De Lima sacks 3 NBI agents


Justice Secretary Leila De Lima on Thursday sacked three National Bureau of Investigation agents who were allegedly involved in the smuggling of cellular phones inside the detention facility holding the so-called “Bilibid 19” at the NBI headquarters in Manila. She did not name the agents, but the information was given to her by a member of the “Bilibid 19”, who were high profile inmates transferred to the NBI after a series of raids yielded various illegal and prohibited substances and materials. It was disclosed to De Lima that each mobile phone allegedly costs P1.5 million.


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  1. Julien Boisfeuras on

    What does it mean to be “sacked” ? ….. were these guys separated/dismissed from the service? or are they suspended with no pay or with pay? or are they just re-assigned ? If it does not involve being dismissed from the service and charged before the OMB and Sandiganbayan , then I think 1.5 million per phone x 19 high risk detainees (28.5 million) is going to be worthwhile for these “agents”. Papalipasin lang ang init then tuloy ang ligaya…… at may pera pa.

  2. armando flores on

    De lima’s decision to sack the NBI agents accordingly involved in smuggling cellphones to the vip detainees at the NBI Detention Cell is despotic, arbitrary and careless. She relied on testimony of an inmate who cannot be trusted and would do anything just to ease himself of the inconvenience being in jail. She should have reserved that decision pending investigation of the incident and only if the testimony of that inmate is found true and reliable. De lima is jouust like her boss in malacanang pre-judges and sacks subordinates without due process of law expected of a real justice secretary.