Dead Korean man at NAIA faced fraud charges


The South Korean man who took his own life at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminal 3 on Thursday evening was facing a string of fraud charges for alleged involvement in a $700,000 investment scam in South Korea, authorities said.

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) held Sang Kwan An, 50, on Thursday at Manila airport from Taiwan, planning to send him back to Seoul.

The South Korean had been living for some time in Davao with his Filipina partner, and had even acquired a Philippine driver’s license, the authorities said.

Sang was given clearance to depart on July 19 for Taipei by the Immigration at the NAIA 3.

When he returned to Manila after two days aboard Cebu Pacific Air flight 5J311, immigration personnel barred him from entry as his name appeared at the BI’s database of wanted persons in South Korea.

It was later learned that the South Korean embassy had requested Philippine authorities to hold Kwan once he returned to Manila.

Philippine immigration authorities brought Sang to the exclusion room at the airport under airline security pending clearance of his travel documents.

Witnesses said they noticed that Sang was fidgety and later asked to be allowed to go the washroom. Authorities could not say how long Sang stayed there.

Manila International Airport Authority general manager Ed Monreal said Sang was found lifeless by a cleaner identified as Michelle Ann Ocampo, who routinely made a check of all washrooms at the NAIA terminal 3 exclusion room.

Ocampo saw Sang’s body seated on the floor with a leather belt tied around his neck, while the other end was attached to the door hook of the cubicle.

The Pasay City Police is determining if foul play was involved in Sang’s death.


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