• Death for foreign drug traffickers – lawmaker


    The death penalty for foreigner drug traffickers in the country has been proposed in the House of Representatives.

    Senatorial candidate Samuel Pagdilao, also ACT-CIS party-list congressman, made the proposal, citing cases of Filipinos convicted of drug trafficking in China, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, among other countries, who face capital punishment while foreigners do not get the same harsh punishment when they commit such crime within Philippine territory.

    “The death penalty, which was abolished in 2006, should be reinstated for foreigners who smuggle or trade illegal drugs in our country. The principle of reciprocity should apply,” Pagdilao, a former Philippine National Police general and director of the Criminal and Investigation and Detection Group, said.

    The life of Filipino Mary Jane Veloso was spared by Indonesian officials at the last minute before her scheduled execution last April 29, 2015 for her drug trafficking conviction in 2010.

    Veloso, who initially applied for a job as a household service worker in Malaysia, was nabbed in Indonesia’s Yogyakarta airport in 2010 for bringing in 2.6 kilos of heroin sewn in the lining of her suitcase by her recruiter without her knowledge.

    She said she accepted the suitcase as a gift because she did not have one.

    “Many Filipinos sentenced to capital punishment abroad were only victims of poverty and of false accusations,” Pagdilao said.

    A 2014 report of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency said 67 out of 13,792 drug traffickers caught were foreigners, mostly from China.

    Last Wednesday, the National Capital Region Police Office Regional Anti-Illegal Drug Special Operations Task Group arrested two Chinese in Quezon City for smuggling 30 kilos of shabu worth P150 million.

    This happened a day after P180 million worth of shabu was also confiscated from two other Chinese in a storage facility in Valenzuela City, Metro Manila.

    “It is high time that the problem of drug trafficking be curbed through penalties that will deter the continued incidences of drug abuse, especially among the Filipino youth,” Pagdilao, also a lawyer, said.


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    1. opinionated na pinoy on

      Death penalty for foreign drug traffickers? So a freelance Filipino drug trafficker can be spared from death penalty? What these morons in congress are thinking? Why not make everybody, all drug smugglers regardless their nationalities should be eligible to die. You might as well include corrupt government officials, judges, senators, congress people or any government / public servant official that stole or misappropriate taxpayers’ money. I understand that there is also a law in the Philippines that separates religion and state. Therefore, a state can put priests and bishops on trial, and they should also eligible to die when found guilty on the crimes they committed (like raping altar boys).

      There are so many uninhabited islands in the Philippines, and we should be able to find an appropriate one for the purpose of executing convicted prisoners. The Government can ask the public for an input what would be the name of this island so they can indicate and identify this on the Philippine Map.

    2. Yes to the death penalty for all. Drug convictions (not just foreigners). Also add kidnappers, rapist and corruption/graft to the list! Opppss their will be no more politicians or government employees left)!!

    3. How about the death penalty for politicians who steal the public tax money.
      How about the death penalty for pork barrel fund kickbacks to the politicians.
      How about the death penalty for DAP fund abuse.
      Death penalty for contract kickbacks to politicians