De Niro and Pfeiffer reunite on the small screen


De Niro says he cannot comprehend what American fraudster Madoff did that led to financial ruin for countless people and institutions

Four years after starring in the crime-comedy flick “The Family” as the Mazonis— a mafia couple with two children under the witness protection program—Hollywood icons Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer are back together, this time on cable television via HBO’s “The Wizard of Lies.”

A true story on the controversial life of American stockbroker, investment advisor and financier Bernie Madoff, De Niro plays the lead role with Pfeiffer, again as his wife, Ruth.

In 2008, Madoff made headlines around the world when he was arrested for perpetrating what could be the largest financial fraud in US history. The Wizard of Lies examines his Ponzi scheme along with the deception, lies and cover-up; his long-time wife’s role as an unwitting partner during the events that would lead to financial ruin for countless people and institutions; as well as his and his family’s destruction. The Madoffs had two sons, both of whom are now deceased.

In an interview with Financial Review, De Niro said of his true-to-life character, “What [Madoff] did is beyond my comprehension. S there’s a disconnect somehow in him, and I still would like to understand. I did as best I could, but I don’t understand … You can go so far. You can do your interpretation.”

Pfeiffer’s portrayal of Madoff’s wife will reveal the latter’s unwitting participation in the scheme that finally placed her husband behind bars

The Wizard of Lies is both De Niro and Pfeiffer’s first time to work on an HBO original under the direction of Oscar winner Barry Levinson (“Rain Man”). The script is based on Diana B. Henriques’ 2011 New York Times best selling book, The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust, which featured unprecedented access and more than 100 interviews, including Madoff’s first interviews for publication since his arrest.

HBO will premiere the TV movie in the Philippines simultaneously with its US debut on May 21 at 8 am (Manila time), with an encore at 9 pm.


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