De Quiros . . . The righteous one?


I almost fell off my seat laughing when someone informed me that Conrad de Quiros, a columnist of another major daily, wrote that it was improper for me as a radio commentator to sell my profession or engage in business using my work as a broadcast journalist.

De Quiros was referring to the check that was paid to me by the National Agribusiness Corp. (Nabcor) for a legitimate advertisement but was misconstrued, or shall I say made up, by his newspaper as a payoff.

Somebody should tell the man that the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas (KBP) allows its broadcasters to look for commercials or ad placements for their programs in the form of “premiums” as a supplement to their salaries.

However, big networks such as TV5 do not allow their regular broadcasters to have “premiums” as they get paid very well.

I am sure everyone in the media trade, whether in print or broadcast, knows that a commercial or advertisement is needed to pay for its operations particularly the salaries of its editors and reporters, including its columnists like de Quiros.

A news organization or company survives through advertisements especially in print since newspaper sales alone will not be enough to pay for its daily operations and wages.

De Quiros reportedly wrote that we, as journalists, should not engage in advertisements since we are in the news profession.

So, does this mean that his newspaper, which is very much into news business, should be exempted from this practice?

De Quiros believes that all news and public affairs programs on TV and on radio with government ads are not clean or straight because they accept payments from government entities for its advertisements or commercials.

Does this also mean that all media outfits now, including the Philippine Daily Inquirer, are receiving “payoffs” from various government agencies because they have government advertisements from PCSO, Pag-IBIG, Pagcor and Department of Health, Mr. Dequiros, sir?

But what really made me burst into laughter upon hearing about his article against me is the fact that this man still has the guts to write against officials or personalities who are wrongfully accused of something improper but closes his eyes on the irregularities allegedly committed by one of his two brothers holding key positions in the Aquino government.

Social Security System (SSS) President Emilio de Quiros, the said columnist’s brother, was the subject of complaints by the SSS workers union late last year for giving hefty bonuses to himself and his board of directors amounting to millions of pesos even as the said pension agency was hard on cash since it asked for an increase in the monthly contributions from its members.

Emilio’s frequent trips abroad was another issue raised by the union claiming waste of SSS members’ money or funds.

Lo and behold . . . Conrad de Quiros was silent regarding the charges leveled against his brother last year even as the SSS union have documents to prove that their boss, Emilio de Quiros, abused his position.

By the way, a friend who works at a TV station as an executive told me that the columnist de Quiros, allegedly moonlighted before as a consultant to a wealthy businessman, who used to own a TV network.

Finally, are the appointments of your two siblings to juicy government positions, a returned favor from PNoy for reportedly acting as his PR man before and after the Presidential election of 2010?

Is this the reason Mr. de Quiros that prevents you from writing against this administration? Just asking.

It’s amusing to read de Quiros’ articles these days but hard to believe if it is still factual or a mere figment of his imagination brought about by old age.

It behoves Tatang Conrad, as he is fondly called by some journalists, to just write his memoires instead, as time may run out on him when the Good Lord finally waves him in to His side. :)


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  1. Joseph Garcia on

    Bossing erwin tama ka sa punto mo na nakompromiso na si De Quiros. Kung sabagay okey lang naman na na appoint ang kapatid nya, hindi naman siya yun. Kaya lang dapat hindi na siya tumira sa iba kasi hindi naman niya tinira ang kapatid niya nung ma iskandalo. kasabihan nga huwag kang dumura sa langit kasi baka sa mukha mo tumama. More power bossing!

  2. Lourdes M. Ceballos on

    Is Conrad de Quiros “against officials or personalities who are wrongfully accused of something improper but closes his eyes on the irregularities allegedly committed by one of his two brothers holding key positions in the Aquino government”?

    In 2009, he was awarded a plaque of recognition in Chicago, Illinois by the National Press Club of the Philippines-PhilUSA. His speech emphasized his criticisms on the wrongdoings of the then Arroyo administration. Perhaps he no longer can see the negatives in the current Aquino administration. Should time, friendships and “utang na loob” not influence journalists? It seems you think these factors do. Then you are to be appreciated for warning the public. In any case, to be fair, let us wait for Conrad de Quiros’ response to your defense of why you are correct in supplementing your income in accordance with the policies of the KBP.


  3. De Quiros has always been Pnoy’s paid propagandist. I’ve read his articles on the Corona Impeachment, and it reeks of yellow propaganda. This guy has yellow ribbons tied to every hair in his body.

  4. de Quiros is a paid yellow paid media propagandist pretending to be an opinion writer.

  5. Not as Dirty as De Quiros on

    Well he did proclaim oh so boldly in his column that BS Aquino is the greatest president this country ever had. LOL….

  6. Sometime ago wrote about this four eyed callow minded scribe, and now geratric. This man is devoid of any values. The hide?

  7. matthew chris on

    I’ve not read Mr. De Quiros column against Mr. Tulfo and i’m not a follower of either Mr. De Quiros or Mr. Tulfo. In my humble opinion though, journalists/broadcasters shouldn’t be looking for advertisers themselves…it’s the job of a company’s advertising departments/account managers/producers. It would really be difficult if a practicing journalist/commentator/columnist would be be negotiating for ad placements in a newspaper or program as his or her credibility might be at stake when an advertiser becomes the subject of the news. just my two-cent thought.

  8. oo nga bakit nagbago na sa pagsusulat si de quiros. dati gustong gusto kong basahin yung column nya ngayon di na.nagtatanong lang po?

  9. I’m not really a fan of yours, Erwin. But what you just mentioned here in your column is absolutely true. This Conrad de Quiroz is a complete paragon of hypocrisy. 

  10. ed dan verzola on

    conrad de quiros is simply playing ignorant, washy-clean and straight downward. hitting erwin tulfo reference nabcor account is hitting a target in the dark. that is if he is an honest man.

    right you erwin. pdi then must stop its solicitation of advertising from all government institutions and stop clinging of pro noynoy aquino presidency in exchange of…you know what.

    pdi once a respectable newspapers is more than a tabloid cheezmiz issuses of the paparazzi. it sows intrigues than newsworthy educational and informative articles. now, pdi is a joke. lazy in verification of issues on board.

  11. Tama ka Erwin. Sabi nga sa mga politico ang pag SUHOL ay dalawa klase ngayon di kagaya bago martial law na ” GUNS GOONS AND GOLD “, Ngayon ang mga politico ay nagsusuhol ” DIRECT OR INDIRECT “. Direct sa pabigay ng COLD CASH at INDIRECT sa pag lagay sa pwesto sa mga kamag-anak o pag regalo sa birthday, bigas, libreng bulaklak sa patay at sa libing, etc., na ang pera ay galling din sa tax ng mamamayan. Ganito din sa mga news reporter at broadcaster na tinawag ng NEWSWEEK magazine na mga ” AC-DC ” Attack Collect, Depend Collect. Ako ay naniniwala hindi ka ” AC-DC ” Erwin pero si De Quiros, sa akin paniwala, ay di pwedeng ATTACK pagka’t dapat nya protectionana yuon dalawa nyang kapatid nakalukluk sa mataas na pwesto sa SSS at PNR. Tama ba, Erwin?

  12. I used to appreciate Conrad de Quiros before. He is fearless and only tells the truth whoever gets hurt. But it seems he has changed a lot eversince this lameduck President went into power. I never heard him criticized this president when it is clear as in broad daylight the disservice this president has been doing to the country and the Filipinos!

    Philippine Daily Inquire, one Noynoy’s yellow media arm!!!

  13. i wholly agree with you, Mr. Tulfo. Mr. de Quiros has been using his pen to attack other people who does not come up to his personal standards, as if he alone is holy and righteous. If he were the righteous and honest person he likes to portray himself to be, by delicadeza alone, he would have prevented his brothers to be appointed to high government positions, conscious of the fact that it may put him in a bad light later on. and it did because of the scandalous SSS bonuses. i think he does not realize there are things in life that are best left alone. Nobody is perfect and nobody knows everything. He wants to be uncompromising in his stand against evil practices in government and I do share and agree with him on this score. But if one seriously reads between the lines, he has a soft heart when it comes to the present administration. This is a situation that compromises one’s calling. Media is always adversarial against the Establishment, confrontational even. i pray Mr. De QUIROS stops peddling his holier-than thou attitude in our deeply divided nation.