• De Lima says ‘no’ to death penalty


    Former Justice secretary and now senatorial candidate Leila de Lima on Tuesday said she opposes the position of Sen. Grace Poe and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who have publicly declared their support to bring back the death penalty as a means to resolve crime in the country.

    “No empirical evidence anywhere has suggested that the death penalty deters crime. The death penalty should be abolished, not only because there is no correlation between this punishment and crime deterrence, but also its effects are basically irreversible,” according to de Lima.

    The State, she said, “has the obligation to guide any offender to a life of reform and become more productive members of society. Even law offenders have a potential to become reformed members of society. For heinous offenses such as drug and human trafficking, rape and other sociopathic offenses such as serial killings and mass murderers, life imprisonment without parole or executive clemency should be enough.” she said.

    De Lima cited a finding of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) that most of those convicted belong to the lower classes: the poor and disadvantaged, financially unable to pay for their own counsel, relying only on the courts to provide them with a legal counsel.
    She was CHR chairman until she was tapped to head the Department of Justice.

    The CHR finding, de Lima said, is supported by a survey conducted by FLAG, a lawyers’ group, when death penalty was still in law books, wherein 52.2 percent of those in death row belonged to the lowest social class.

    “Instead, we need to ensure that the justice system indeed works: By having a truly independent judiciary who can decide on cases with the highest integrity and will ensure a speedy trial, efficient prosecutors who can closely collaborate with investigating bodies and other law enforcement units for a strong case build-up and a law enforcement sector that will implement the law to the letter, while caring for victims, who were put in jeopardy because of circumstances,” she added.

    The former Justice secretary also batted for a modern and simplified criminal code that will allow better response to the times, resulting in a higher conviction rates.


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    1. She is ignorant for not know the correlation between death penalty and crime deterrence. Life imprisonment without parole in our prison is like a vacation since they can still do business inside and outside the prison.
      I would even put corruption for death penalty. Corruption is what destroys our nation and it is a crime against all Filipinos.

    2. Mayor Duterte promised to the people that if he ever wins the Presidency, he will pressure the Congress to put back the Death Penalty for big time drug offender, and anybody involved such as PNP, NBI, Drug Enforcement Personnel, and politicians will all face the death penalty as well. When a big time drug smugglers sentenced to death, they start pointing fingers to politicians taking care of the or in Filipino term “padrino”. Sec De Lima or Sen. Escudero are not that stupid to vote for the death penalty, and they will do everything to block this proposed legislation.

      These offenders, such as drug smugglers can no longer rehabilitated but they are very confident that they will be in good hands even if they get convicted and put behind prison walls. Being behind the prison walls is more safe and their activities are more intensified. They can order prostitutes to come to their prison cells and spend couple of days so their body fluids that have been accumulated is released. Only in the Philippines where criminals are protected and continue to do the crime because of their political connections.

    3. I am not surprised that she will vote against death penalty because she is one of the “padrinos” of jailed big time drug lords, doing business as usual, cooking SHABU while incarcerated in NBP. Anybody, that is the right frame of mind, knows that Philippines is the biggest playing field of drug smugglers, and I may add money laundering as well. She can honestly say, or under oath, that she did not steal money from hard working Filipino people, and that would be a very true statement,dahil yung pera ay galling sa DROGA.