De Lima: ‘as a woman, I made mistakes’

de Lima

de Lima

SENATOR Leila de Lima on Friday admitted that “as a woman,” she had her moments of weakness and her own share of personal mistakes, but receiving drug money and sleeping with drug convicts were not among them.

In a speech before students and faculty members of Miriam College in Quezon City, the embattled senator again denied allegations against her in the House inquiry on the illegal drug trade at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP).

“Yes as a human being, as a woman I have frailties, I have weaknesses, I have certain flaws. As a woman I made mistakes in my personal life and I’ve always considered my personal life as a private matter, it’s a sacred thing to me,” said de Lima, a mother of two whose marriage (to Plaridel Bohol) had been annulled.

De Lima, a former Justice secretary and Commission on Human Rights chief, did not elaborate on her personal mistakes, but she insisted she was not the “bad and evil woman” that people in social media and in the House justice committee proceedings had claimed.

“I am not the bad and evil woman or slut they are trying to portray in the past few weeks. I have not partied with or slept with any drug convict,” she added.

De Lima has been accused by drug convicts and former officials of the Bureau of Corrections and the National Bureau of Investigation of accepting millions of pesos from illegal drug operations allegedly ran by big-time drug lords at the NBP.

There were even instances, according to the inmates, when de Lima spent some time inside the “kubol” or prison apartment of kidnapping-for-ransom convict Jaybee Sebastian.

De Lima had admitted to entering Sebastian’s kubol but said she was accompanied by officials of the NBP or her security aide.

The senator was also accused of getting a total of P10 million from Sebastian in 2015, and various amounts from drug convicts in preparation for her senatorial bid.

Not the ‘mother of drug lords’

De Lima, in her speech, denied the allegations anew, saying she never benefited from illegal drug trade in the Bilibid.

“I am not the mother of these drug lords and I am not the one who won as a member of the Senate and has turned this country into a narco-state, because in the first place our country is far from being a narco-state,” she said.

De Lima said she wanted to clarify matters, concerned that some people may have started to believe the attacks launched against her by no less than the President.

The senator at the same time called on students to help raise awareness on human and women’s rights and democracy, which, according to her, were in peril.

De Lima has been going around schools and universities to talk to students and faculty members.

“I’m doing this, because no one is listening to me in the Senate, so I might as well get out of the Senate halls and reach out to you in the hope that you would listen and open your minds,” de Lima told her Miriam College audience.

“Let’s use women’s intuition intelligently. Let’s put a stop to the evil of silence. We must speak and we must speak not just as human beings but specifically as women,” she added.


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  1. You Ask forgiveness from innocent filipino people for all your mistakes and evil works especially you ask forgiveness from Him……you are right your mind is your conscience…..We wish you deserve everyrhing what is happening to you right now….He is the only one knows what you did before….change right right now….

  2. As “Mother of All Drug Lords,” De Lima was able to appoint and designate men inside the NBP in order to ensure the “perpetuation” of illegal drug trade, De Lima was receiving P5 million twice delivered by Ragos from drug
    proceeds to De Lima’s Parañaque residence in late 2012.

    De Lima tolerated drug syndicates inside the national penitentiary when she was justice chief in exchange for funds to bankroll her senatorial campaign early this year.

    Hindi na maloloko ang Taong Bayan sa ganitong tao, obvious na masayado ang kasinungalingan at pagpanggap, Tama na! bayaran mo ang iyong kasalanan….

  3. You reap what you sow …. I hope people like you, Aquino, Abad, Drillon, Roxas will rot in hell …..

  4. Senator Leila de Lima enthusiastically admits to many nonspecific sexual weaknesses as a woman but hysterically makes blanket denials of the very many specific criminal offenses she has been accused of related to those weaknesses. Which of her admissions should we believe then?

  5. Melvin G Jaleco on

    Shes trying to confuse the younger generations leading them in the direction of her cause, shes coaxing them into rallying behind her, trying to get them on the streets.

  6. Juan Dela Cruz on

    imbes na ilaw ng tahanan ang mga babae, mga huwarang simbolo ng mga bata…
    Heto si Delima, makasalanan at gagayahin na ng mga babarng Pilipna

  7. Rodan Guerrero on

    There are two kinds of mistakes, INTENTIONAL and ACCIDENTAL. De Lima COMMITTED MISTAKES INTENTIONALLY. Our problems in Drugs, Criminality, and EJK are the results of the past regime`s negligence, may even be the PROTECTOR of DRUG LORDS, especially De Lima who abused every offices she headed. All roads lead to De Lima and she should w/o failure face the consequences of her crimes. Because of her bigger than the world ambition to become a Senator by all means, she protected drug lords for payola.. and used DRUG MONEY to fund her campaign.

  8. Students are not dumb to believe y our advocacy, they are smart enough to know what is going on.Wrong place to voice out your grievances. Study home to win your multiple criminal case.

  9. tara castaneda on

    you made mistakes…huge mistakes. be responsible and accept i but don’t excuse yourself because you’re as woman. its disgusting.

    • She’s already admitted her made mistakes. But it is but correct to appeal to the women group because the men (Duterte and minions) are together in pillorying her. Rarely a person does what she is doing, admitting her faults.

  10. D5 is desperate and coached by her partylist cohorts to bring Pres Duterte down. The Filipinos who voted for Duterte will not allow this to happen. The change is here and be prepared to see the success of the real Leader.

  11. Ms De Lima, it is very simple to understand, you don’t even need your common sense to comprehend.

    Your negligence, incompetence and your libido betrayed you. In effect, you allowed these criminals to live like kings instead of what they were convicted for.

    You are a lawyer. Have you forgotten?

  12. Loida Barrameda on

    Well I believed she was slight innocent although there’s so much evidence to pursue a case against her!! But still doubt!! I wish the witnesses are not a convicted from BNP

    • hello. Who do you expect to be the witnesses if the subject is proliferation of drugs “inside” bilibid?? Taga-labas ba??

  13. Jun Marlang Estioko on

    So the universities and colleges are your last resorts? Remember that the students are very intelligent. You are what you are, no matter what kind of audience you have.

  14. Samuel Abiertos on

    The tragedy of our supposed democracy is that the sexually licentious, demonstrably corrupt, and unbridled perverter of truth is allowed to preach goodness, honesty, and integrity to young, impressionable minds. In more discerning societies this is considered nothing less than the corruption of minors.

  15. DeLima is the blessing-in-disguise distraction that PresDute needed while he wraps up the insurgency negotiations. Aligning RP and joining the AIIB of the PROC could be one of the conditions of the truce that the Maoist insurgents made with PresDute. Second, is for PresDute to align RP with SSR or the Soviets to satisfy the Marxist-Leninists insurgents in RP, so a Moscow visit is next and a mano abrazo with Vlad. I can foresee a wild boar hunt, and lots of horse riding in the steepes.

    PreDute may get the arms and loans he wants from PROC and SSR while satisfying the demands of the communist insurgents of RP, everyone will be happy except big, white and debt-ridden Uncle Sam holding his TPP with nowhere to stick it in . And they are stinking mad, senor . . . Cercle Canadien sur les Questions Asiatiques

  16. David Michael Meyer on

    Give me a break The woman’s right Movement fought for decades to gain equality….Well lady you got it ! Don’t now cry,, that as a woman you can make mistakes ..As a woman –yes you are entitled to be treated the same as any one –Under the law ..But thats it !! ” Fair go mate ”

    David M Meyer
    PhD Psych