Deadline for opinions on DQ case March 8


Justices of the Supreme Court (SC) have until March 8, 2016 to submit their separate opinions on a disqualification case against Sen. Grace Poe.

According to well-placed sources of The Manila Times in the High Court, the justices themselves agreed to set the March 8 deadline to file their dissenting or concurring opinions, or “reflections” on a draft decision written by Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo.

The sources said there is a possibility that the justices will vote on the decision on March 8, the court’s next en banc session.

The justices, the source added, set a special en banc session on March 9 to tackle the case.
But it is also possible that a magistrate will ask for postponement, he said.If this happens, the tribunal will tackle the case on March 15.

The sources said “time is of the essence” and the magistrates are aware of the need to decide the case as soon as possible because of its urgency.

They added that March 8 and 15 are the “crucial” dates for Poe’s case because the High Court will go on a Holy Week break and will not hold an en banc session on March 22 (Holy Tuesday).

It will again take a recess on March 29.

If the SC failed to vote on March 15, then the justices would do so during summer session in Baguio City.

“If the SC en banc cannot decide by March 15, next will be the Baguio summer session on April 3. But it will be very close already to the May 9 elections,” the sources told The Manila Times.

Del Castillo’s draft decision disqualified Poe on the issue of residency. The sources, however, said it is possible that the magistrates will discuss the issue of citizenship in their own dissenting or concurring opinions.

Several disqualification cases were filed before the Commission on Elections against Poe.

The petitioners claimed that the senator should not be allowed to run for President because she is not a natural-born Filipino, being a foundling. They said Poe failed to meet the 10-year residency requirement for presidential candidates, a claim that Poe herself has denied.

The draft decision written by del Castillo, which lifts the temporary restraining order stopping the Comelec from removing Poe from the list of presidential candidates, has been circulated among the justices, including Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.


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  1. DQ Poe…many questions will be raised. There are smudges in Poe as she presents herself and still represents as a candidate for RP Pres. As part of my training in my job, we analyze Risks and mitigate them. In Poe’s case there are so many scenarios but the most besetting is her finances…she should be hemorraging in millions if not by the billions of pesos by now. Is this how very rich she is? Do the diligence works and you will encounter so many inconsistencies..IRS records of her paying million in US$ taxes where is it..chairmanship/ownership/CFO/COO or anything of the likes in her previous works, merely procurement officer I read in newspapers and some junior executive positions. Big inheritance, this I can dig the records from there such BIR? My theory is Poe is being groomed by a kingmaker, payback period as in investment is merely 6 years if Poe wins the presidency…not possible to recoop billions of investments in that period..what is the caveat? Poe must tell the people of the dark side of her candidacy. Filipinos must know now and not after, the future of so many is at stake. What is the real score Poe?

  2. ako ay kay POE sa akin lang ibinoto ko siya sa pagka senador pero eto hindi niya tatapusin ang term niya pag siya ay nanalo sa pag ka president. ang dami pa niya dapat gawin sa senate na guamawa at mag approve ng mga batas ng pinas at e up date ang mga lumang batas na halos hindi na sasaayon sa panahon na ito… sana hindi na na ging issue ang residency niya. ako makakapag intay pa ako sa kanya pag na tapos niya ang terms niya at tumakbo sa pag ka president….

  3. opinionated na pinoy on

    Atty. Elamparo’s petition says that Grace Poe is not a citizen by birth but obtained her Filipino citizenship through naturalization process. This has occurred when she renounced her American Citizenship and was issued a Philippine passport. Ang liwanag nga naman! She went on to add that Grace Poe is not concerned about her citizenship, and only interested in getting elected to the highest government office of the land. Marami din ang nayabangan sa kanya at ang mga ginagawa niya.

    If the SC will DQ her on citizenship issue, she might as well start packing her bag and start heading back to Boston. Her status as a Senator will be terminated as well. The husband and the children are still U.S. citizens so there should be no problem entering back in the U.S. with Philippine passport.

    Another issue that the SC needs to answer- Nagsinungaling ba siya? this question was in reference when she filed her COC running for senate seat. In conclusion, it seems to me that this is the result of arrogance and greediness. It will be remembered by so many Filipinos- “The Rise and Fall of Grace Poe Llamanzares”…..

  4. Wait a minute here, if what am reading here is true and am assuming it is, this just shows how corrupt this country is.
    How can a newspaper of anyone outside of the Supreme court know what and when the court will rule???. I notice you article said well place sources, are you kidding me?? this can and would never have ever happened in America.
    You have never heard of any case the United States Supreme Court has or have to rule on been put out there will newspapers informing the general public they have well place sources.
    Am not here blaming this newspaper for anything. However i take exception to these so called sources withing something which should remain confidentail until the ruling is made. This Supreme Court in not an Honorable court at all, they are only maaquarading as one. Go figure.

    • hahaha I am sure there are corruption going on what in this world they the magistrate could not decide on this simple judgement on deciding of POE. remember these magetrate are well educated and talented people and yet they could not decide hahaha again must … rule of law????.. the long time to decide means corruption is on the cook….

    • Dan thats how the Philippines works. They always use smoke & mirrors. I heard this, or someone said that, they hardly if ever name their source. They love rumour & innuendo, facts & figures are for others. Its like on one hand they say grace is a foundling & cannot be a filipino but then they say she wont take a dna test because we all know who her parents are ( Marcos is supposed to be her dad ). Now they all believe this but then say she isnt a filipino, huh which one is it. They drive me nuts with their stupidity all the time.

  5. Dapat wag ng idiskwalipika si Sen Grace Poew dahil sa totoo lang isa siya sa mga deserving na kandidato lumalaban ng patas at isa pa maganda ang hangarin para sa bansa. Gusto din siya ng maraming Pilipino dahil maganda ang kanyang layunin. Ang magandang idisqualify jan ay ang mga magnanakaw na kandidato.

  6. Natalia Salvacion on

    Naniniwala ako na Qualified si Senator Poe at nasa panig niya ang Supreme Court. Dahil wala naman siyang nilabag sa mga requirements sa kanyang pagsulong sa presidential elections. Kaya Senator Poe tuloy lang po ang laban. Marami kaming naniniwala sayo.

    • Just keep on believing. Always remember what ever the SC decision is, the rule of law always prevails.