Dear Editor:


We write to you regarding The Manila Time’s banner story in the July 10, 2015, issue entitled “Rice confirms largesse for DND, 7% meant for Defense Secretary, says helicopter dealer” written by Mr. Jefferson Antiporda.

We take exception to the title of the story and how it was handled by your publication. Nowhere in the article did Mr. Robert Rice ever confirm “largesse for DND” or the alleged “7% meant” for Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin. If you go over the transcripts of the Senate hearing, Mr. Rice never said anything to that effect, and in fact, rebutted the statements and allegations made by Ms. Rhodora Alvarez, who was the one actually quoted in your article.

In an ideal world where journalism is practiced in a fair and professional manner, such a blatant disregard of ethical standards would never have passed. We call on The Manila Times to exercise stricter editorial supervision of its articles before publishing them to ensure that the paper’s credibility and stature will not be tarnished by misleading and inaccurate articles such as the one in question.

For the record, Defense Secretary Voltaire T. Gazmin will never be a party to nor condone graft an corruption in thr AFP Modernization Program as insinuated in the report.


Chief, Public Affairs Service
Department of National Defense


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