• De Lima’s ‘love affair’ with driver exposed


    SENATOR Leila de Lima is the latest subject of President Rodrigo Duterte’s ongoing shame campaign against government officials involved in illegal drugs, but unlike others whose names were just revealed to the public, the lady lawmaker’s private life was also exposed.

    Duterte denounced de Lima for having an affair with her married driver, who, the President claimed, collected money from illegal drug traders.

    “Here is an immoral woman flaunting … insofar as the wife of the driver is concerned, it’s adultery. Here is a woman who funded the house of her lover, and yet, we do not say any complaint about it,” the President said in a speech at the 115th anniversary of the police service in Camp Crame.

    De Lima was at first not named, but later at the Manila airport, the President revealed that he was referring to the senator who has been critical of his anti-drug campaign.

    Duterte, in a televised speech, accused de Lima of living a “sordid” personal and official life.

    In reaction, de Lima on Wednesday cried foul and said Duterte was engaging in “character assassination.”

    The name of the senator’s driver was first revealed in 2014 by whistleblower Sandra Cam, who tried to block de Lima’s appointment as Justice secretary under the previous Aquino administration.

    De Lima, Cam claimed, had an intimate relationship with her driver, Ronnie Palisok Dayan.

    Cam claimed Dayan was an employee of the Justice department who acted as “fixer” and influenced the promotion of prosecutors and other officials as well as agents of the National Bureau of Investigation.

    Dayan, Cam said, is married to Norly Magallanes, who was given a house in Nanapla, Negros Occidental to keep quiet about the alleged affair.

    Cam also showed reporters pictures of a farm in Barangay Galarin, Urbiztondo, which she claimed was given by de Lima to Dayan.

    Cam also claimed de Lima had an affair with Cesar Mancao, who was under the witness protection program in connection with the 2001 murder of publicist Bubby Dacer and his driver Emmanuel Corbito.


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    1. Mr. Author please check the town where the lover/driver comes from. Is it MANAPLA and not NANAPLA? I’m from Manapla, Negros Occidental. Minsan lang po naging popular ang town namin. lsa siguro sa mga drug dealers tong driver nato sa Manapla. Marami kasing adik sa town namin. Pero wala naman kaming kilala natao na nasa position na binanggit mo. Manapla is a small town and closely-knitted. Everybody knows everybody. Maliit lang kaya the townfolk will be interested to know who this guy is. Our town is famous for puto and pinasugbo (sugar-coated banana slices). The best is BARRIDO’s Manapla Puto and Pinasugbo. So aside from this reputation, Manapla will have another discovery/figure to talk about. Lol parang something not to be proud of nga lang. Sino kaya sya?

    2. Lol classic pot calling the kettle black. Both are not saints. But we should not give a damn of thier private lives anyway. Just sad to note the double standards, it’s acceptable for a man and ‘sordid’ for a woman? So Mr President nail her on drugs and stop bragging how u were able to bring two wives in the inaguration. Sick of society where dick can get away with issues like this.

    3. Juan T. Delacruz on

      The love life or sex life of Senator De Lima finally revealed and by doing a little bit of analysis, the purchased house and money given to her lover was very convincing, in compensation for his services, not only as a driver but also his efforts in keeping the Senator fully satisfied, so she can get up in the morning with a radiant smile on her face. The Senator is old, fat and ugly and it seemed that her driver was the only person that was willing to do both jobs. Therefore, all compensations he received from the senator are well deserved and the senator probably thanked him for coming into her life. Whatever the story on her private life, it should remain private.

      • I disagree. She was a DOJ secretary now a senator it has been revealed he runs errand on her drug relations with drug lord at NBP. So why should we not interfere with her private affairs. All politicans as Duterte said, their lives are now an open book for the public to see. Duterte is absolutely correct. We voted them so therefore, we are entitled as voters to know everything about them, past and current.

    4. Out of delicadeza, mag-resign na lang sana si Sen. de Lima. Kaya naman pala angal ng angal sa anti-drug campaign ni Pres. Duterte…

    5. Nice one President. You are our hero. Go and jail the past administration. I voted for you because you pomised to fight drugs and make it bloody. You promised to bury Pres Marcos. Thinl of the 16 million people who voted for your promises. Keep it up. Let the majority rule and do not listen to the people who were against and did not vote for you and who keep on shouting in the street now who did nothing when they were in power. 2 Aquino admis walang nangyari sa bansa natin. 9 out of 10 filipino is supporting you. 9 are silent and 1 keeps on shouting. San ka makikinig sa isa na nanilbihan na walang ginawa o sa 9 na natauhan na. Media wag kang makinig sa ch2 inquirer phil star. Sino mga owners nito? Ch2 Lopez, they cried cronyism and oligarchy- now they own an empire – radio tv power gen mall etc. Inquirer own by the Prietos. Philstar by the Belmontes – Customs depcom relative and the former speaker of the house. Dapat ituloy na rin yung land reform para maumpishan ireform ang hacienda luisita. Reopen mo rin ang aquino galman double murder case para magkaalaman na kung sino pumatay.

    6. Hope the senate ethics committee will take action & investigate the issues about de Lima’s moral values.. Sandra cam testified against delima b4.. But still, she became doj secretary & now a “respectable” senator???? Is she really respectable public servant???

    7. what comes around ,goes around…karma !
      never pretend…never be defensive,,,never lie…… if there is a grain of truth ? just accept and apologize! it will make life easier and simple!!!

    8. what comes around goes around……..karma!
      if there is a trace of truth ? just admit and apologize please !!
      no more complications, no more pretensions, no more drama !

    9. Obviuos naman na si DeCinco lagi ang kumokontra, ngayon alam na rin ng taong bayan na etong si DeCinco ang isa sa mga salot na nagtatago sa likod ng kurtina sa Senado. Nararapat lang na imbestigahan yang Senador na yan, tsk, tsk, maliwanag na panloloko sa taong bayan ang ginagawa. Hanggat andyan yang mga salot na opisyal na yan sa Gobyerno, ang maliliit na mamamayang Pilipino ang nagsasakripisyo at laging biktima samantalang ang ganitong klase ng opisyal na dapat magpatupad ng kaukulang batas at parusa ay sya pang protector ng sinasabing Drug Leaders.

    10. Aha itong si Delima ay nagkunwaring santa peru santita pala. Conscience of the nation ang dating niya peru di siya nakunsensya sa panloloko niya sa taong bayan. She’d better to resign if there is still remains dignity to herself. Now you know the taste of your own medicine.

    11. i can’t imagine how mr dayan feels when he is on it. he must have a very strong imagination to meet the challenge…otherwise, his only means of living is at stake….

    12. matagal na alam ang tungkol sa love afair ni de lima, ang bago yung connection nila sa drug lords sa bilibid prison na ini exposed ni DOJ Sec Aguirre

    13. The driver must also very desperate man or just plain greedy to get involve with Senator De Lima, I can now assume she is doing all the talking against the President to cover up her own indiscretions . How can she explain the rampant drugs at the NBP during her time as DOJ, the only conclusion is that she is in involve in it.

    14. ngayon alam mo na delima kung saan at kailan ka lulugar sa ka ek-ekan mo!! just taste your own flavor :v :v :v

    15. It is a character assassination. Full stop!. May the person who have not sinned cast the first stone to this woman. DU30 is many times adulterer than this woman.

      • JRT, character assassination??? Nothing to assassinate! Her character is already dead and stink!

      • De Lima cast the first stone when tatang was the mayor in Davao, problem is: she has hidden skeletons in her closet!

      • that was precisely DU30’s point..De5 was grandiosely taking a very high moral ground and casting the first stone against DU30, as if she, herself, was morally clean..Du30 only tried to expose the DOBLE-KARA stance of De5..

      • The public life of Duterte was known already even before he ran for president yet the people voted for him. The point now is the allegations involving her and her driver lover on drugs. Also, she should have known better the danger of video taping their sexual activity. Yan tuloy matagal nang viral.

    16. If the Duterte statement is true, it is not character assassination. Laila de Lima must must tell the truth regarding her romantic relation with her driver because this driver was allegedly collecting drug Monday in theNew Bilibid prison. There is a very big possibility that De Lima might be impeach.

      • She must resign asap since all educated filipinos will not listen to any of her . Di na niya maayos buhay niya certainly her job will be affected. Nice to an officer on committee if silence. Nobody will listen to her now.

      • FYI To the Max, De Lima cannot be impeached. Senators are the only govt official that is unimpeachable. DOJ can file a case if she is involved in receiving blood/drug money to fund her campaign. Your Constitution is messed up. That’s why you need to change it!

    17. How tellling. If public officials think their private lives, however hidden, cannot point the true picture of who they are a total person, how grossly deceived they are.

      • I don’t see why it would have been worse if she was having an affair with a woman. Are you a bigot and discriminating LGBT? The fact is, she was having an illicit affair with a married man.

    18. Kayo dyan sa Senate-Congress ETHICS COMMITTEE nong aksyon niyo dito kay Landi-5? May silbi pa ba kayo?

    19. Maraming salamat sa ganitong balita, dapat lamang nalalaman ng ‘madlang pipol’ ang nasa likod ng mga nahahalal na mga opisyal.

    20. Bilang dating isang DOJ secretary at ngayon ay senador, na isang public official, dapat lamang na paimbestigahan itong si sen de lima. She has no moral ascendancy to hold these two sensitive government positions.

    21. If true she must resign as senator. For sure the money she’s giving to her driver lover comes from the drug money or from government funds?

    22. There is a saying which says … If you live in a “glass house” , do not throw stone against anybody!

      Siguro kailangan na ni Mr. Dayan ang “Police Protection” baka maging ‘victim’ siya ng “vigilante killing” … He he he he he he

    23. Love affair…..If there is smoke there is fire…….Nice for De Lima to have one……Or Nothing at all….again……It may be and may be ……

    24. Rodan Guerrero on

      Long before the last elections, every Filipino knows the color of this woman. What makes me so much amazed is how she got to the magic 12 despite being the most hated senatorial candidate.


        Ask Ex-President Benigno Aquino. He got all the answer. He wants Delima to be in the senate to cover-up him for all the wrong doings he did while in Malacanan. Whether against the law, the Constitution or personal vendetta against the people who open-up the true owner of the “Hacienda Luisita”.