De Lima won’t press raps over music video


Sen. Leila de Lima will not file charges against those who peddled a spliced video of her singing during her birthday party that showed her celebrating with inmate Herbert Colangco.

De Lima said it was not Colangco but her fellow Liberal Party member and Quezon City Rep. Alfred Vargas.

The Quezon City lawmaker earlier confirmed the senator’s statement.

De Lima’s song number happened during her birthday celebration at the Department of Justice quadrangle when she was still Justice secretary.

“I know that I’m now a subject of incessant vicious attacks in the social media. But I don’t intend to dignify them by probing into who’s behind them and why. It will just be a waste of time,” the senator, a lawyer, said.

“That’s the dark side of social media. And I’m practically defenseless against these rabid attacks. My only defense is a clear conscience and my fidelity to the Constitution and the law. Pinapasa- Diyos ko na lang mga ganyan [I just leave those things to God],” de Lima added.

Colangco, a detainee in the New Bilibid Prisons–the national penitentiary in Muntinlupa City (Metro Manila)–has been named by President Rodrigo Duterte as one of the country’s top drug traffickers who continues to peddle drugs even while in prison.

The Duterte administration, especially Philippine National Police chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, has blamed de Lima for the rampant illegal drug operations in the country when de Lima was Justice chief.

At least 192 suspected drug traffickers have been gunned down by the police since Rodrigo Duterte emerged as the overwhelming winner in the 2016 presidential race with16 million votes.


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  1. De Lima, during Pnoy regime, he protected you to the max. Even the supreme court cannot touch you. Now is a different day. President Duterte does not like you. You will be isolated and defeated if you move. My advice, stop talking. Live a very low profile and pray that the bad things you made when head of the prison will not bite you. Imagine, they are cooking drugs in prison !

  2. Whether or not she actually sang at his B-day bash is not that important. The very fact that he is able to control the drug trade from inside his prison cell is more than enough to convict her of incompetence at the very least. How could such an incompetent person be elected to the senate?

  3. Can’t you feel it Delima? the people don’t like you, aside from social media, look at the people around you. The only reason you won is because you cheated! You are a stumbling block towards real change in this country. You are more concerned of the criminals instead of the victims! With the hundreds of caught or killed drug suspects, did any of them or their relatives denied that they are into drugs? None, naada! these people are menace to society! people would appreciate it more if you devote your office in helping out victims and laws to protect them.

  4. Regardless if it was not Colangco, De lima should still be held accountable and tagged as drug protector together with Roxas and Pnoy. The fact that these intelligence reports and common knowledge of Generals involved in drugs, inmates running drugs while inside the jail and they did not do anything to stop, fire these people simply means they are involved in it. She only conducted meaningless raids towards the end to boost her popularity in preparation for her senate bid. But these were all for the show!