De Lima ‘sex tape’ showing splits House


The House Committee on Justice is not ruling out the showing of a “sex video” of Sen. Leila de Lima despite protests from women lawmakers and apparently also from the public.

Rep. Rey Umali of Oriental Mindoro made the statement even as at least 40 lawmakers, including males, protested the showing of the alleged sex tape in a congressional probe of links of de Lima, a former Justice secretary, on the illegal drug trade in the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) in Muntinlupa City (Metro Manila).

Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre 2nd had said he was considering showing the “sex video” of de Lim that, Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez of Davao del Norte said, if proven authentic would establish a romantic relationship between de Lima with her former driver, Ronnie Dayan.

President Rodrigo Duterte has accused de Lima of receiving drug money from NBP inmates thru Dayan but he never presented documentation.

The prisoners who accused de Lima of receiving payola from them, on the other hand, testified during the House justice panel probe that the senator got the payoffs from their fellow inmate, Jaybee Sebastian.

They, however, admitted that they have never talked with de Lima.

“If the DOJ [Department of Justice] says they want to play the [sex]video, somebody will support that, while others will object. As committee chairman, my role is to conduct orderly proceedings, so we would probably divide the House. And we’ll make the decision,” Umali said in a radio interview.

The House justice committee resumes its investigation ofon the Bilibid drug trade on October 6.

“As the chairman, I don’t even vote. I will have to give way to the body to make the decision. I don’t want to preempt what they would like to do. I will play by it ear what would happen… and hopefully people will come to a sense of dignity, a sense of decency,” Umali said.

“[Also] as the chairman, I have to listen to everyone. At the end of the day, if we cannot agree, then let us divide the House and vote upon it. I think it is the better way… that is democratic,” he added.

But for Dinagat Islands Rep. Arlene Bag-ao, who is among the 40 lawmakers who opposed the planned showing of the alleged sex tape, airing it is not just an attack on de Lima but an attack on women.

“This is not about hatred. This is aimed at degrading women. The issue is drugs. Drugs do not choose gender. The question here is, do they have evidence that she indeed received drug money? Or are they just desperate and so they are hoisting this sex video?” Bag-ao, de Lima’s fellow Liberal Party lawmaker, said in a radio interview.

“Sex videos do not establish relationships. It aims to tell us that a woman is immoral and mean, and that she should not be believed. What does it have to do with the drug issue? The most hurtful in all of these is that her womanhood is being attacked,” the lawmaker, a lawyer like Umali, added.

If the sex video was shown, Bag-ao warned that this would result in devastating consequences for women.

“If this can be done against a senator, the same thing can be done to anybody… to our woman sisters, to the poor women in communities. What kind of esteem do we have for our women if we allow these things in a public debate? That we don’t respect women anymore?” she said.

“We can’t do this to women. This is about every woman who is being accused, regardless of who she is. If we are accusing somebody of something, let’s go straight to facts and relevance of the evidence,” Bag-ao added.


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  1. If Delima can abuse the law or her power as a chief of DOJ before, this sex acandal must be shown in the public.
    For so called “womens dignity” this will be a good example or lesson to a woman who has the same characterestic & motive like Delima … for those descent womens nothing to worry & need to support to show this scandal as a warning for their fellow women not to be in the same act.

    Too much protection with fear to show evidence of indecency, wether from a man or woman will become more abusive in future. ( those against to show the video are discreetly protecting their clan) Similar tor those hiding behind the HUMAN RIGHTS.

  2. Those who are opposed against the showing of De Lima’s sex video are obstructing justice, di po ba? Isn’t obstruction of justice a serious offence against the law? You really don’t understand the real issue here. The real issue is not really about adulterous or immoral or the private life of de Lima but how her illicit relationships compromised her job as the secretary of justice. Siguro naman ay maintindihan niyo na yan. And since there are allegations and accussations against De Lima and the sex video is a solid proof of her illicit relationships, those who are opposed against the showing of De Lima’s sex video are obstructing justice, di po ba?

    Pero tinanong niyo na rin lang, ito ang pakialam ng mamamayang Filipinos sa lovelife ni De Lima. True or false? Sex video of Leila de Lima: A possible cause for disbarment? She can possibly get disbarred if it’s proven that De Lima is indeed engaging in illicit affairs with married men, di po ba? Ano sa palagay niyo mga kabayan ang katotohanan? Alamin nating maigi ang katotohanan. Imulat natin ang ating mga mata sa katotohanan. Huwag tayong maging manhid at bulag sa katotohanan. Let the truth be heard. Let us dispel all lies, misinformation and demonizations that are deceiving us. Let the truth be known. Let the truth sets us free.

    What really is De Lima’s civil status? Her official bio in the website of Department of Justice and Commission on Human Rights both say that she has two children though her husband’s name wasn’t listed (his name is Plaridel Bohol, according to Rappler). She has consistently used her maiden name. In an interview with ABS-CBN News Channel’s Pipol early this year, De Lima revealed that her marriage with Bohol has been annulled for ten years now and that she’s “seeing someone.”

    However, she can possibly get disbarred if it’s proven that De Lima is indeed engaging in illicit affairs with married men. One precedent for this was the case of former PBA commissioner Emmanuel “Noli” Eala. Eala was disbarred by the Supreme Court (SC) in 2007 after it was proven that he carried out an affair with a married woman while he himself is also married. In their decision, the SC ruled unanimously that Eala should be disbarred for his “conduct that adversely reflects on his fitness to practice law.” Read the full decision here. Will a similar fate await De Lima? Abangan.

  3. Politicians are divided for the simple reason that “it might happen to them if they are caught”. Nothing more nothing less. It is the very nature of the Philippine Politicians.

  4. If De lima denies that she is the one in the video, then the more reason to be shown to the public. If she is not the one in the video, she will be vindicated as simple as that and I think it is fair and legal. If De lima admits that she is the one in the video, then there is no reason to show it to the public.

  5. It has nothing to do with degrading women. This sex video must be shown to humble De Lima for her arrogance in speech, conduct and demeanor

  6. If the DOJ, have the sex tape for evidence, first, it should authenticated, by experts. And should only be shown, to few picked persons of authority,(executive session) not to the public, to avoid scandal and embarrassing the lady Senator.

  7. The public must shown the sexual action of De Lima inside the New Bilibid Prison known as Kubol.If senator De Lima never shy to have sex in Kubol which Government property, the nations have very rights to see it in the open from whatever piece of evidence from the video tape..That is to fair to the Filipino Nations