    Suffer the way Arroyo did

    President Duterte’s chief legal counsel Salvado Panelo believes de Lima will suffer the same fate as former president and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who was jailed on a plunder case in the previous administration. Arroyo was acquitted and freed last year.

    In a chance interview, Panelo said de Lima should welcome the drug cases filed against her as it would give her the chance to prove that she is not guilty.

    “[She] should be happy about that because…she will have the opportunity to defend herself. She should welcome [it],” Panelo told reporters.

    “Kapag napatunayan na kasama siya sa drugs, e di makukulong siya. Matitikman na niya ang pinatikim niya kay Arroyo [If it’s proven she was involved in drugs, then she will go to jail. She will get a taste of what she did to Arroyo],” he said.



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    1. De Lima is being supported by left yellow dogs, who by the way are not wearing yellow shirt in the picture. I bet this are same CPP/NDF front , fronting different name organizations but well in fact are the same people of other created name organizations before in order to show numerical advantage. These are fluke propaganda from the left
      meant to deceived the public.
      These yellow dogs have been there when drugs, criminality, corruption flourished…needless to say that they are
      still around larking the corridors and resources of government.
      It is good that the case of De Lima was not submitted to the Ombudsman , which in my view will only be thrown
      away by the head cause she is also a yellow dog puppet.
      Let us wait, what Morales will do about the Mamasapano case. Mamasapano incident will always be a part of our National Shame until those SAF 44 have been given justice.

    2. “Change has, indeed, come, and it has come to devour our sense of justice and morality – where right is turned to wrong and wrong is made right,” de Lima said in a statement.******

      So here we are again—senator de Lima is invoking the wisdom of Satan , the wisdom of knowing good and evil when she said “RIGHT IS TURNED TO WRONG AND WRONG IS MADE RIGHT”.

      Satan’s wisdom , being composed of two opposites , the good and the evil or the right and the wrong , lend themselves wonderfully to swapping. The good and the evil can be manipulated to switch places—you can call the good the evil one , or the evil the good one.

      She really is a master of compartmentalization. And by enunciating the swapping of the right and the wrong by her own statement , she readily exposes herself as guilty of compartmentalizing her criminal activities—where she turned the right into wrong , and the wrong into right.

      As you can see , this satanic wisdom is , in reality , the wisdom of the guilty and the sinners. So de Lima without her knowing it already exposed and admitted that indeed she is guilty and has committed a grievous sin.
      Why is she invoking the Satanic Wisdom if she is not guilty? This kind of wisdom is created for sinners.

      Refresh your memory , it is this wisdom that the wily Devil in Genesis offered to the woman Eve to deceive her and thereby , she has fallen into sin.
      What a coincidence , a lady of our own generation is invoking the very same wisdom that deceived the first woman.

      The Lord has made her own tongue to fall against herself. As Christ testified , ” by your words you will be acquitted , and by your words you will be condemned”.

    3. So far , the only defense of Senator Leila De Lima are SERIES of DENIALS in front of the people in the Media … and at first , she even vehemently denied her illicit relationship with her former Driver/Bodyguard
      Mr.Dayan which she ultimately admitted publicly (through a televised interview) to have existed …
      She even tried to ask the Court of Appeals for a TRO in the cases filed against her (which , had it been granted , would further delay the hearing of her cases in a Justice System that is already taking “ETERNITY TO SOLVE A CASE”) … NOW , how can she convinced majority of the Filipino people that she is innocent ?

      I have to admit though , that I am very much impressed by her extraordinary INTELLIGENCE & COURAGE !!!

      Pero, matalino man daw ang Matsing , mapagla-lalangan din !!!

    4. Sana manlaban si Delima ss mga arresting officers. Ito ang tunay na big fish- heavy weight na butanding.

    5. Delima has to be jailed for her evil act. a person like her working in the government receiving monthly salary fron taxpayers money, then have an extra sideline in drug business destroy the future of our peoples dried up brains of those consumers of her product, what you call in her? Shes more than evil/demon.
      She deserves to death once she convicted and we hope death penalty will be approved soon so that she will be hanged so that she will finally depart with satan somewhere in the hell.

      • Louis , I think “death” is a very “generous punishment” for a person who would be found to have commited a heinous crime .
        I believe that incarceration with HARD LABOR with “NO CHANCE OF BEING PAROLED” , is worst than losing one’s life .
        What is worst than losing one’s FREEDOM & LIBERTY ?

        Patrick Henry said : “GIVE ME LIBERTY or GIVE ME DEATH” !!!

    6. Wish ko lang na sana yung igagastos sa pag preso sa kanya ay ipondo nalang sa mga pag kuha ng mga illegal fish pen sa laguna lake, so kung pwede po sana, bitayin nalang po siya, peste, salot at walang silbi naman siya sa bayan. Pwede ho ba iyon pr naman po may katarungan sa dami ng nasira na buhay at sa bilyon na nalikom niya ng galing sa droga?

    7. Ang sinasabi ni De Lima, she will be the first political prisoner of this administration..Ano?yung boyfriend mo na si Dayan ang umamin na kumukolekta kayo ng pera mula sa droga, hindi politika yan..may kasalanan ka sa bayan at dapat lang na pagbayaran mo yan.

    8. pag nakalung ang politician political prisoner agad, dba pwede may kasalanan talaga xa.. #wrongmedia

    9. It is time to face the music.

      WELL CHRIS – This what I could say in analogy. In a war, who are getting killed first in the numbers? The Privates or the Generals?

      DUDE – Not only JUSTICE SHOULD PREVAIL….JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL… Have faith. I salute to your opinion.

      PURONG G.I. – You are right. There is a “KARMA”.

    10. What will complain about when she is in prison? Maybe she will complain she can’t get an aircon? And that DU30 is at fault for depriving her human rights.

    11. Kapag senador ang sangkot sa droga at my matibay n ebidensya, sinasampahan ng kaso. Kapag mahirap at walang ebidensya, binabaril! Ano ba ang pagkakaiba? Nasaan ang hustisya? Ito ba ang klase ng gubyerno na nagsasabi n ito ay makamasa? Hinahamon ko ang mga hayop na mamamatay tao. Barilin nyo si de lima. Ipakita nyo na hindi lang maliliit ang kaya nyo. Akala nyo nasa inyo na ang lahat kung pumatay kayo pero sa mga may pera at may baril takot din pla kayo.

      • Wait natin manlaban siya. Pero hindi lalaban yan. Idadaan na lang sa pera dahil may pera siya. Kaya niya kumuha ng de kampanilyang abogado. puwede pa siyang makalaya uli.

    12. When you’re cornered, as a public official, what you can try to do is sound like you’re a martyr.
      Hoping that others may believe in what you’re saying. The NBP issue happens on her watch and
      she has a lot to explain about. JUSTICE SHOULD PREVAIL…..

    13. “KARMA” always has truth to it. Or better yet the old saying “What goes around comes around”.