De Lima lashed over ‘irresponsible’ arrest



This was how lawyer-activist and Kabayan party-list first nominee Harry Roque described statements of former Justice Secretary Leila de Lima about the arrest of expelled Iglesia ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ) member Lowell Menorca.

Roque on Monday advised de Lima to “exercise restraint” in issuing statements “without having all the facts.”

“De Lima’s statements are just plain irresponsible, especially coming from a former Justice secretary and Commission on Human Rights chairman. There was a valid warrant of arrest issued by a competent court. In fact, there were two such warrants issued by different courts,” said Roque, also a UP law professor.

Roque said de Lima’s statements were not surprising as this was not the first time she has “thrown out the presumption of innocence” when it comes to the INC.

“What can we expect from de Lima? She has shown a propensity to dip her hands in the affairs of the INC and take advantage of the deep-seated prejudice of the Filipino electorate against the INC to gain media attention and political mileage,” he added.

In an interview, the Liberal Party (LP) senatorial candidate said Menorca’s arrest was “irregular” and “most probably illegal.”

De Lima made the comment immediately after being shown an alleged video of the former INC minister’s arrest.

Police authorities took custody of Menorca on January 20 by virtue of two warrants of arrest issued by the Regional Trial Courts of Lanao del Norte and Marawi City, respectively.

Menorca is facing separate libel cases filed by members of SCAN International, an organization composed of INC members who conduct rescue and rehabilitation missions during calamities.

His libel cases stem from his accusations that SCAN International acts as the INC’s death squad.

De Lima had been accused of bias by INC members after personally receiving a complaint for illegal detention of expelled minister Isaias Samson Jr. against INC leaders.

She was said to have speculated on merits of the case on national television even before the complaint was heard in preliminary investigation.

The case was subsequently dismissed by de Lima’s successor, Benjamin Caguioa, who was recently appointed as justice of the Supreme Court.

Roque said he is “bewildered” by continued attacks on the INC by personalities close to LP presidential candidate Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd.

It was previously reported that Roxas will never get the INC’s endorsement in the May 2016 elections.

“The libel cases against Menorca were filed by individuals whom he called hooligans and hired killers. The INC has nothing to do with these cases. I cannot understand why they have to continuously drag the church’s name in these cases, any innocent individual accused of being a hitman would do the same thing,” Roque said.

He also scored de Lima for conduct “unbecoming an officer of the court.”

“As a lawyer, the former Justice secretary should know better. First, disparaging the reputation of the judges who issued the warrants without attempting to know the facts constitutes an affront to judicial integrity. Second, besmirching the reputation of a homegrown Filipino church for legal actions taken by individual members of a separate private organization is outright wrong and malicious.”

Roque appealed to the media and to political personalities not to make a spectacle out of the issue and to let justice run its course.

“The INC leaders conducted themselves in an admirable manner despite the numerous charges thrown against them. They gave their word to cooperate with the proper authorities, and they are making good those words. Let them and the rest of the INC membership go on with their religious life in peace. Let us not meddle in their affairs,” he said.


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  1. Harry Roque is another candidate with the likes of trapo have you not seen the way Menorca is being arrested.You are a human rights lawyer because you want to please INK to get their votes now you are singing another tune .Please don’t vote Harry Roque .

  2. SIPSIP???really?? when someone critizes the CRITICS of INC you call them sipsip..bobo.. then what do you call people who believes everything and anything as long as it’s against the INC??where is that deep hatred coming from??? what WIG are you wearing then???

  3. Thank you manila tines for enlightening public of so may issues. De limas wish to be the talk of the town an aspiring senator what else you have to do? INC is the best dessert at all-time isnt it lima? Or rather a good main course.

  4. Ruben bka naman ikaw ang sipsip, wag kanang magcomment kng wala kanaman alam sa batas wag munang dagdagan ang mga tanaga sa mundo.

  5. SIPSIP. Where’s your human rights activism? We know you’re wearing a WIG similar to INC’s leader Eduardo Manalo.

    • ugok ka pala eh. mali ba ang sinasabi ni roque? tama ba na mag comment si de lima ng ganun laban sa mga nag issue ng warrant? at sa inc mo kinakarga yan gago ka ruben wala ka sa katwiran nyan ikaw ang pinaka gago na alam ko

    • Hey you, were talking about laws, don’t go bullshit hitting personalities,. Wheres your manner, or you just cant make proper comment because you dont know anything about laws.

    • ano naman isisipsip nia?.may mapapala ba sia? yun bang isinulat nia may basehan legally or not? have your senses and look at tge fact…just wondering why you are so angry sa INC..may nagawa ba silang mali sa yo at sa pamilya mo?

    • Di baleng sipsip parehas naman,eh ikaw naman bugok. Kung naiinggit ka di magsuot ka din ng wig sa mukha ha para gwapo,hehehe, dyuk lang, ang pikon talo.

    • People are used to have a slow implementation of justice. Like many crimes in the Philippines, justice wasnt served.

    • You are a low class person without intelligence. Your comment is not about the facts of the content of the said article but an attack to some personalities. Your existence in this world is truly unfortunate and no benefit to community. I pity you and your family. Such an idiot!