• De Lima under probe for drugs

    UNDER FIRE Neophyte Sen. Leila de Lima delivers a privilege speech denying accusations that she protected drug lords during her stint as Justice secretary. She also condemned vigilante killings and warned that these would breed a culture of impunity. PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

    UNDER FIRE Neophyte Sen. Leila de Lima delivers a privilege speech denying accusations that she protected drug lords during her stint as Justice secretary. She also condemned vigilante killings and warned that these would breed a culture of impunity. PHOTO BY RENE DILAN

    Leila de Lima is under investigation for her alleged links to the illegal drug trade, the Department of Justice (DOJ) said on Tuesday, as the neophyte lawmaker hit back at officials of the Duterte administration for carrying out a “demolition job” against her.

    In a news conference, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre 2nd said the ongoing probe covered the top to the bottom ranks of the previous DOJ, which de Lima headed before running for senator.

    “All the DOJ officials of the past administration will be included,” Aguirre told reporters.

    The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is conducting the probe against the DOJ officials, particularly two former officials tagged as coddlers of drug lords inside the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa, Aguirre said.

    In a privilege speech, de Lima denied accusations of coddling drug lords, and claimed she was being smeared by government officials as well as by media strategists through “memes” on social media.

    De Lima likened her situation to the victims of “cardboard justice” or summary killings, saying the public tended to believe memes just like they tended to believe what was written on cardboards left on top of drug suspects executed by vigilantes.

    “I cannot stay silent in the face of all these blatant lies created in the backroom of a media strategy office suite. I will not fall without a fight,” she said.

    ‘Cardboard justice’
    De Lima also condemned what she called the “do-it- yourself” justice system being carried out under the campaign against illegal drugs of the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte, which has claimed hundreds of lives.

    She expressed doubts on claims by police that all of the drug suspects killed during police operations had resisted arrest.

    The neophyte senator added that her concern was not only about the killings recorded by the Philippine National Police (PNP) as a result of anti-illegal drug operations, but also those by vigilantes who have been operating all over the country.

    De Lima made it clear that she was not against the administration’s drive against drugs, but said killings should not be allowed to go on as these would lead to “impunity.”

    “In the campaign against criminality, we cannot applaud criminal methods merely because we are left unaffected. Life has more value than an accusation written on a piece of cardboard whether you are rich or a scum of the earth. Needless to say, all lives matter,” she said.

    The former justice secretary said the sheer number of deaths by extrajudicial killings seems to numb people desperate to weed out the ill effects of the illegal drug trade on Filipino families, especially among the youth.

    Vigilantes were able to introduce to the people “a kind of do-it-yourself justice that disregards the public prosecutor, the courts and judges and requiring only a cardboard, acrylic marker, a packaging and something so stab and shoot the victim,” she claimed.

    “We have to continue opposing the murder of the innocents as well as that of the suspects.

    We must call for the accountability of state actors responsible for this terrifying trend in law enforcement, and the investigation of killings perpetrated by the vigilante assassins,” she said in her speech.

    No questions
    De Lima declined to be interpellated, prompting Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, who ran for vice president under Duterte but lost, to deliver his own privilege speech.

    Cayetano said that while he agreed with de Lima’s views against summary executions carried out by vigilantes, the former Justice chief should not jump into conclusions that policemen were involved in extralegal killings.

    There should be a presumption of regularity on the conduct of police operations, similar to the presumption of innocence for suspected drug personalities that de Lima has been insisting on observing, Cayetano said.

    Cayetano said the number of drug pushers being killed in police operations was not that big to be able to stop illegal drugs.


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    1. I can’t believe what I just watched about De Lima!! Dapat pala si De Lima unahin ibitay!!!!! I am so pissed!!!! Ano Ang ginawa Niya sa mga future ng mga Filipino kids!! Deli m
      a dapat sa iyo unahin ibitay!! Walang hiya ka!!!!!!????????

    2. In her privilege speech , Sen. Leila De Lima mentioned that their must be a way to solve the drug problems in the Country other than President Duterte’s way …
      however , I did not hear her mention any way to do it except focusing on human rights mostly .

      Within her six years as Secretary of the Department of Justice , the infamous Drug Lords became the “BOSSES” inside the BUCOR instead of the Officials and Security Guards suppose to discipline them !!! … is this the right treatment for a FEW HUMANS who destroyed the lives of MILLIONS of HUMAN BEINGS ?

      Sen. Leila De Lima keeps on talking about HUMAN RIGHTS but she herself violated the right of former Pres. Gloria M.Arroyo
      to go abroad for medical reason despite the approval of the Supreme Court. Did’nt she ?

      • Correct. She just really loves the publicity. She paints herself as some champion of human rights but she’s the worst! What they did to CJ Corona was not justice either, that was a complete utter disregard for human rights to due process and the constitution. Puro lang siya salita, human rights lang pag pabor sa career and position niya. Human rights and law lang pag sarili and kaibigan niya but to hell with rights when it is entitled to someone else. Selective Justice.

    3. Nakakahiya itong si De Lima kapal ng mukha. This mess will never happened if you did your job instead as Secretary of Justice. Ma karma ka sana sa kawalang hiyaan at ka artihan mo. You should be investigated as a criminal because of your involvement with the mess at the New Bilibid Prison.

    4. Si De Lima na nagbanta na paiimbisigahan ang PNP for the killings of innocent. Ilang beses nya sinabi ito sa Senado,may kumampi ba sa kanya? Wala!.. Nagiisa sya… kasi alam ng lahat na palpak ang panunugkulan nya bilang DOJ Secretary at may posibilidad nga na protector talaga sya ng mga druglords.. Kaunting panahon pa, makakasuhan na yan..

    5. Anong hustisya ang pinagsasabi nitong si De Lima. Pinarami ninyo nila Pnoy itong salot na Droga tapos ngayon sasabihin mong bigyan ng hustisya. Sabihin na natin hulihin ng buhay lahat ito na aabot siguro ng milyon na pusher at user, paano mo aasahan matapos ang asunto ng bawat isa, samantalang ang isang kasong kriminal ay inaabot ng taon, paano kung isang milyon asunto ang ilalagak mo sa korte?

    6. It is clear that we are a NARCO STATE. These criminals has reach the levels of the politicians and police in spreading drugs to our people. That is a brief description of a Narco State.

    7. She is starting to wash her hands. You’ve wounded the country that marks already by your duty. While the new government healing wound that you created, does not mean that you are exception on it.

    8. arnel amador on

      now, a dose of your own medicine, ma’am….face the music senator, we gladly look forward to hearing your tune you praticed with your bff inside…

    9. Yong sinasabi na sya lang ang gumalugad sa bilibid ay limang buwan bago magumpisa ang halalan. LIMANG buwan bago matapos ang kanyang termino. Pa pogi bago sya sumabak a halalan. Para masabi na meron syang nagawa sa kanyang termino. ANIM na taon na walang ginawa itong De Lima na ito kundi humarap sa tv cameras at mga interviews para sa kapakanan ng mga yellow evils. Kahit isa na myembro ng kanyang partido ay walang sinita sa kabila ng mga katiwalian na harapang ginagawa ng nga iti sa bayan.
      Naniniwala ako may nalalaman at kasabwat ang babaeng ito sa mga katiwalian na mga nagaganap sa loob ng New Bilibid Prison.
      Dapat syang makulong !!

    10. please to your beloved president NO to planted evidence and hearsay because the idiots are hungry of rumors and gossips.

    11. Tirso Villanueva on

      Go for your advocacy the silent majority will backs you up… Defend the rule of law..
      keep it up maam. the truth will let you gain your popularity. and this administration will be cursed after six months..

      • You think this girl cares about the law?? You think she champions your interests?? She just uses the law when it’s to her advantage… But i agree and hope also that truth will come out. Buy i guarantee you it’s not the truth you want seeing as you seem to believe this hypocrite

    12. New Bilibid Prison is under your department. As the head, you have command responsibility in all, I mean all crimes inside the prison.

    13. In due course, the people who are throwing mud at her will have pay for their deeds.
      Drug has been in our country since Marcos era. I was student at MIT and during the hippie days, drugs, prostitution, gambling, xxx movies, corruptions, porno, sex, and other vices etc were proliferating like anything. Let’s stop this blame game culture. We have to start to give credit where credit is due. I have worked overseas more than 30 years and I have seen the improvement in our economy year by year. I think De Lima and the previous administration has done a very good job of exposing the drug syndicates inside the bilibid prison. The GDP has gone up to 6.7. Military has improved and more importantly we have taken China to court of arbitration on 200 EEZ. To test the FOI in our country I would like to see my comments publish in this MT publication. Otherwise I will call DU30 personally.

      • What does FOI have to do with publishing your comment here in MT?

        Ninoy’s administration benefitted from the economic policies of Arroyo. GDP grew but poverty index remained the same (who benefitted). Aquino campaigned to pass FOI but failed in 6 years, Duterte passed it in less than 30 days. And sorry but drugs did proliferate in Aquino’s term and under De lima watch and any lawyer you ask will tell you De Lima sat on cases unless you had connections or if the case was highly publicized. God naki-epal pa siya when the SC acquitted Webb ehen she had nothing do with it. Naki-epal kay corona, sa INC, sa kay hayden co. She’s a media whore and a “trapo” and you just have to doubt her sincerity..

        But she sure knows what words to say to mask her real political motivations. Human rights talaga? As if..

    14. De-lie-la tapos na ang maliligayang araw nyo ng amo mong si panot, it’s pay back time na, dahil nung panahon nyo hindi pariority ni panot ang sugpuin ang drugs kundi palaguin, kaya ka nga nilagay sa posisyon ng DOJ para makapag patayo ng laboratoryo ng drugs sa NBP compound at yan ang accomplishment mo during 6 yrs in DOJ. Mabuhay/patay ka ngayon!

    15. she wants to follow the footsteps of SENATOR MIRIAM DEFENSOR. she will never be senator miriam defensor. nag iisa lang si defensor.

      • Vinah Aquino on

        Hmmp. . ala Merriam Santiago sya? walang dungis ang name ni Mirriam,
        sya, anu? May Papa Boylet sya may scandal pa. . Wow!

    16. Humanda ka abnoy on

      how can it possibly be a demo job when her picture and videos surfaced,that then Sec Leila Delima was having a very casual relationship with convicted criminals doing time,

      the Convicted criminals were so relaxed at her presence,that they would take her picture for a selfie and the convict even used that picture on a show here in the states and we did saw her picture on american TV,

      and she was even caught on video having a sing along at some VIP Convicts birthday party that was held at the Bilibid prison—

      with all that evidence that are now out there HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY SAY THAT THE DUTERTE DOJ ARE DOING A DEMO JOB ON YOU LEILA DELIMA ??

      • De Lima failed the justice system and the Filipino people. She is a disgrace as a Secretary of Justice. The New Bilibid Prison is a mess because of her and her buddies that resides within the facility. We’ll see how she will bribe herself out of the karma she created.

      • By your name…” Humanda ka” is a threat! There is no place in our country especially during DU30 administration that people should take vengeance. The illegal drugs has been in our country for many years and destroying our economy and citizens. Instead of Filipinos fighting Filipinos we all know that drugs is coming from China. These are the culprits. Let’s see the bigger picture. De Lima is not a protector nor friends of drug lords. She is respected by international community of judges on human rights and a candidate for the International Court of Justice. The videos such as allegedly saw her singing with the drug Lord are simply cheap shots and part of demo job. We have to be careful who you have to point your fingers. Again I want my comment publish otherwise the FOI is a dead fish during the current administration.

      • There’s actually a Discovery Channel documentary about the drug proliferation in Bilibid and the boss there showed his frame photos with all the politicians he was chums with. I bet that’s where they got De Lima’s photo..

        Kakahiya! Try denying that De Lima. Straight frim your boufriend’s mouth. And Discover Channel is no Dutertard either

    17. Maybe she took money from the drug lords, maybe she didn’t that is for the investigators to find out.

      What did she really do when she was the Sect of the Justice Dept ? Give speeches, Give interviews, get on television, The results of 6 years of De Lima ? No one getting arrested.

      Out of the 10 billion pork barrel scandal only 3 opposition senators arrested from the 120 names on the Napoles list.

      Zero killers of the 44 policemen arrested.

      De Lima’s spent 6 years protecting Aquino’s allies and running around acting like a celebrity issuing statements in defense of everything Liberal Party.

    18. my goodness leila, you are still clueless as to the extent of the drug problems in the country, YOU ARE BEING INVESTIGATED BECAUSE OF YOUR INACTION IN THE PAST! , a total incompetence in Bilibid shabu lab!, Digong knows you are part of narco-politics and closing in on evidences against you! does any of your relatives fell victim to this menace? DO YOU KNOW HOW IT IS TO BE A VICTIM?


      kung walang kang nagawa sa problema – huwag ka nang maging sagabal!
      one dead druggie is one less bad guy on the street!

      • Drug Lord and pusher should be killed if the resist against arresting police officer or civilian. They should be killed they are they menace of society. Previous administration doing nothing with regards to drug problem in the country. De Lima is one of them NBP is under DOJ but the drugs factory and command center is in NBP. Why those drug lord have mobile phone and other hi tech gadget inside their cell if not with De Lima as their protector. So in overall De Lima is the cause of them all.

      • ann nonimosa on

        i fully agree with your view, mr. malonez re this leila de lima. . .matagal na nyang inambisyon ang pagka senador kaya matagal na rin nyang pinagipunan kung paano nya maisatupad ang kanyang planong from ” point J to point S”. . .marami syang inupuang mga kaso nung doj sekretarya pa sya. . .alam naman natin kung ano ang katumbas ng pagupo ng malapad nyang puwet sa mga kaso : milyon bilyong pesoses! from drug lords to smugglers to congressmen na may mga kaso- name it and sure as the sun sets in the west, pinagkakitaan nya ang mga yon!

    19. Mga pushers na mismo ang kumakanta, na may Pdea, Pnp at Doj officials na ksama sa payola. Wga kang epal Delima, obvious ka na defensive mode. Hindi demolition job yan, totoo naman na wlang kayong ginawa nung time nyo kaya lumaki at lumawak ang drugs sa Pilipinas.

    20. Contra pello talaga si De lima, lulubog tyo pag ganyan ang mga politico naten. Nung panahon nya wla tyo narinig na stop the killings! sa kabila ng kaliwa’t kanang mga riding in tandem killings na wlang na resolve. lahat ng brgy may pusher, ni isang addict wlang sumuko. Ngayon na libo-libong ang sumusuko, 5 heneral na nadawit at mayor na sumuko, puro sya dakdak. Alam nya kse na malapit na sya sumunod. Bka kse ikanta sya n

      • Good observation. And im happy a lot of people see through her.. What a hypocrite! can’t remember a time she went on TV to issue statements and NOT Cringe!

        She just throws around words like “law”, “human rights” and “defender of the weak” to distract from her real and less than pure motives. Nakakagigil!

    21. De-Lie-ma is guilty like a straless sky. Comman reposibility is the basis for nor doing nothing under her administration. What she did for the passed six years was to insult people, put in jail w/out due process. This lie-woman is not a refutable one. I remember during the Mamasampano investigation. She said the police in not under the comander-in THIEF. How can a woman like can be respected when she was doing injustice to our kababayan. I don”t think she won the election.

    22. Put de lima in jail with her cohorts,better be with them,she enjoy their company.She is to blame for making those drug addict zombies as shabu queen, she is not happy in senate.Ask her where she get campaign money,her salary is 100k per month not enough to a socialite much more to run as senator.

    23. Floyd Clingenpeel on

      This is going just where one would expect it to go.
      Anytime extrajudicial killings are used innocents get killed, either mistakenly or on purpose. At the same time, accusations are used to defame.
      The only way to insure(as much as possible) justice is through due process.

      • That’s true. But this girl doesn’t care about the victims of extrajudicial killings. She just makes a lot of noise now because it’s against a rival politician. This girl allegedly took monthly allowance from the drug syndicates in prison when she was Justice Sec. She never made this much noise about the crime and spate of killings during her ally’s term and during her tenure as Justice Sec..What about the protesting farmers killed by her boss’ bodyguards? She was uncharacteristically silent..

        Justice my ass..

    24. Franck Frego on

      Finally, she will get nailed that false Justice Secretary that acted like in a Banana Republic!
      She shall now payback for her many and huge faults!

    25. Jose A. Oliveros on

      That de Lima refused to be interpellated only means she cannot credibly answer any question that may be asked of her regarding the VIP treatment given high-profile convicts which all happened during her watch in the DOJ which has supervision and control over the New Bilibid Prison.

    26. Kapal ng mukha nitong bulldog ni noynoy. Kung sa iba manggaling, baka maniwala ang tao. Kung di sa kapabayaan niya, sana di lumala ang problema sa droga. Tama lang na imbistigahan babaeng ito.

    27. mabuti na lang at nanalong presidente si Duterte. Kung nanalong presidente si Mar Roxas, siguradong maglilipana at mas lalong lalawak ang drug problem ng Pilipinas, at magbubulag-bulagan at bingihan si Mar, na akala mo ay walang drug problem na hinaharap ang Pilipinas.

    28. One thing that De Lima is not short of is guts added with much of her arrogant and snobbish demeanor

    29. Sorry Leila deLimaw, you cannot stop the prying eyes of the Filip[ino people who were accused and convince the people of the suspicions of your corruption You may protest or deny in strongest terms of the suspicions but the people no longer believes you.

    30. The shirt has hit the fan. This is the start, I’m sorry, actually the 3rd gear in Duterte’s drive and claim to absolute power. Isa isahin kayong mga hadlang sa absolute power quest nya. Speak up now before it’s too late.

    31. The feisty senator won’t take questions. Like a fish in the water, she won’t open her mouth lest she be caught in a lie. Too bad, a wide net has been cast and like a sardine, a can awaits her

    32. She is still a neophyte senator ..but already acting like a prima Donna…she has to learn that she has to pay her dues

    33. NOMER OBNAMIA on

      What goes around comes around- it’s her turn to face justice that she blatantly disregard and violate as the number#1 law enforcement officer of the land. How she got the job is beyond me. The videos in Munti are clear indications that she in cahoots with criminals who are know drug kings. You connect the dots people you don’t have to be rocket scientists to see the picture here. She can deny it all she wants but evidence and testimonies of these criminals have linked her as the Protector of illicit drug trade emanating in Munti. She must have sleepless nights now. Hmmmmm I wonder if PNoy is having similar nightmares that what she did to Gloria may happen to him soon. He will look good in orange covrall.

    34. Ignacio Balbutin on

      Whater delilah said one thing clear is that what President Duterte is doing is very effective in stamping out drugs, crimes and corruption. As the saying goes, the end justifies the means. Thank God crimes is being eliminated and drug lords are being killed or prosecuted. Philippines is not the sick man of Asia anymore and I am very happy about. Soon the international community will be looking at the Philippines as the role model

      • I do not quite agree that the end justifies the means. The end does not always justify the means.. But i agree that DU30 admin is taking steps in the right direction. I do not doubt (yet) their sincerity and i commend them for making those hard decisions to really make lasting changes.. But they have to take care that they dont go too far on their methods.

        The people who want real changes but don’t want to “rock the boat” are fools. How do you expect to rid ourselves of corruption and crime that has so pervaded the institutions and systems themselves unless drastic measures and overhauls are made. The admin has done nothing yet (except for some unverified opinions and baseless assumption from mostly the media) and people are worried because you are actually getting FAST RESULTS?