De Lima provoking unrest – VACC, bishop


THE government’s threat to charge members of the National Transformation Council (NTC) with sedition, rebellion and coup d’etat may actually stir more unrest, a prelate and an anti-crime advocate said on Monday.

“Sana wala ng threats na ganoon. Baka mas madagdagan pa ang mga taong galit na. Sana maalala rin niya na hindi siya habang buhay makapangyarihan [I hope that there should be no threats like those.

They could make more people angry. I also hope that she realizes that she will not be in power forever],” retired Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Oscar Cruz told The Manila Times.

He was reacting to statements of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, who on Sunday said the NTC was banking on false hopes that they can hide their action behind the cloak of free speech.

“Bakit kaya mali ang mag-rally ang mga tao? Wala na ba silang karapatan na ipahayag ang loobin nila na wala naman dalang baril at bala? Huwag naman. Please lang [Why should it be wrong for the people to rally? Don’t they have the right to air their sentiments even when they do so without bearing guns and bullets? Don’t stop the people. Please]!” Cruz said.

Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) chairman Dante Jimenez said the Justice chief may be courting a court case for “violating freedom of speech and expression.”

“The VACC which did not attend the rally yesterday [Monday] and is not officially part of the NTC will challenge this threat of Malacanang [before the]Supreme Court,” Jimenez noted.

Like Cruz, the VACC chief believes that de Lima’s pronouncements will only “provoke” the public to rise up against the government.

“The pronouncement of Malacañang that the call for the resignation [of President Benigno Aquino 3rd]is seditious is further creating an atmosphere of anger among the people, especially from people who have not joined the protests. Lalong magagalit ang tao,” Jimenez pointed out.

In a statement released to the media through the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), de Lima blasted the NTC for “perverting the nation’s grief” over the death of 44 elite police commandos in Mamasapano town in Maguindanao province on January 25, noting that the group is nothing but an “aggrupation of disgruntled GMA allies” and “opportunists” who want to sow “discord and division” among the ranks of the country’s military and police organizations.

GMA are the initials of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.
“The NTC has carefully formulated this strategy in the false hope of propagating it legally in the mass media and among supporters without, however, accruing any criminal liability under the penal laws on rebellion, sedition and coup d’etat. This is a false hope, since certain actions already implemented by the group, from organizing fora and conferences of supporters and sympathizers, can already be contemplated as conspiracies relating to sedition, rebellion or coup d’etat,” de Lima said.

In Malacanang, the President’s spokesman Edwin Lacierda distanced himself from the “threats” of de Lima, saying he would rather “defer to the Secretary of Justice.”

“She would be in a better position to determine what would constitute sedition, what would constitute coup d’etat. Those acts are clearly defined under our penal laws. I would rather have Secretary Leila de Lima proffer her legal opinion being the Justice secretary,” the Palace official told reporters.

The NTC is a multisectoral group of clergymen, politicians, professionals and civil-society groups who are calling for the resignation of the President to pave the way for the establishment of a “caretaker government.”

But de Lima argued that the NTC’s pronouncements and publicly declared strategy for the capture of state power through active military support to the NTC “constitute conspiracy or proposal to commit rebellion and coup d’etat, conspiracy to commit sedition (Article 141 in relation to Article 139, RPC) or, at the very least, inciting to sedition (Article 142, RPC), as well as illegal assemblies (Article146, RPC). A junta by any other sanitized name is still illegal and unconstitutional.”


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  1. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

    Rallying and asking the President to step down, to me is not an act of sedition but disappointment to the actions of the President. It is up to the President to heed their request or not.
    People organizing a coup to topple down the Democratic Republic of the Philippines and grab power, should not be threatened but immidiately arrested. This is sedition.
    Dont wait for this to become a civil war. Stop it right away.

  2. shes under the influence of power given to him by pinoy and cohorts lets us see what she cna do like 3 itlog trilanes, pimentel and cayetano parehas silang mga tuta tuta at tuta ni pinoy at cohorts kakahiya

  3. Nakakulong at may sakit na nga si Gloria Arroyo, nakakapagplano pa talaga ng pagpapatalsik kay PNoy at binuhay pa ang mga laos niyang kaalyado

  4. Umaksyon na sana si De Lima para kasuhan ang mga coup plotters. Magsama-sama sa kulungan sina Peping, Tingting, Bert Gonzale para matulad sila sa friend nilang si Gloria Arroyo.

  5. The Bishops are really in a hurry to get back the luxury that Arroyo given to them. They are showing their force that they should be given an equal share to any politician who earn money by corruption or any other means or they will hear us against your position. That’s the exact message they are trying to deliver now.


    Article lll, Section 4 of the Bill of Rights states very clearly:
    “No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the Government for redress of grievances.

    • seryoso sila sa defender ng demokrasya pero sa mga milf at biff, ni walang kibo. kinakampihan pa yung mga rebelde

  7. The question begets, is Philippines under the rule of democracy or is it under martial law and a dictatorship? Because if the country is under a democracy, as it should be, then people or Filipinos have the right to a peaceful assembly as embodied by our constitution.

    A rebellion is what MILF, BIFF, ASG, MNLF, NPA, et al. , is waging against the republic and it means people who are bearing arms to oppose a duly constituted government, while a coup d’etat is a grab of power from a government, by its own armed forces or paramilitary units, then ruled under a military doctrine. Both methods use arms or weapons, to grab away power away from a civilian authority or government.

    While, people massing on the street, expressing their grievances against the poor quality of governance does not constitute rebellion nor a coup d’etat. De Lima is once again trying to scare and intimidate Filipinos into submission, a tactic that does not bode well for a democratic society. By issuing such statement, she is trying to impress upon the Filipinos, that the country is under a dictorship.

    As such, her statement will only commit as per her own words ‘perverting the nation’s grief’, for government officials like them are trying to muzzle and suppress people’s right to assembly and expression – the only saving grace for them right this moment is that some sectors in our society are not keen to join the rally, simply because there are a lot of people leading NTC with questionable agenda.

    NTC, for its part to be successful, need to weed out these dubious individuals and place people of unquestionable integrity and character to lead the movement.

  8. The NTC should take De Lima to court.
    Meanwhile, millions of Filipinos are blissfully unaffected by the fact that unless Aquino is removed the Comelec-Smartmatic stranglehold on Philippine elections will continue.
    Many who are disgusted with Aquino sadly and STUPIDLY say Let’s just wait till his term ends and vote against his candidate in 2016. These people STUIPIDLY SEE the future as if we will still have fraud-free, credible elections in 2016 with the Smartmatic AES-with PCOS machines.
    Unless the tragedy of the Mamasapano Massacre leads to the removal of Aquino and his evil clique of Abad, Mar Roxas, Drilon et al, any hearings and Truth Commission findings about it will in the end serve only to distract people from the destruction of Philippine democracy and the perpetual rule the evil click through the PCOS machines!!!!
    God have mercy on us Filipinos and our efforts to build and develop our Republican democracy if the PCOS machinese continue to reign over our elections.

  9. Si De Lima, daldalima, Umiikot ikot tumbong n’ya kaya kung ano ano ang pinagsasabi. Naloloka sa siya at ang amo nya.

  10. Pabayaan ninyo at gawin ne Secretary ang gusto niya
    at tignan natin.

    She is provoking/stepping on the “Ants Mound”.

    Lalanggamin siya at hindi niya alam ang gagawain
    pag ang mga maliliit na langgam na yan ay sabasabay
    kumagat sa kanya.

    Baka hanggang salita lang siya.
    Nanakot – ang taong bayan ay hindi takutin.