• Dear Secretary Tiglao,


    Read your Column in the Manila Times about the “ Ten Questions, they didn’t, couldn’t ask at the Napoles hearing.”

    I was there during the controversial Senate hearing supposed to be an “Investigation in aid of Legislation” last Nov. 7 at the Senate Session Hall.

    I was really disappointed at the said Senate Hearing and how Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago grilled Janet Lim-Napoles because it became a personal attack on his archrival the former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile instead of asking more relevant questions regarding the PDAP scandal.

    I agree with you that our Honorable Senators failed to question many important issues including Napoles’ relationship with President Noynoy Aquino especially with the Liberal Party.

    One of the questions supposed to be asked is this..

    “ Have you contributed to the campaign funds of then Presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino and the Liberal Party in 2010?”

    I guess it will be answered by Napoles with her usual answer “ I invoke my constitutional rights to remain silent…” He He.

    Hope you continue your crusade to ferret out the truth from this “ Pork Barrel Scandal of the Century”.

    More power!

    Dante La. Jimenez
    Founding Chairman/President, VACC


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    1. Salvacion C. Cahayag on

      Dear Ambassador Tiglao,

      I would like to thank you for your honest to goodness reporting on what is
      presently happening in the Philippines. Though I am here in the United States,
      I read your column everyday. Of course, I am a filipina who love my country.
      And, it is ironic to find government officials most especially the president
      who lie, full of vengeance, selective and incompetent. For isn”t it his sworn
      duty to protect and defend the constitution, apply the law equally and fairly?
      As we now see in him, he go after his political enemies and protect his
      allies no matter what they do? In the aftermath of the typhoon Yolanda, where
      thousands of our countrymen perished, is it not his responsibility to muster
      all resources available and with dispatch to save, protect and rescue the
      victims regardless of their political color? If he still does not get it, he is supposed
      to be the president of all Filipinos. But Tacloban City in Leyte happens to be
      an opposition, that’s why he is insentitive, and unmindful of their miserable
      conditions. Even Anderson Cooper said the state of condition in Tacloban is
      very very miserable. Of course he went to Tacloban only to walk out because
      somebody told him of what was happening then. Why? Is he irritated because
      the truth hurts? Or, is he incapable of handling these kinds of deluge. Is he
      good only in going after his political enemies to the extent of using taxpayers money in removing these who does not toe his whims? Where are these
      crocodiles in congress who took advantage of the taxpayers money? Supposedly
      they should be the ones in the frontline rescuing, saving and helping these
      victims instead of relying on foreign assistance. Where were the Philippine
      Armed Forces during these times? Common, we should be ashame of ourseleves.