• Death and POC



    If the football coach of a national team loses a championship game in the World Cup, for example, he usually does not even have second thoughts about resigning his post, which is also usually very lucrative in the pocket.

    It’s almost a badge of honor to give up on himself, not the players who listened to every word he said when he was mentoring them.

    That’s atonement for letting the team, the fans and the country down.

    The coach’s debacle almost always has a happy ending—other national teams can’t wait to grab an honorable man, lining up to secure his services.

    Steering the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC), however, seems to have been taken as a life-long job by people atop the organization that, whatever the scoreboard says for Filipino athletes in the Olympics or a few other competitions that really matter, these honchos stay despite the Philippines flopping consistently in those tournaments under their watch.

    Rep. Manny Lopez of Manila wants to end the entitlement that POC leaders seem to enjoy for decades, apparently oblivious as they have been of the abysmal performances of their “wards.”

    Lopez called for a “term limit” for the committee’s officials, including its chairman, Jose “Peping” Cojunagco Jr., 82.

    “[In the] POC, sky is the limit, [when in Congress, we have a [term limit],” he was reported to have told Cojuangco to his face during a recent briefing that the POC chief and sports managers conducted for the House Committee on Youth and Sports.

    Cojuangco has been at the helm of the POC for 15 years—that’s four Olympic Games and he has only a silver medal to show for it, in the recently concluded Rio Olympiad where Hidylin Diaz bagged second place in the 55-kg division.

    Ironically, according to Lopez, who himself once headed the Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines, “Money has never been the problem of a sports leader but the leader himself.”

    This guy has b___s!


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