De Lima petition at SC ‘falsified’


GOVERNMENT lawyers have asked the Supreme Court to junk jailed Sen. Leila de Lima’s petition to overturn drug trafficking charges against her, claiming the petition was “falsified.”

In a seven-page manifestation, the Office of the Solicitor General accused de Lima of falsifying the “jurats” in her petition, or the portions in which she supposedly swore before a notary to affirm the veracity of her statements.

Solicitor General Jose Calida questioned whether de Lima really appeared before a notary in the verification and certification against forum shopping page of her petition before the high court.

The document was notarized by Maria Cecille C. Tresvelles-Cabalo on February 24, 2017, who, like de Lima, is a member of Sen Beda College of Law’s Lambda Rho sorority.

It was physically impossible for Cabalo to sign the petition of de Lima on February 24, as her shadow was not even seen at the Custodial Center of the Philippine National Police (PNP) where de Lima is detained.

Proofs include the visitors’ logbook of the jail facility, where the lawyer’s name could not be found, and affidavits of police guards who said they never saw Cabalo enter the detention cell of de Lima to sign such petition.

“It bears to note that the PNP-CIDG (Criminal Investigation and Detection Group) arrested petitioner on February 24, 2017 at around 8 in the morning. At 8:41 a.m., she arrived at the PNP Headquarters at Camp Crame, Quezon City for the booking procedure. At 10:18 a.m. she was brought to the Regional Trial Court in Muntinlupa City, Branch 204 for the return of the arrest warrant. Respondent Judge Juanita Guerrero then issued an Order directing the commitment of petitioner to the PNP Custodial Service Unit in Camp Crame. At around 11:30 a.m., petitioner left the Muntinlupa RTC and returned to Camp Crame after 1:00 in the afternoon.”

JURAT Photo shows a certification sworn to by Sen. Leila de Lima and signed by her notary, Maria Cecille Tresvelles-Cabalo on February 24. Records indicate the two never met that day.

Falsification is a criminal act under the Revised Penal Code and the lawyers or parties participating therein can be charged with indirect contempt under the Rules of Court. It can also be a ground for disbarment.

“Incidentally, Atty. Tresvalles-Cabalo, a sorority sister of petitioner, was commissioned as a notary public in Quezon City, and as such, she can perform notarial acts only within Quezon City. Consequentially, the only time that petitioner could have personally appeared and sworn before Atty. Tresvalles-Caballo was when petitioner was at Camp Crame since this was the only location that was within Atty. Tresvalles-Caballo’s notarial commission,” it added.

“In light of these, there can be no conclusion other than that petitioner falsified her jurats.”

Contacted for comment. de Lima’s lawyer Florin Hilbay said he has yet to receive a copy of the manifestation.
De Lima wants the high tribunal to nullify her February 23 arrest warrant on drug trading charges. She is also questioning the jurisdiction of the Muntinlupa court.

She claimed that the Office of the Ombudsman has jurisdiction over her case since she was charged on the basis that she used her position as secretary of Justice in relation to the alleged criminal acts, “specifically that she demanded, solicited and extorted money from the [prison]inmates through her alleged intermediaries.”

The senator maintained that there was no iota of proof produced by the Department of Justice linking her to the illegal drug trade. The charge, she said, should have been “direct bribery” under Article 210 of the Revised Penal Code and not a drug trafficking, as there were only allegations of payoffs and no evidence of illegal substances changing hands.


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  1. One possibility is that DOJ or OSG’s copies are the ones falsified given that many Dutertards do this all the time, make fake news hahaha!

  2. What if she signed that petition early in the morning of February 24 at her senate office where she stayed overnight. News footages showed she received many visitors in her office, one of which could be her lawyer? Would that be illegal too?

    • Senate Office is located in Pasay, Atty’s Jurisdiction is in Quezon City. The document shown above is signed in QC.

  3. PatrioticFilipino2 on

    This is not uncommon. It is even an accepted practice by lawyers. Government are just OA.

    • The law is very clear and concise, when notarizing a public document, one must be done in front of a notary public not like a long distance relationship If a notary allows otherwise she/he is breaking the law.

  4. Daniel B. Laurente on

    Last night i was listening the arguments of the case petition of Delima by the former SG via Youtube. During the arguments cited by the former SG i noticed his term used “induced”. There was conflict in his application of the word on two cited cases. Please watch again.

  5. Buti pa si Pacman kabisado Bible na kin-quote niya, eto abugada di alam batas at rules of court OMG!

  6. Falsified non-forum shopping document …… the Judiciary department must stop being made a fool and scandalizing the Filipino people ,,,,,

    • if we don’t understand court procedures, better stay on the sidelines. it’s more foolish to comment a subject, alien to your mental capacity.

  7. The Great Defiant on

    she frequented the bilibid with no apparent reason.
    she was inside the Kubol for long hours with Sebastian.
    she sings, dance and party inside the bilibid with all the druglords where foods and beers were flowing like no other.
    she did a mock raid in bilibid twice all for a show and names of Colangco, Sebastian, Go never came up.
    she posed with druglords like Espinosa.
    Jail officials, convicted druglords and police generals are pointing their fingers at Delimaw.
    Shabu proliferate like African daisies in her time as DOJ and abnOY. Mar, LP is turning a blind eye. Philippines has become the drug capital in the world.
    93% of Filipino youth is hooked to drugs…

    and this is not enough evidence to convict them all because of technical legalities.
    Shakespeare’s was right. “LET’S KILL ALL THE LAWYERS”

    • I concur to your enlightened and highly provocative expose about how Delimaw, Abnoy, Marimar and the LP made a mockery of our laws by doing all those things to allow the proliferation of illegal drugs in our country thereby endangering the future of our youths to illegal drugs and at the mercy of drug lords whose greed for power and money is absolutely outrageous and totally obnoxious.


      i will volunteer if someone will raise a group for the sole purpose of killing all Lawyers in this country even that will mean killing digong..unfortunately…

    • Ang galing mo mr defiant, only in the phils, where voluminous evidences are so clearly and obviosly seen by all except the juror/s, more than enough, and you can’t ask for more to convict the accuse. Who now is in panic.

  8. Could there be a pay-offs if there were no drugs changing hands? As simple as that. What about Kerwin Espinosa giving money to Dayan/Delima from drug money? And an “iota” of evidences pointing to the culpability of Delima as the Illegal Drug Queen of the Philippines? Her secret illegal activities is apart from her duty as Justice Secretary. Thus she can be charged in a regular courts not in Ombudsman where her co-LP Conchita Carpio is.

  9. Be wary of anything “free” like Free Legal Assistance Group. There’s always a catch. If being lectured on by Supreme Court justices during oral arguments is not enough, having a petition possibly dismissed by technicality speaks a lot of the quality of St. Leila de Lima’s, Martyr of Plantains, lawyers. Note plural.

    Just recently it was all over the news that St. de Lima will be defended by a bevy of lawyers. I wish and pray for them that intelligence and competence are cumulative. I would however remind them that N * 0 = 0 is a harsh truth in multiplication.

    • FLAG Lawyers offers free services to clients that are expert in destabilization…but they accept DONATIONS in DOLLARS only courtesy of Drug syndicates, Loida Lewis, former US Amb. Bayot, EU, HRW, UN.

  10. The allegations against poor De Lima keep piling up. She lied repeatedly regarding her adultery but eventually she broke down and admitted the truth albeit blaming it on her “frailties as a woman” thereby seeing to evade any blame or responsibility for her actions. This lady is a consummate Filipina and the embodiment of all that typifies Philippines politics. Did you know she is also like American vivl rights activists Martin Luther King Jr?