• ‘De Lima on top of drug matrix’


    MADAM CHAIR Senator Leila de Lima, chairman of the Senate justice committee, presides over Tuesday’s resumption of an investigation into the rising number of drug-related killings. PHOTO BY BOB DUNGO JR.

    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte is not yet done with Sen. Leila de Lima.

    De Lima, a former Justice secretary, and former undersecretary Francisco Baraan 3rd are among the highest public officials in a “matrix” of personalities involved in the illegal drug trade at the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa, President Rodrigo Duterte bared on Tuesday.

    In a news conference in Malacañang, Duterte said he will release the drug matrix in the coming days.

    “I will show to you maybe this week the matrix. It is being validated, the matrix of the Muntinlupa connection. De Lima is actually there in the matrix,” he told reporters.

    The matrix supposedly shows the illegal drug operations within the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa. Duterte claimed de Lima played a key role in the supposed “Muntinlupa Connection.”

    “It will show her role there. Now, everybody knows. When I go out with the matrix, you will know,” he said.
    Duterte said a friend of his who is a governor, and an undersecretary, is in the matrix.

    “There is also a governor and you know, he’s my friend, I could not believe it … There’s a governor and an undersecretary,” he said.

    The President did not name the governor but later confirmed that the undersecretary he was referring to was Baraan.

    Baraan served as the supervisor of the Bureau of Corrections and the New Bilibid Prison during the previous administration.

    Duterte first mentioned in July the supposed matrix showing the drug links of mayors and police officers.
    The President is also expected to reveal another list of government officials involved in the illegal drug trade.

    ‘Not the bad guys’
    At the resumption of the Senate investigation into the rising number of drug-related deaths led by Senator de Lima on Tuesday, Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald de la Rosa admitted he was disappointed with sectors that had projected the institution as the “bad guy,” when it was just doing its job to serve and protect the people.

    “We’re only human your honor, we also feel frustration and although we really like our role in this world as police officers, we are also human,” de la Rosa said.

    The PNP chief was responding to queries from Sen. Gregorio Honasan 2nd, who asked de la Rosa to clarify the statement he made during the hearing last Monday.

    De la Rosa had said that senators could ask Duterte to order the PNP to stop its anti-illegal drug operations if they wanted the killings to stop, because the police were growing tired of it.

    “We are here to serve and protect. We are not butchers who kill people without any reason. We are not perfect, we commit mistakes and I hope people will treat us fair,” the PNP chief said.

    Rule of law
    De la Rosa assured senators the police force will observe the rule of law in its anti-illegal drug operations, and said the reason drug suspects were killed was they resisted arrest.

    “Otherwise, if they did not, they’d still be alive,” de la Rosa told the Senate justice committee.

    The PNP chief said that to date, 756 suspected drug suspects have been killed in police operations nationwide.
    Of the 1,160 recorded deaths outside police operations, 100 cases were closed and 168 cases were solved.

    But anti-drug operations also resulted in the deaths of nine police officers and three members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for the period July 1 to August 18. A total of 18 police officers and eight AFP men were wounded during the period.

    Senate President Pro-Tempore Franklin Drilon noted that the“death toll” figure could have a chilling effect because it would mean that an average of 36 deaths were recorded daily since the Duterte administration took over.

    Drilon also asked de la Rosa if the PNP was trying to meet a “quota” in its campaign against illegal drugs.
    The police chief answered that he wanted a total of 1.8 million drug users and pushers to voluntarily surrender in six months.

    So far, 673,978 drug suspects have surrendered, he said.


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    1. How can the drug dealing bars of Manila, Subic, Cebu still be operating. The next focus should be the drugs the mamasans are giving to the bar staff to hook them and the trafficking of those people.

      More than 1 million girls are working in the philippine bars after being trafficked. Most now are also on Shabu which is supplied by Chinese, Arab and the Mamasans and bar owners. The Police and mayors are ALL involved. Ask any bar girl

    2. Victor Arches on

      Paging all high-profile inmates at Building 14 – the “big fish” is coming!
      And I’m not talking just figuratively, but literally as well.

      Your leader, Ms Muntinlupa Head, will soon be joining you, her favorite high-risk cohorts, and partying all day long, singing away her woes, using Colangco’s karaoke components.

    3. Tama na ang walang kwentang imbestigasyon. Pa cute lang ang mga senatong sa camera. Dapat imbestigahan ay bakit naglipana ang droga nung panahon ng Haring Abnormal at ni Delimaw.

    4. i cannot accept the fact that de lie ma, can not imposed no cp inside the NBP. What a lame excuse! This senate hearing for the so called extra JUdicial killing ia actually a campaigh to destroy the image of the Duterte administration.

    5. Grabe ka De Lima! Naiisip mo na rin pla yung SAF sa NBP pero di mo ginawa kesyo dami mo dahilan, ano pinagkaiba ng DOJ ngayon? bkit 1 month lng nagawa nila ilagay ang saf, kyo ni Pnoy 6 years naisip nyo lang!

      • Your so right Mr. the previous administration did nothing on Drug crimes specially in NBP. Puro dada wla namang ginawa..I bet at the end of this Administration that De Lima will be nothing but trash…

    6. jose b taganahan on

      While I am not a fan of Sen. de Lima and will not vote for her even as barangay captain; i don’t believe the accusations hurled against her by our foul mouthed Pres. Duterte

    7. jose b taganahan on

      While I am not a fan of Sen. de Lima and will not vote for her even as barabgay captain; i don’t believe the accusations hurled against her by our foul mouthed Pres. Duterte

    8. Parajinog vs De Lima as the Drug Lord Queen. Both women loves to hang out with bad boys! They are both obsessed with Maginoong Bastos.

    9. Mga walanghiya ang mga taong ito, tulad ni drill-on,de-lie-ma, a-bad, isip bata penot, at lahat ng taong ng gobyerno noong nakaraang administrasyon. Ginawang gago ang mga tao maliban sa mga dilaw, na mga sakit sa atay. Tuwid na daan, yon pala balubaloktot. Mga isip gunggong at magapayaman sa pawis ng mamayan. Iton de-lie-ma na ito ginamit ang kapangyarihan para sirain ang buhay ng tao at umarte na siya ang nagpapatakbo ng bansa. Si drill-on nakangisi pa habang inuusig si CJ. Corona, mukhang alam na kong gaano kalaki ang ibibigay ng sira na ulo nilang presidente. Magbabayad din kayo.Mga walanghiya kayo akala nyo wala ng katapusan ang kaligayahan nyo.

    10. Hindi pwedeng hindi kasama si De Lima dito sa sindikato ng droga. Siya ang may poder sa bilibid ng Muntinlupa at dito ginagawa ang shabu at pag aayos ng bentahan sa labas. Ito ay matagal ng operasyon ng mga drug lord sa loob ng bilibid. Hindi rin pwedeng hindi alam ng nakatataas kay De Lima itong operasyon na ito. Ang mga pulis pag nakahuli ng pusher ay nalalaman kung sino at saan nangagaling ang supply at ito’y nairereport sa kanilang pinuno na nagrereport din sa DILG. Kaya hindi pwedeng hindi magkasabwat itong dalawang departamentong ito. Lalo na ang DILG kasi siguradong kasabwat ang mga local na pamunuaan kasi kailangan ng mga proteksyon nitong mga galamay ng drug lord kung gagalaw sila sa teritoryo ng mga local official. Kung magkasabwat ang Justice at DILG, hindi rin makakalusot sa OFFICE of the President lalo na sa kanyang Executive Secretary na itinalagang ANTI-CRIME CZAR at lahat ng intelligence report tungkol sa Droga ay kanyang nababasa. Kaya malaking organisation itong winawasak ni Pres DU30 at masyadong matataas na tao ang mga kasabwat kaya naglipana na parang kabute ang biglang paglaki nitong negosyong droga.