De Lima’s dilemma: Should she tell her mother she’s in jail?


Senator Leila de Lima admitted on Tuesday that her family is in a dilemma because her 84-year-old mother has no inkling that she has been detained on drug-related charges.

In a hand written note to reporters, De Lima said that her siblings told her mother that she was attending an official business abroad.

“Keep debating with myself—shall we tell her or not that her daughter is in prison?” the senator said.

De Lima said her siblings can no longer justify her prolonged absence and it is likely that her mother has started to wonder why her trip is taking so long.

She expressed concern that her legal problems would cause her mother misery and grief.

The detained senator also admitted being hurt because some of her colleagues believe the lies being peddled by allies of the President.

While she did not name names, De Lima said a handful of her colleagues were predisposed at accepting the testimonies of Rolando “Kerwin” Espinosa Jr. and Ronnie Dayan about her being an alleged beneficiary of drug money.

“One of my colleagues was even badgering Dayan in my presence into implicating me in the drug trade,” she said.


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  1. That tells how a big liar you are D5. You can lie to your mother. You can lie to the Filipino people and to the whole world.

  2. Why? Does L. DeLima’s mother does’nt know that her daugther is a drug lord protector thats why she is in jail?

  3. Nakapag-sinungaling ka nga sa nanay mo, bakit di mo nga naman kayang magsinungaling sa bayan.

  4. on

    just tell the truth. tell your mommy u were a bad girl. the truth has set u in bars.

  5. Patapos na ba ang “Ang Probinsiyano?” kaya isusunod na sa teleserye ang life story ni Liela De Liema? Hmmm flop ito pag nagkataon. :D

  6. OMG! Did you think that way for those you put behind bars without due process? Their mothers were wondering about their whereabouts as well. Now you know how it is like to be behind bars. Good for you, you are detained via due process. Sorry for those whose under your care before, they’re behind bars because of your whims and caprices.

  7. ‘De Lima’s dilemma: Should she tell her mother she’s in jail?’……yes!! absolutely! not all people have the opportunity to stay in jail!

  8. Drama pa more. This time no props like wheel chair or neck collar but it’s the mom. What’t next?

    • Letter pa sa mga reporters talaga ha. INamin ba ni De Lima sa Nanay nya ang pakikiapid nya sa married man at driver nya o pinasinungalingan lang niya ito and told her that she was politically persecuted,too.