• Dear Andrew Garfield,


    I would like to take this opportunity to apologize. You did not need to suffer through an interview with someone who is so unprofessional she brought her kid with her to run around and butt into the conversation about your upcoming film.

    Of course it was hilarious when the kid actually interrupted that conversation to say that his mom fell asleep while watching the first installment of The Amazing Spiderman the Sunday before your interview.

    You were laughing, Andrew, and I knew that it was hilarious for you. But none of it was funny to us, all the way here in the Philippines where this gem of an interviewer comes from. And while we’ve been ashamed about that bit that her son beat you in the box office for first day gross earnings (of the 2013 Spiderman movie), many other things were wrong with that interview, really.

    I’d like to tell you about Kris Aquino. Because one hopes you don’t think all of us giddy and superficial, unprofessional and un-intelligent, full of ourselves and self-centered. Filipinos are so much more than that, we go much deeper than that.

    The worst interviewer
    Aquino is one of a kind, and not in a good way. If there is anything she is famous for, it’s that she was oversharing long before social media became a way of life.

    She has made a career out of oversharing, Andrew. And it might seem absurd to you but in Third World Philippines’ television, washing her dirty laundry in public–with the periodic tearful narration of intimate episodes in her personal life–has allowed her a career in TV hosting. She does mostly showbiz talkshows; recently she has had a non-showbiz talkshow that turns politics and current events into superficial showbiz conversations.

    This oversharing, this tactlessness, and periodic teary revelations about her lovelife and failed romances is what has put her in a position of power where she endorses every product you can imagine: from appliances to expensive watches, canned goods to food extenders, and every despicable product that the beauty industry comes up with, including but not limited to boob jobs and liposuction, whitening stuff even when we’ve always known her to be born fair skinned.

    See, we have had to deal with Aquino since the mid-80s, when democracy was restored, her mother became President, and her dream to become an actress was fulfilled, no matter that she had no talent whatsoever. The hosting career is what has kept her in the limelight, but what keeps her career alive is her willingness to share details of her periodic personal crises on nationwide television.

    This has given her a celebrity complex, where as interviewer Aquino actually thinks the conversation’s about her instead of about her subject. That is why she thought it okay to have her son intervening in that conversation; it’s why she kept referring to herself. She could have done that in front of a mirror to make herself feel good. Instead she had to do it in front of you, Andrew.

    I’m sorry you had to go through that.

    Self-confidence? Self-centeredness!
    Aquino had a limited time with you, but she was able to bring in the fact that her movie with her son made more money than your movie last year. She also had time to tell you that: “The Philippine audience watches me in the mornings from 7:30 to 9, and before they sleep from 10 to 10:30,” to introduce that “overwhelming (sic) question: with great hair comes great responsibility.” Yup, it was not a question.

    I also hope you don’t think that “the” Philippine audience is superficial, wanting nothing but to find out about your hair.

    That Aquino went to this question at all was a measure of her and not her purported Philippine audience. That she asked this question after you proved that you have a very critical stance about Spiderman, that was her undoing, too.

    In fact, when she said that: “For kids <Spiderman> gives such a positive message, that you can stand up against bullies, that you can be your own voice, and you can be strong. And for someone like <Bimby>, you’re like an inspiration,” Aquino was referring to herself, and how she thinks her fictional and faked up public persona is about her, is about her role in the life of her audience.

    Your reply could have put her in her proper place. “You know what, I look up to Spiderman. And I think the kids look up to Spiderman. I have the honor of holding the symbol for the time being, until I pass it on to the next young person who’s going to be playing the character. It’s about the legacy of Spiderman as opposed to about me in any way. ”

    If you think that went over Aquino’s head, you would be correct Andrew. Because she knows not to imagine that something isn’t about her. In fact she’s made a career out of thinking that everything is about her, including this interview.

    The truth about her movie(s)
    Aquino is a woman who cannot act to save her life, Andrew. And while she takes pride in beating the first day gross of The Amazing Spiderman 1 in 2013, she conveniently left out a number of things about her film My Little Bossings.

    One, that it was part of an annual holiday filmfest that disallows foreign films from being shown during its run. That means that while the film might have grossed that much, it was not up against much competition. Which brings me to number two: that filmfest is not about quality, as it is about mere box office draw. In particular, that film with her son was critiqued because her son did not have the acting chops for it, and neither did she. In truth, its box office returns was not just about Aquino and her son; it was also about the biggest comedy icon in the Philippines and the tiny spit of a girl with whom he hosts a noontime show: Vic Sotto and Ryzza Mae Dizon.

    Which brings me to number three: My Little Bossings beating Spiderman for first day gross proves nothing, other than a local audience that will watch films not based on its quality, but based on who stars in it. That Aquino is part of a film, a film that makes money, does not speak well, in fact, of the state of local films in this country. To have compared it to any of your work at all was nothing but hubris.

    Which would be okay if it meant doing this interview well, and for heaven’s sake, ending it well. Alas, Aquino ended it by talking about your hair. Now I knew you were being funny when you responded to her non-question about your hair being a great responsibility, Andrew. You said: “It’s true. It’s hard. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t earned this hair. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been blessed with something I don’t even know what to do with. How do I live with this kind of hair! You need to help me.”

    You were being funny, Andrew. But Aquino missed it completely so she ended with the best advice about your hair: “I think, it’s about thanking God for a great blessing.”

    I’m embarrassed even as I laugh-out-loud, Andrew. I hope you understand. It was clear in your interview that Aquino knows not what she’s doing.


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    1. pia fuentebella on

      Thank you dear for saying all the things that Kris Aquino is to the Filipino people and explaining it to Poor Andrew Garfield who never hada clue that he would be made to endure such a blatant show of KSP-ness from the Bruha herself…I applaud you for touched on the many things Kris Aquino is and is not..I just really hope she reads it and realizes what a laughingstock she really is and stop making herself a national representative for the Filipino people..SINUSUKA NA SYA NG MGA PINOY SA TOTOO LANG!!!!

    2. Thanks for writing about it Ms. Santiago, I feel the same way. I’m really hoping she does not get to do it again as she is just ruining it all for the rest of us. I prefer Manny the movie guy, he comes well mannered, very pleasant and with humor plus you can really tell that he has studied and researched the subject personally and has not depended on someone to research for him. Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda should learn a thing or two from this.

    3. Jessie G. Saclo III on

      Wow! You delivered this with style and grace. Kris can’t wrestle this amusing piece. Brilliant!

    4. I haven’t seen the interview but after going through your article, I feel sick to my stomach learning that she made the interview all about herself. I don’t hate Kris yet I don’t like her either. I think that it’s her personality to talk about herself but not in an interview. I thought that she should be professional enough to know what are interview do’s and don’ts since she’s done it millions of times. Bringing her son into the interview?? Seriously??

    5. Online Comments on

      sana naman magtanda na ang karamihan at tuluyan na silang mgsawa sa kagagahan ng babaeng to. if nobody would watch her, then she would be out of the industry, for good. ang problema din kasi, marami sa kababayan natin ang may gusto sa drama ng buhay ni kris aquino. kaya ayan, sumisikat pa rin at lalo pang dumadami endoresements.

      viewers, consumers and even voters, be selective naman please. utang na loob, gamitin nyo naman mga kokote nyo at tigilan na ang pag support sa mga walang kwentang tao. complain ng complain tapos nood naman ng nood sa shows nya. ano yun? self inflicted torture ang peg? duh!

    6. This about this. A couple years after her dad died, when she was a very little girl, her mom’s campaign managers recruited her – putting in her head whatever garbage about service for the country, etc – to campaign for her mom’s candidacy for the presidency. Do you think that had no effect to her personality development?

    7. huhuhu. I was so embarrassed after watching that interview. but anyways, very well said po! I hope Andrew would really really take his time to read this! I JUST WANTED TO GIVE THIS A ROUND OF APPLAUSE AND STANDING OVATION HAHA

    8. I always wondered how Kris got the label “Queen of All Media.” She sucks at doing interviews, it’s all about her. Anyway, I recalled Kris saying she was getting out of the limelight for her family’s sake. She will make the sacrifice. Not only did she not stay out of the limelight (contract obligations cited as a reason) but further exposed her children. Then again not being true to your words is nothing new in showbiz and politics. By the way, some geeky info the great Stan Lee said the name should be written as Spider-Man not Spiderman.

    9. king fernandez on

      i watched her show one morning she asked a question to one person and when the person started answering her she turned around and asked question to
      another person completely ignoring the first person’s answer nakakabwisit talaga!

    10. Very true this film festival is a rip off, a scam.. Its supposed to show case the best films..” The best film fest entries” .. Wich are crap.. Some are good but relatively.. Meaning its just a dcnet movie but, this film industry in the philippines briings so much crap.. Thata dcnet movie released once a year would really look like good! Hahaha Its really jst a scheme to rip off people by fircing these movies to them lest u wnna spent ur hard earned holiday jsut at home….so Kris… Stop being such a fake!!! Please ! U and vice ganda and all of these bad role models have influenced this generation of filipinas and filipinos negatively so much already!

    11. thanks Ms. Santiago for being brave enough to verbalize what i’ve been seethingly feeling deep inside in a ruminating fashion for all these years… being reminded of it every time i see or hear an ad from her. I believe the the agent who got her to have an interview with Garfield and Foxx should be taken out back and shot.

      one word, Lowmi. -what the hell where they thinking?

    12. Ireneo Panopio on

      Hi Katrina,

      On another issue re: Kris Aquino. How about your thoughts on her Product Endorsements? Something like Faking a Product Endorsement for an unimaginable FAT FEE (which is built-into the retail prices of the products)…at the expense of the buying public.

      I say faking, because one should never endorse something you were really never associated with.

    13. In an interview with jamie fox nakakaloka lang she said she is the Oprah of the philippines and she said he should marry oprah cause steadman is ugly nakakaloka lang talaga

    14. I feel sorry for Bimby. And Josh. Growing up with a mother like that. Nice article, very well said. I hope Andrew or his reps would read it.

    15. Kris was surely tactless…but why the need for you to apologize?,
      do you speak for Kris or the Filipino people?
      Did you think Andrew would care? or nagpapaandar ka lang?

      • silent majority on

        i was actually waiting for someone to apologize for the filipino people. what kris did was extremely shameful for the filipino people.

    16. Writing an article in reaction to Kris Aquino’s interview is unnecessary. Your just making a no issue an issue.

      • Your crass comment was also unnecessary, as she’s a writer and is free to write about it while you are also free to ignore it.

        And it’s “You’re”, not “Your”. Learn to use proper grammar pag may time.

      • silent majority on

        it is an issue. you might not care, but a great many care that this creature is what represented our people.

      • Wow! That was a very long commentary …for Kris Aquino’s seeming lack of tact. Let us not be MEAN. The mere fact that Kris has been having the most endorsements for years show she is well liked…

    17. Kris Aquino is the epitome of Narcissism.

      In other words, nakakatawa at nakakahiya.

      Yes, really.

      Enough of that narcissistic woman, my dear Filipinos!

    18. The Reader on

      Thank you, Ms. Santiago, for your brilliant piece. You eloquently expressed everything we feel about what Kris Aquino did at that press junket. She and her brother seem bent on erasing the legacy of their parents with their crass behavior. Yet Kris Aquino and her brother got their genes from their parents. It’s no wonder many younger people think President Marcos was our greatest president.

      We also hope that Columbia Pictures has learned its lesson. I’d say they should just invite seasoned journalists and not rude celebrities who don’t know anything about interviews. But first, they should let Kris Aquino get it from a temperamental and less patient star like Anne Hathaway.

    19. Cynthia M. Laureta on

      I have been so disgusted by Kris Aquino from the beginning. She came across as a self-entitled brat from the start. What really put the nail in the coffin for me was when I across her Sunday afternoon gossip show with Boy Abunda several years ago. I cannot remember the name as I never really watched it, but what stopped me from hitting the change channel on the remote was her appearance — she was wearing huge jewelry pieces that not only clashed with her outfit, they clashed with each other. On cue, Boy Abunda asked her about her jewelry, and she so proudly said, “Ay Boy, katas ng Hacienda Luisita yan!” With that one statement she displayed her crassness, her absolute lack of any sense of propriety as well as sympathy and empathy with the masses that comprise her fan base. What a waste of human life.

    20. I love this article.. very well said…. I agree on all points about Kris Aquino.. a national disaster, a national shame…

    21. Ms. Santiago, I can’t say or write it any better than you did about Kris Aquino, she’s so phony and talks to people in her interviews like she did not have a good education and manners. I have watched a few of her shows but not anymore because she continues to be annoying on two things in particular, always touching her hair and constantly uses God’s name in vain. Yes, she is a very self-centered person! I will never use any product she endorses.

      • Ireneo Panopio on

        Good point on endorsements…for, how can one like Kris endorse a product SHE NEVER EVER USES, OR AT LEAST TRIED!!!

        Tama ka: siya ang nagpapamahal ng presyo ng ini-endorse nyang produkto. Ang pang protesta natin: WAG BILHIN!

    22. Bogus Pogi on

      Love this article. Well written and I’m really glad that you pointed everything that was terrible with Kris’s Aquino’s interview. I just hope Andrew Garfield thinks better of us and that we’re not a bunch of misinformed, arrogant, terribly self-centered, self-absorbed, superficial, megalomaniacs

    23. She is one of the reasons I am not proud to be Filipino.

      Imagine, their dad died to uphold the country’s freedom…and now she and his egg-head brother used this freedom to look like jackasses on national media.

      Even the most epic of face palm will not suffice for this abhorrent display of behavior and thinking.

    24. 100% rightand I know you are still holding your horses. This is the main reason why I have banned in my house all the products being endorsed by these people. Kriss, Boy and the rest because as far as I am concerned, what do they know about the product. Get a profesional laundry person to endorse your product. San Miguel get somebody who really drinks beer. This lisy can go on but I rather stop cause I’ll be wasting my time. I’d rather do other things which will be beneficial to me. I don’t watch anything about these personalities. These people are a bunch of hypocrites. Sorry po, personal opin ko lang po.

      • Aurora del Mundo on

        You are absolutely right. Kris is so annoying. I don’t know why companies still use her to endorse their products. They do not realize that she is more of a liability to them than an asset. I, too, do not buy any of the products she endorses. I also flip channels whenever I see her, or her son or her brother, Penot.

    25. Thank you! Can’t wait for the END of the Aquino nightmare, both in showbiz and politics. Kaso, nanganganak pa! My gulay!