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de Lima

de Lima

on Tuesday warned her opponents that their own day of reckoning will come, as she insisted that it would take more than a committee chairmanship, House investigation and everyday tirades to take her down.

In an emotional privilege speech a day after she was ousted as head of the Senate justice and human rights committee, de Lima said she could forgive all those who testified against her in Tuesday’s inquiry at the House of Representatives, because she knew they were coerced into doing so.

“But I can’t forgive those responsible for fabricating evidence against me. Your day will come,” de Lima said in Filipino.

The senator said she got information about inmates and gang leaders being taken by members of the police Special Action Force at the New Bilibid Prison and subjected to overnight interrogation sessions, to “fabricate” testimonies that she received bribes from drug lords.

She claimed prisoners were isolated and intimidated into implicating her and to fit President Rodrigo Duterte’s narrative that she was a coddler of drug lords, “aside from being the most evil woman in the planet.”
De Lima scored Duterte’s allies for vilifying her.

“Pag hindi ka sumamba kay poong Duterte, ikaw ay adik dahil adik lang ang hindi sumasamba kay poong Duterte [If you don’t worship the lord Duterte, you are a drug addict because only drug addicts don’t worship the lord Duterte],” she said.

Bad image
De Lima reiterated that she was not responsible for giving the country a bad image before the international media, as claimed by Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, but the extrajudicial killing of 3,000 drug suspects as well as Duterte’s relentless bad-mouthing of world leaders and United Nation officials.

The senator was referring to the President’s expletives against US President Barack Obama Obama, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Pope Francis.

“The President has already proven that he is more capable of single-handedly giving a bad image to this country to the whole world … He does not need any help from anybody on that aspect, least of all from me,” de Lima said.

Singapore-like safety
De Lima also took a swipe at Cayetano, a key Duterte ally, citing his claim on Monday of Singapore-like safety of communities in the middle of the drug-related killings.

She wondered why Cayetano thought the Philippines was as safe as Singapore, when there were more than 30 individuals killed every day.

The President also declared a state of national emergency due to the existence of lawless violence, she noted.

“So are we in a state of safety as claimed by Senator Cayetano? Or are we in a state of lawlessness as declared by the President?” de Lima asked.

“Safe lawlessness, or lawless safety? Ang tawag po doon sa salitang English ay [that is what you call in English as]oxymoron, with emphasis on moron,” she said.

She lamented that just when the committee on justice was about to reveal the similarities between what is happening in the government’s anti-illegal drug operations and past violent incidents in Davao City, the Senate moved to declare the panel’s chairmanship and membership vacant.

De Lima said she did not expect her fellow senators to defend her from Duterte’s attacks, but to strip her of the committee chairmanship was unprecedented and unimaginable.

De Lima insisted that the testimony given by confessed killer Edgar Matobato linking Duterte to the murders committed by the “Davao Death Squad” was stronger than the supposed drug matrix released earlier by the President.

The matrix linked her to illegal drug operations in the national penitentiary.

De Lima said the names mentioned by Matobato, mostly policemen, were the same names that came out during a probe on the death squad by the Commission on Human Rights in 2009.

The senator was referring to SPO4 Arthur Lascanas, Chief Inspectors Jacy Francia, Fulgencio Pavo and Ronald Lao; SPO3 Jim Tan, Jun Laresma and Donito Ubales; SPO4 Samson Buenaventura; SPO1 Reynante Medina, Bienvenido Furog, Jun Bisnar, Gaston Aquino and Vivencio Jumawan; SPO2 Enrique de los Reyes Ayao and Rizalino Aquino; SPO1 Jun Bisnar and Gaston Aquino; and Sr. Supt. Isidero Florobel, Rey Capote, Tony Rivera and Dionisio Abude.

Also tagged by Matobato as death squad members were Bienvenido and Alvin Laud, Roly Engalia and Arnold Ochavez.

“The implication is that we have a core group of serial killers and mass murderers right within the ranks of the organization which is supposed to protect and serve the people,” de Lima added.

Despite being stripped of her committee chairmanship, she said she will remain in the Senate majority and the justice committee.

This was also the decision of her fellow senators in the Liberal party led by Senate President Pro-Tempore Franklin Drilon.

De Lima congratulated Sen. Richard Gordon, the new justice panel chairman.


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  1. Poor de Lima — she is going to jail because her boss, President Benigno Aquino III, terrorized the Philippine Senate. Just as the Philippine Senate was too scared of her boss. now they are too scared of Duterte. Crime does not pay, they say and de Lima is only gettng the fruit of her sowings.

  2. The noose is lowering down on her neck, if there is still a neck visible and can be seen in that porky body.
    You can now seek the help of your patron saint – Saint??? BENIGNOPLEMA AQUINOINOI.???

  3. The noose is lowering down on her neck, if there is still a neck visible and can be seen in that porky body.
    You can now seek the help of your patron saint – Saint666 BENIGNOPLEMA AQUINOINOI.

  4. Lelang De Cinco, Huwag mo kaming Ungguyin na mga cabal-balan mo…
    You rightly deserved what you are receiving and getting now, as we speak.
    What you sow, you will reap, ergo You ask for this – as the Yellow Henchman, Yellow Attack dog,
    Beholden to, and ever loyal lapdog of that vile, vindictive, and spineless- useless BENIGNOPLEMA AQUINOINOI.
    That worst president this country ever had.

  5. If indeed De Lima is innocent of all the accusations being leveled at her, why is no one from her ally (read: past administration as in the “yellow cult”) standing up to speak in her defense. Not a single one. Nothing but silence, a deafening silence at that. She is left out there on her own to sink or swim. By the looks of it, she will be sinking soon.

    By what standard this she become a senator of the Republic of the Philippines!

  6. Magising nga kayo mga galamay ni digong, nagbubulag-bulagan kayo! sino ba ang most credible witness ang napatunayang drug lord at nakakulong na or ang wala pang kaso??? Mga tangang maka duterte gamitin nyo ang mga utak nyo, inuuto at niloloko lang kayo ni digong, walang dereksyon ang gobyernong ito sa pamumuno nya hula-hula lang sya, paiba-iba ng sinasasabi at mga spokeman nya at kabinete hindi na alam kong pano ipapaliwanag ang lumalabas sa bibig ng may sapak at bastos na presidente. Lumaban kayo ayon sa kaalaman at batas hindi sa pambabastos, wala kayong ginawa kundi ibintang sa kabila ang kapalpakan ni digong! HELLO sino ba ang may kakayahan at nakaupo ngayon?????? Ako handa akong mamatay para sa kaayusan ng bansa at kapakanan ng susunod na henerasyon, KAYO HANDA BA KAYO???? basta na lang kayo may maicomment, mga nonsense! God of goodness bless the Philippines!!!

    • Actually, you have a president willing to stake his life to rid your country of drugs. Non of your past president since the Marcos time has ever done that.

      For Joy, Matabota may not have a case file on him yet, but he admitted to having killed 50 people. How is he more credible than the other. Or is you mind too damage by drugs use? Just because no case was filed that not mean he did not commit a crime.

      I can only hope that someday we will have president willing to risk his life for the betterment of my country. Sadly, I am still waiting for that to happened.

    • ang ganda ng comment mo dong may masabi lang ba, utak gamitin mo at ang nalalaman mo ha, magbasa ka muna at magresearch!