De Lima prepares for the worst


SENATOR Leila De Lima is preparing for the worst following the recent announcement of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre 2nd that the Department of Justice (DoJ) may issue a resolution against her very soon.

De Lima said she has long been expecting the release of the resolution and her possible arrest in connection with the cases filed against her. The senator is facing five drug trafficking complaints filed by the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for allegedly receiving payoffs from high profile drug convicts inside the National Bilibid Prison (NBP).

The senator is also facing complaints for violation of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act and Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act because of her alleged links to Eastern Visayas drug lord Kerwin Espinosa.

“I really don’t know when the arrest warrant will be issued. I’m just saying that Secretary Aguirre has confirmed that they will issue the resolution against me and that I better brace myself,” she added.

But the senator said Aguirre should also prepare to answer the complaints that she will be filing against him.

De Lima mentioned the issue regarding the confidential memorandum about the privileges extended to high-profile convicts detained at the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) custodial center in Camp Aguinaldo.

The convicts, who testified against De Lima during the inquiry held by the House committee on justice on the proliferation of illegal drugs at the NBP last year were reportedly allowed to use cell phones and other gadgets while in detention.

“These are definitely illegal acts that a secretary of justice should not be doing,” she said. Senate President pro-tempore Franklin Drilon said that should an arrest warrant be issued against De Lima, those tasked to carry out the order should follow the law.

“By tradition we will oppose service of the warrant of arrest inside the session hall. The sanctity of the session hall must be respected,” Drilon noted. Jefferson Antiporda


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    (Karma for De Lima)

    As the karmic wheel goes round and round,
    tirelessly spinning up and down…

    You who are up could lose your fortune tomorrow
    and she who is down is freed from all her sorrow.

    Today’s winner may end up as tomorrow’s loser
    just as today’s loser turns out next day’s winner.

    Watch how fate answers some person’s dreams
    while playing havoc on your own wicked schemes.

    The same woman you mocked like she was a clown
    you now meet on her way up as you come crashing down.

    There is no telling when the wheel stops to spin
    or just when it decides to turn once more again.

    So the best bet would have been to practice a little humility
    for you can’t tell what comes up the next day.

    As the karmic wheel goes round and round,
    endlessly spinning up and down…

  2. Now I believe and understand what is KARMA , not a long time when De Lima sat supreme in the DOJ where she defies even the supreme court to serve a warrant of arrest to ailing President Arroyo. She will be arrested on the same logic she insist superior to the highest court just to satisfy the yellow cult. Nobody is raising a howl except remnants of the “daang matuwid” regime, not even the so called legal experts to serve due process. Karma.

  3. Onesimo Gagaro on

    De Lima: I am preparing for the worst!
    Filipino people: Are you preparing many 4K video cameras to record your sexcapades from different angles at Bilibid prison?
    De Lima: Not only that. I have also contacted my former lovers and potential new lovers inside the prison. You will see orgies you have not seen before.
    Filipino people: I see you are really prepared senator De Lima! Enjoy your stay at Bilibid.
    De Lima: You bet I will enjoy. I am also waiting to host Trillanes, Aquino, Roxas, Abad and Drilon.
    Filipino people: Wow your gang of thieves are really something!