Dear Ms. Tenorio,


This is in reference to the comments of Mr. Erwin Tulfo in his “Deadshot” column entitled “Colorum contractor rakes up P1B in DPWH projects” (The Manila Times, November 23, 2015).

Mr. Tulfo, in his column mentioned that a “well-placed source” informed him about a “well-entrenched syndicate” that allegedly continues to “manipulate and monopolize major DPWH projects” in Central Luzon.

According to Mr. Tulfo, a certain “Mr. Jose Cubelo” who allegedly is “close to an influential official at the DPWH Region” leases/uses licenses of legitimate contractors “in exchange for a three (3) percent commission from the costs of every projects he gets.” He further said Mr. Cubelo “won projects amounting to over one billion pesos” in Region III.

The columnist further stated that Mr. Cubelo gave his DPWH backer a luxurious vehicle as gift and even pays for “birthday parties thrown by DPWH ‘padrino’ and other gigs at the DPWH Region III Office.”

Foremost, “Mr. Jose Cubelo” (if he meant Mr. Joseph B. Cubelo), is not affiliated with any DPWH official in Region III. This office does not know Mr. Cubello personally except that he was authorized to act as representative by Three W Builders Inc as per notarized Secretary’s Certificate executed by Corporate Secretary Victor K. Guinto on January 23, 2015 for the bidding of “National Development-Widening of National Roads-Arterial Roads, San Jose-Lupao Road Network” with Contract ID: 14C00067.

It is also worth emphasizing that the aforementioned contract was awarded to Three W Builders in the amount of P91.16 million. This contract, due to transparent and competitive bidding, generated a total of P30.43 million savings in taxpayers’ money.

May we request that his letter be published in your newspaper to enlighten the reading public on the matter.

Very truly yours,

Director IV


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